Two states , meeting of hearts (manan ): chapter5

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And I know today u all were eager to know manan meeting, so I don’t wanna drag it more ,

So here we go meeting of two couples manan and shruhan


The beautiful sunrise is seen

In Mumbai, in murthi mansion

Both sisters were sleeping peacefully there sleep was disturbed by the alarm, both shruthi and Nandhini got up and wished each other good morning they both prayed to aiyappa and went to freshen up

Nandhini got ready , she wore a pink tops and blue jeans, she left her hair open and done little makeup and applied pink lip gloss and wore a simple earstud and she was looking beautiful and pretty

Shruthi wore a white tops wth black jeans and left her hair open and a earring and little make-up, she applied red lip gloss and she was looking cute and beautiful

Both went to the living room and had breakfast with chacha and chachi and got their blessings and drove to college

Nandhini was sitting in the driver seat and shruthi sat on the passenger seat as it was morning they opened the window of car and seeing the Mumbai streets and places

In malhotra mansion

Manik and Roshan got ready

Manik was wearing a pink shirt with blue blazer and blue jeans, he wore a watch in his wright hand and was looking dashing he went in his car to meet fab5

Roshan was wearing a white shirt wth black blazer and black jeans , he wore a black watch and was looking handsome .
He went to his frnd ameer home to pick him up

On the way to college Nandu car was struck in traffic, behind them Roshan and his friend was also struck in traffic, he saw their car but only shruthi’s hand is seen, he saw a butterfly designed bracelet suddenly there was a chill and wind started to blow , due to this shruthi’s Stoll flew away and fell on Roshan’s face , she couldn’t see his face before she could get down of the car as the signal changes to green so they went, Roshan was lost in her Stoll’s fragrance

Ameer: bro park the bike in corner then u can dream.

Roshan realized it and took the Stoll frm his face and searched the car but he couldn’t find

Roshan: ameer where s that car?

Ameer: they went long ago

Roshan; I have to return this to tht girl

Ameer: bro u don’t know that girl then how u will find

Roshan: yup we will find later, now let’s go to college ( saying this they drive to college)
Roshan POV: why do I feel this fragrance s known to me, the Stoll whether I have any attraction to it oh god what’s happening to me(end of POV)

Nandhini and shruthi reached the space academy they went to principal room as their chacha said

Shruthi: excuse me sir..

Principal: yes come in

Nandhini &shruthi: Good morning sir

Nandhini: we are newly joined students in ur college I’m nandhini and this is my sister shruthi

Principal: yeah I know u , u both are daughters of Mr. Murthi right

Both: yes sir

Principal: I have seen ur academic records u both maintained a good records hope u will continue it here, OK so have great time here and ask the attender he will show u the way to meet Ur heads of respective dept
(Shruti and Nandu got information frm attender they wishes Best of luck to each other and went to respective floors)

Fab5 also reached there and were speaking something in canteen and Roshan also came wth his friend

Nandhini was hurriedly searching sumith sir staff room , while manik came from canteen as Roshan called him while nandhini was crossing manik due to hurry she slipped and about to fall , so she screamed and closed her eyes in fear, but she dint fell manik is holding her and her silky hairs covered maniks face he closed his eyes and forget himself then nandhini realized she was safe and saw someone holding her, she slowly removed her hair frm his face and stood up, now manik came in reality as soon as he saw her face he lost in her cute pretty face they both were looking into each others eyes but there eyelock was disturbed by cabir , they both realize their position and parted , nandhini said thanks to manik and went from their

Cabir: buddy what r u doing , lets go

Manik:yes (they both went to canteen)
Manik’s POV: what happened wth me , I saw a girl falling so I hold her , her hairs fell on my face there was a beautiful fragrance in her and her long hair, when I saw her I was totally lost , she was simply beautiful and cute and her eyes it was like injecting electric current in my body, but I saw many girls but no one affected me like this what is this )end of POV

Nandhini’s POV: when I was about to fall, a strong hands holded me, when I saw his face he was continuously staring at me and I too reciprocate the same, I feel some power in His eyes , I feel lk I know him)
End of pov

Nandhini met navya in the corridor and asked about the staff room and went tv sumith sir’s cabin

Shruthi also searching the staff room of raghav sir, at the same time Roshan and his friend also climbing the steps of the second floor

Ameer: oh no bro, I left my mobile in reception, u just go and I’ll come to class

Roshan: OK come soon

When shruthi was going , she suddenly saw first year jamming room , there was many instruments there, she was lost in a beautiful classical guitar and went inside the jamming room

She tuned the guitar and started to Sing

Guys here I’m plugged in the song kaun tujhe from M.S.dhoni ,

She was closing her eyes and singing this song and playing guitar, Roshan who was going to his class suddenly listened her voice and lost in it he went to other door of jamming room but he cant see her face as she was turned,
Roshan was mesmerized in her voice

Suddenly a girl entered the room and took shruthi frm there, Roshan then realized it and try to see her face but she went ,he jst seen her right hand while closing door and remembered the same girl in car he met in road, a smile appeared in his face and he reached the class

Shruthi: y u dragged me frm there

Girl: r u new to this college, u should not go there without permission of hod

Shruthi: OK sorry by the way I’m shruthi

Girl: I’m Isha

Shruthi:nice meeting u isha , I have newly joined here in first year

Isha: oh I’m also first year

Shruthi: that’s nice , I have to meet raghav sir, can u say me where he wilShruthiIsha: yeah he will be in the 3rd room from here

Shruthi: thank u, see u soon

Isha: bye

Shruthi went to raghav sir cabin and said about her , he wished her and took to the class.

In class Roshan was lost in that girls voice, he was distracted by ameer

Ameer: what happened bro , frm morning u were seems to be different

Roshan: no no nothing like that yaar

Ameer: oh oh thinking abt that scarf girl

Roshan: yup I saw her in our college, but can’t see her face jst seen her bracelet like before .

Ameer: bad luck bro two times u missed to see her face very bad don’t worry she will be in college only na we will find

At that time raghav sir came into class and everyone wished him

Raghav: good morning students hope u all fine, I said na there was new student gonna join in our class , she is very talented and guys the competition will be more so let’s welcome Miss. Shruthi

At that time shruthi entered and everyone Gave applause to her , Roshan was lost in his own world

Ameer: wow bro she is looking so cute see na

Roshan: dint listen him

Shruthi started to speak

Shruthi: thank u sir, and thanks friends hope u all will be my good friends and I’m from chennai don’t know much about Mumbai hope u will help me thank u

When Roshan heard her voice he was thinking its very beautiful and saw her

Roshan’s POV: when I thought about that bracelet girl , suddenly I heard a sweet voice of a girl, she was so cute and elegant, her voice was as sweet as honey

Raghav: Roshan get up

Roshan thought break hearing raghav sir’s voice
Roshan stood up.
Raghav: shruthi he is the topper of our class Roshan malhotra and roshan she is Shruthi murthi newly joined girl in ur class

Shruthi forwarded her hands to him and said hai
At that time he also forwarded his hand and saw the same bracelet In her hand then he realized she was the girl whom he saw before 2 times.

Then shruthi took a seat behind isha waving her a hai
Roshan was continuously staring at her

Ameer:bhai if ur staring was over can u listen the class

Roshan came to reality and listened the class and sometimes stealing glances of her he lost in her cute expressions

At second year class room fab5 were present in the class. They were In chit chat, suddenly Sumith sir came

Sumith: hello students, today we gonna have a new student in our class , she was frm chennai and has a good records there, now she joined second year here , so let’s welcome Miss. Nandhini Murthi

Cabir: bhai our target is gonna come

Manik: yes buddy

Suddenly he saw the entrance he saw the same girl whom he hold when she was about to fall he lost in her beauty , when cabir shaked him , he came to reality

Manik; cabir wht she is doing here

Cabir: bhai u know her before

Manik: no jst asked

Nandhini introduced herself

Nandu; hi friends, I’m nandhini murthi frm chennai, hope u all be my good friends

Cabir: so here is our new target manik, nandhini

Multi & alya: she looks innocent, it will be fun to play wth her

Manik’s POV: what she was the new girl whom we gonna play prank, I don’t know what I do now

Then nandhini sat beside navya jst opp to manik suddenly she saw him and she was shocked and happy to see him

Manik was worried as what will he do now as he don’t wanna make pranks on nandhini as he attracted to her and her innocence

Will Manik able to stop his friends from playing pranks to nandhini or will he support them,…. Let’s see

Thank u guys , thanks for ur support , update soon take care

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