Fell in LOVE by mistake!! (EPISODE – 14)

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Fell in LOVE by mistake!!
*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 14)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Sanky and Lucky were still playing game on their respective mobzis..,

Sanky (happy) : heyyy…!!! I won the game at last…!!

Kept continuing with..

Sanky (attitude filled voice) : no one can make Sanskar Maheshwari lose, got it….??

Lucky : But I can clearly see that you are already lose by someone else..,

Sanky (confused) : what is meant by someone..??

Lucky : well, I have found the reason behind your day-by-day changing behavior and actually glad for your life but somewhere having feeling in heart that you should share with me your love-life secrets too..,

Sanky correctly sensed Lucky’s hurted feelings from his tone and talks and he really felt very bad for hiding his and Swara’s relationship awareness from his sight..,

But soon after realizing something, Sanky asked Lucky for making confirm whether he heard right or what..??

Sanky : what you just said…LOVE-LIFE..??

Sanky put a little bit force of his tone on last two words..,

Lucky shrugged his shoulder and answered..

Lucky : haan, coz only Love has that power to force someone for changing his fantasies..,

Sanky (Angry) : what rubbish you are talking Lucky, don’t you know me I’m unable to change myself for somebody…do you hear it correctly…means..ANYBODY..!!

Sanky stressed last word intentionally..,

Lucky : are you blind or what..?? Can’t you able to see yourself, accept the fact Sanky that ‘YOU ARE IN LOVE’….You can hide anything from me but not your true feelings….I know you better than you conscious about yourself..!!

Sanky gets more frustrated and angry by listening Lucky..,

Sanky (cold tone) : just understand it Lucky carefully that I’m not in love or any stupid feeling and I’m repeating the true and real fact with you that LOVE IS NOT MADE FOR ME AT ALL AND MOREOVER IT DOESN’T SUITS ME EVER..!!

Lucky : Sanky try to forget all your past, it will just hurt you more Buddy…!!!

Sanky : I JUST CAN’T….!!!! And moreover living person’s wounds needs a treatment, dead bodies not..!!! And I have became inanimate at that time only when my heart broke into number of tiny pieces in front of me, now it’s a HEARTLESS person who is standing in front of you….!!!

Lucky : but Dude, you are not able to realize that now your heart demanding for better cure from whom with your already broke heart feels a great pleasure..,

Sanky gets mad by hearing ‘HEART-LOVE’ these two words repeatedly..,

Sanky (harsh voice) : Lucky stop all this non-sense right now or else I’ll beat you badly..,

Lucky : oh is that so..!! Then first caught me LOVER..!!!

Sanky’s rage grew more by listening LOVER address for him..,

Sanky (furiously) : Lucky you have gone by me now…!!!

With saying this Sanky tries of chasing the Lucky for taking his all anger and frustration..,

But Lucky was jumping here and there while running was not ready to become prey of wild lion.

Lucky (still rushing) : Why can’t you digest the truth that YOU ARE IN LOVE Buddy, your childhood bestiee is damn sure about it..,

Now Sanky’s expressions filled with more exasperation due to irritation..,

Sanky (while running with dangerous tone) : Lucky now I’ll murder you definitely..!!

But just then when Sanky was trying to catch Lucky while running, he got impinge with someone…..

And before that person will fall, Sanky helped that person by holding strongly in his arms..,

Sanky totally gets mesmerized in that person’s fairy angelic face; he forgot to breath, his voice got stuck in his throat,

He was just admiring that person’s prettiest face with losing himself in the world of ecstasy..,

And within no time one passionate, deep eye-lock takes place in between both.

But after coming to sense that person looked here and there and noticed that RagLak were watching both of them with wide opened eyes.

Then that person tries for signaling Sanky to leave,

But Sanky was just staring breathtaking beauty without blinking.

Then that person pinched Sanky,

Sanky (whispered) : Ahh Swara……

Swara (very slow sounding) : Sanky leave me now and moreover take glances of all around…How Bhai and Rags are staring us…!!!

Sanky looked towards RagLak and again turned his browny eyes towards Swara with making his grip more tighter on her..,

Sanky (naughty smile) : so what..?? I’m just helping you right..??

Swara : no, you are flirting with me..

Sanky : think whatever you want..!!

With saying this Sanky gently picked Swara up in his strong arms..,

Whereas Swara starts for struggling in surprise..,

Swara (whispered) : Sanky are you drunk or what..?? What are you doing…??

But Sanky ignored Swara completely and said loudly,

Sanky (aloud) : Swara don’t worry I’ll take you towards couch if you got hurt..,

Then Lucky rushed towards swasan after listening ‘Hurt’ word from Sanky’s mouth..,

Lucky : Swara are you okey..??? Sanky take her to her bedroom rather than couch..!!!

Then Sanky passed victorious smirk to Swara..,

Sanky (to Swara with low sounding) : see your bro himself is giving me more chance..,

On which Swara gives ’impossible-look’ to Sanky..,

All the way Sanky and Swara involved in their deep eye-lock only.

After reaching to Swara’s bedroom, Sanky softly make Swara seat on her bed..,

Sanky (mischievous smirk) : Swara now show your Bhai where you got hurt…???

Whereas Swara provides ‘kill-you’ look to Sanky.

Swara (to Lucky): Bhai don’t worry, I’m fine..!!

Lucky : are you sure..??

Swara stands on her feet and proved him by walking two steps..,

Swara : see…, I’m okey……!!

Lucky (confused) : Then why you said Sanky that you got hurt..??

Swara (to Lucky) : woh I feel like I got hurt that’s why…!!

Ragini was giggling with giving company to Sanky..,

After some secs passed, Lucky observed Swara carefully and starts to Laugh loudly..,

On which trio were looking at him blankly..,

Lucky (suppressing laugh) : Swara you and saari, you are looking fatty girl in this….haha…lol

Swara makes pout and asked Lucky while looking at Sanky,

Swara (innocently) : am I really looking like fatty..???

Whereas Sanky answered her by his movements and eyes without noticing of Lucky..,

‘No, you are looking more prettiest..!!!’

Swara blushed after understanding Sanky’s comments..,

While Lucky replied back to Swara,

Lucky : yes, of course you are looking fatty bandaria…lol….

With saying this Lucky again started his laughing session while Ragini also joined him.,

Then Swara gets mad and starts to beat Lucky by pillow while seating on bed..,

Lucky : hey Swara stop…!!

Swara discontinued her actions after some 1 minute..,

And then she again asked Lucky while looking at Sanky,

Swara (more sad) : am I really looking like bbbanndd……??

Swara gets cut off by Ragini’s laughing sound on her incomplete statement.

While Swara ignored her and waiting for Sanky’s reply..,

Then Sanky again replied back to Swara through his same gesture,

‘Your Bhai is mad, you are really looking most glamorous..!!’

Swara got relief in happiness on Sanky’s praising..,

While Lucky replied back to Swara..,

Lucky : Swara trust me you really looks very much bad in traditional, never try them again..,

Now Swara gets more frustrated because of Lucky’s talks and she pick up a vase for throwing at him..

Whereas Sanky and Ragini was enjoying Bro-Sis cute fight with giggling and laughing..,

Swara : Bhai, I’ll not leave you…!!!

Lucky quickly runs outside Swara’s bedroom for saving himself,

And when Swara was also about to stepping out of door of her room then Sanky stopped her with holding her by her bare waist.,

And both again get engulfed in passionate eye-lock..,

After looking at swasan, Ragini disturbed them intentionally.,

Ragini : ahem..ahemm

Both swasan apart from each other.,

With at one side Swara blushed and at other side Sanky scratched back of his head by his one hand while looking at Swara’s shyness in embarrasement.

Ragini asked Swara with taking vase from her hand and putting it on near side table..,

Ragini : hmm Swara you guys carry on, I’ll keep Lucky busy.

With saying this Ragini goes from there..,

As soon as Ragini leaves the room Sanky pulls Swara towards him by her fragile wrist..,

With his sudden movement Swara immediately strike onto his chest..,

Sanky said while looking deeply into Swara’s beautiful eyes,

Sanky (crazily) : Swara each time when I saw you I don’t know but I literally stopped breathing for a minute and today you just make me breathless in this attire..,

Kept continuing with tagging her hair strands behind her ear..

Sanky : You are really looking more beautiful and fairy gorgeous in this saari.

With saying this he placed one sweet yet soft kiss on Swara’s forehead.

Swara blushed on Sanky’s meaningful talks and beautiful act.

Sanky asked Swara while caressing her bare waist sensuously,

Sanky : How you wear this saari..??

Swara (smiling) : Woh Rags helped me..!!

Sanky : Swara now will you come at ice-cream date with me..??

On which Swara nodded positively some more time in excitement..,

Sanky holds Swara’s beautiful face and said,

Sanky (worriedly) : arey bass kitna hilaogi..?? What if it will break..??

With saying this Sanky looked into Swara’s elegant yet innocent eyes..,

And within no time he again found lost himself in those..,

With this both again got dragged in passionate and deep eye-lock.,

Then within couple of minutes Sanky pulled Swara more close to him by her bare and delicate waist.,

He softly tightens his grip on her waist by one hand whereas placed his other hand on her fairy cheek.,

And then he starts to lean at Swara’s rosy yet juicy lips whereas she closed her eyes with positive signal.,

Widin couple of secs, Sanky smashed his rough lips on Swara’s soft, seductive lips with loosing himself in his own world of ecstasy…..Making Swara startled on his more gentleness..,

Sanky was kissing Swara passionately whereas she also hardly tries to match with his movements by kissing him back..,

It started with a small yet soft kiss without any involvement of hunger and desire..,

Swara’s hands slowly runs across Sanky’s shoulder and she entangled her soft fingers in his hairs by begin playing with it..,

Whereas Sanky was drawing small patterns on Swara’s bare, delicate waist.

It was the kiss of feeling each other’s lips with just moldings perfectly one on another, testing its essence by tongues.,

Both were totally getting lost in the kiss with full heartened..,

Sanky was pressing himself against Swara with deepening d kiss..,

And soon he turned kiss to a needed and longing one.,

Sanky gently squeezed Swara’s bare waist making Swara widens her eyes at his moves….With getting naughty smirk back from him..,

He then moves his rough lips on her pinkish-petal lips with favoring each and every corner of them,

With this he was just trying to pull her more n more into him..,

He starts licking her rosy yet juicy lips for tasting them.,

He slightly bites her lower lip making her gasp…. And with taking this as a chance he slowly pushes his tongue into her mouth to explore it with his tongue by nibbling her lips..,

He exerts her more into him..And starts caressing inside her mouth with his tongue..,

His tongue was playing with her for the access to show his deep, intense need towards her..,

Soon he started rejoicing the moment with almost desire and pleasure..,

With this feelings he bites her lower lip little bit hard such that it started bleeding and soon he feels metallic taste of her blood…..but he sucks it immediately with soothing the pain..,

He then caressed her soft lips with his rough ones with licking her rosy-petal lip’s juice madly..,

And finally both parted away when they were craving for oxygen which was almost requiring..,

Both rested their foreheads against one another with panting heavily..,

While Sanky was giving grin smile to Swara where as Swara trying to looks down in shyness not having courage to meet with his intense gaze..,

Soon Sanky hugs Swara very tightly with getting mad in her innocence..,

Whereas Swara also reciprocates the hug..,

And after some couple of minutes,

Swara (Whispered) : I was really worried for you in these 2 weeks.

Sanky replied back to Swara with caressing her hairs..,

Sanky (softly) : I know that’s why I asked forgiveness na for making my beauty all tensed..!!

Swara picks up her head slightly from his chest with asking,

Swara : don’t go like this ever..!!

Sanky smiled on her sweet yet innocent request..,

Then kissed on her both eyes softly.,

Sanky : no, never…!!!

With getting satisfied response from Sanky, Swara hugs him immediately in her all feelings…,

Sanky also tightens his grip more on Swara with pulling her more into him.

Then Sanky started kissing Swara on her neck sensuously with still in hugging position.

After some couple of secs, he asked her with rubbing his nose on her fairy cheek..,

Sanky (huskily) : Swara…

Swara : hmm…..

Sanky : I wanted to sleep with you eagerly…I don’t mean just for having s*x…I’m saying that I need a peaceful night with you…Under one comforter in bed…With my hand around your bare yet delicate waist very much tightly and your soft, tiny hand on my hard, bare chest….while hugging each other sturdily….with moon-stars dispersing their lights from opened windows…. And that windows will be cracked due to cool, flowing breeze….essence of buds before become flowers at morning will be spread from outside in whole room….and only one rhythmic background music of our both heartbeats will be played all the time…IT WILL BE SO CHILLY….no talking and no any other thing….JUST BLISSFUL SLEEP WITH TOGETHER….!!!!

He kept continuing with nuzzling his face in her shiny, black hairs.,

Sanky : I really need you badly for peace of my broke heart…so do me a favor and get in my bed while having some number of kisses with hugging and cuddling me all night…!!!

Whereas Swara didn’t replied back to him and just hides her face in his strong chest..,

After some couple of minutes, Sanky makes his face little bit down with still in hugging position and plastered a single wet yet passionate kiss on Swara’s fairy cheek,

And then Sanky confessed with tightening his grip more on Swara by caressing her bare yet delicate waist sensously..,

Sanky (softly) : I…I..think..Swaraa…I..HAVE..ADDICTED..TO..YOU….!!!

On Sanky’s statement, Swara passed a sweet smile while cuddling more into him..!!!

Whereas Sanky got Swara’s response appropriately from her gesture..,

Then he also smiled on cute innocency of Swara and pulled her more into him with feeling her in his strong arms after a long time…!!


Same precap..!!

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