Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update Anita and Tiwari see Vibhuti and angoori together arrive for theft

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says tilu on call,don’t fall asleep keep eye on shop,vibhutis stock will finish soon,so keep awake he may come and steal today,tilu says okay,angoori hears this and says robbery will happen come what may.

Vibhu and angoori reach shop,Vibhu says careful Tiwari is suspicious about me so tilu must be awake,look he is awake,angoori says you are so smart,tilu puts pillows under the blanket and says this will fool the thief and goes hide,vibhu from behind puts chloroform and he faints.

Tiwaris eye again twitching,angoori says what’s wrong with your eye,Tiwari says I think some bad news,this robbery is stopped now tilu was alert,angoori says not this won’t stop so soon,tilu gets shock from door bell,tilu says repair it and walks in and says bad news is there’s robbery again,and this time 12000,angoori says what that’s it,I mean why isn’t this thief stopping,Tiwari says why did you sleep,tilu says he put me off to sleep,Tiwari says did he sing for you,angoori says no uses chloroform,Tiwari says how do you know,angoori says movie I have seen in movies,tilu says if I see that robber I won’t leave him,Tiwari says come with me I will show you where he is.

Amaji gives angoori a call,angoori says all good and today we stole 12000 worth stock,amaji says ok and remember you are doing this for his good. Deepak kohli a very big Ad agency comes to visit anu,anu welcomes him,Tiwari walks in too,Deepak says I saw your pamphlets,anu says okay,and he says your face is a beauty and I have a good news for you,we won’t you to be our face,our model,Tiwari says congratulations i always knew you have this talent,anu says thank you.

Anu asks what’s the ad about,Deepak says shaving cream,you have to apply it and say I use it too,anu says what get out nonsense ad,Tiwari says so bhabhiji,anu says please I’m not in mood,Tiwari says but I have good news and it’s Vibhu is robbing from my shop and selling all this,anu says what I won’t spare him.

Vibhu selling lingerie,daddu passing by stops and walks to him and says I always thought you have some caliber,but you disappointed me,my son in law was one too and you too joined him,vibhu says there’s a difference In the quality,you won’t feel when you wear it,daddu says then why wear,vibhu says protection and check it’s quality it’s so soft just like feathers,try it once.

Daddu says but how will I believe you,Vibhu says I have a trial room too,daddu says that’s great,daddu goes try a piece,vibhu says I hope you like it,is it fitting well,daddu says yes and I left my old one there itself.

Tikka Malkhan prem in jail,everyone practising English,anu and Tiwari walk in,Tiwari asks what are you guys doing here,tikka says English,Happu says yes only English and speaks all incorrect,anu says I’m already irritated don’t,happu says only English,anu says what are you trying to say anyways I want to lodge a complain,tikka says loding and boarding in jail,anu says enough of this nonsense,let’s go away from here and leaves.

Tiwari tilu and anu at shop,Tiwari says tilu act as you are fast asleep so that Vibhu thinks you are asleep and robs and we catch him,anu and Tiwari hide,tilu goes and sleeps,anu says look he is here but there’s some lady with you,Tiwari says look at her roaming with your husband so late,vibhu says bhabhiji why are you covering your face,angoori says Tiwari is suspicious about me,vibhu says no he is not take it off,Tiwari and anu shocked to see angoori.

Pre cap : vibhu says who will think of such and idea for advertising,daddu says like your bad lingerie like ok at these boxers such and elastic they have come down to my feet.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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