Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kali tells the story of tara devi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata kali saying it was my leela. Ganesh says mata, you are the one who created the world and you also gave the gods their purpose then why did you create the demons just to get them killed? kali says angrily, you are very curios, giving life to the demons madhu and ketam was so that they would represent evil. Kali says Vishnu dev was being tested and more so, it was to establish in this world that no evil can win over dharma, dharma will always defeat iniquity however powerful it maybe, prabhu Vishnu somehow got a solution to kill these demons, that was the purpose.
Kali says I have done my leela in this universe with all my 10 forms, my form of tara devi arose to give the earth its life in all sense. Ganesh says I did not understand mata? Why did tara devi arise? Kali says you have too many questions you kid. Kali then says mahadev’s form of prabhu akshobhya arose! It was a very divya form and prabhu akshobhya arose to give birth to a new god! Kali says then my form of tara devi arose too. Prahu akshobhya and tara devi together then used their powers and channeled them into a circle, the power was too extreme and this power formed particles that gave birth to Aditya surya! Ganesh says so it gave birth to the sun? kali says yes, tara devi and prabhu akshobhya’s powers created the sun, suryadev!
In flashback, suryadev does pranam to tara devi and prabhu akshobhya. Suryadev says prabhu and mata, I am grateful that you gave birth to me! Tara devi says son, you have been born so that you give your life-giving sunrays to the world and give life to all beings. Suryadev says yes mata, I will fulfill my purpose as given by you both! I shall keep balance in the universe according the laws of nature and I shall not go against any law as I know from the knowledge that you both have implanted inside me, which may put the universe in a catastrophe.
Ganesh says we understood mata kali! But…. Mata says enough ganesh! I know what your next question is. Ganesh says yes mata, you are the one who knows the future, then you only tell me the answer to my questions. Mata kali says I know you were asking what is the meaning of tara? The meaning of tara is to look after everything in this world, to supervise everything and to maintain the balance between evil and good, just like my leela thatr created the sun, it was to create a balance in the universe and provide life to all living beings from the sun rays, my power gives the sun its capability to give life to everyone, I am Shakti! Ganesh says I understood, but then… mata says I know you are asking what is the meaning of akshobhya? Prabhu akshobhya represent peace and silence. Mata kali says mahadev is anyway very peaceful and calm, be it anything or any disaster, mahadev always remains calm and meditates, akshobhya’s form represents the calm and silent nature of mahadev! Mahadev had taken the hala-hal poison inside his body but even after drinking such a dangerous poison, mahadev remaine calm and still is the most peaceful being in the universe!
Ganesh says it is right mata, I understand what you say, but if only the sun could keep balance in the universe? Then why was the moon needed? Kali says enough ganesh, you have too many questions, only the sun and earth are enough for this world? Even the Chandra was required

Precap: mata kali tells the story of mata bhuwaneshwari and her leela which also created the world as a whole.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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