Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil takes Vaidika’s advice for business

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 9th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil was in the jewelry room of Agarwal house and speak to the God’s idols that he will turn into a mature person who deserves Vaidika. Deepak brings Bari Amma and tells Sahil about a few matters. There is a Silver Jubilee of Agarwal Jewelers within two days. Sahil must think what he has to do. He tells him about an order from a Foreign company and they have to deliver within two days; it’s a little difficult but assures he is around.
In the room, Nidhi was happy and discuss with her mother she has to glow in the function. After all she is Mrs. MD. Nidhi’s mother gives her an advice to steal the keys from Bari Amma and loot her jewelry from locker. Nidhi gest a call from Mohid. He complains about the cheap shirt Aarya had gifted her. Nidhi warns there won’t be any other chance for him to get that car. Aarya complements Mohid’s shirt and smiles at him.
It was night, a servant bring the boxes of jewelry. It was the foreign consignment. Sahil opens the boxes to find them empty. Deepak confirms the servant on call if he did what was called? Sahil finds a letter from one of the box, the workers had gone to strike. Deepak came to the room and appeared as shocked as him. Sahil was worried that it was about his reputation as the MD and decides to speak to Vaidika.
At Vaidika’s house, Sahil shouts that he never understand business. They have to deliver an order tomorrow but the workers have gone on strike. He has taken the business to loss in his first consignment. Vaidika calms him down and asks what he knows about his workers, what are their problems? Sahil says Deepak handles it all. Vaidika says he is the boss now and must take care of the workers. Vaidika says she has spent a lot of years in school. She understands a man always find love and respect from their employer. She suggests Sahil to go and speak to his workers, he will understand them and they will also know Sahil. No organization can be run alone, each of the worker is important. He must understand and feel the problems of people. Sahil was lost in each of Vaidika’s words. He stand up and asks her to complement on his looks as well. He promises Vaidika to win for her and Bari Amma. Vaidika was sure until Bari Amma gets better she will find a Sahil she will be proud of.
The next morning, Nidhi sat in Bari Amma’s room and shares her planning of their 50th anniversary celebration. She shows the party theme and caterers, then asks for advance. She picks the keys of locker from under Bari Amma’s pillow pushing her towards a side. She opens a locker and picks bundles of money from the locker.
The workers shouted slogans against Sahil when he reach. They sat on floor and were not ready to listen to anything Sahil wanted to say. Sahil offers them samosas personally. When nobody moves, he takes his coat off and sits on floor with them all. He says at least they can speak to each other. Sahil says he doesn’t know business or job, he doesn’t know their work. It’s because of his Bari Amma that he took the business, but he is different from Bari Amma. They must call him Sahil, and guide him in his work. He demands them all a chance; so that they can work together. He stands up and leave.
Vaidika was discussing some designs with Yash. Her phone bell rings, Yash allows her to take the call. Vaidika walks outside the office. Sahil asks if she likes strawberry or chocolate ice cream. He would get her a treat. His workers promised to prepare him designs for the party. He invites Vaidika to the party as well, he wants her to be a part of his happiness when he is introduced the new MD. He requests her to be there for only half an hour there. Vaidika promises to be there.
In the office, Yash thinks no love can be more than his hatred. Sahil can’t succeed and will never get any support from Vaidika. He will part Sahil from Vaidika.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I’m sure Yash will want to come between Sahil and Vedika now, romantically speaking but I can’t stomach anyone else but Sahil being with her….i hope the holes he digs for this couple, that it always backfires on him like Nidhi’s and BA… Deepak is surely a hydra headed snake…

  2. The stylist for Sahil should give him a haircut, wonder how he’ll look with a different hairstyle…

  3. I like Sahil this way too.. and I’m so happy that Sahil has launched the jewellery line in the name that we address Sahil and vedhika.. SADHIKA.. so so happy… I’m sure just like Sahil stands by vedhika in all times of trouble, same way vedhika will also undoubtedly stand by Sahil.. even with all the enemies surrounding them..

  4. Muniya

    Very Nice episode…except that crap Nidhi.
    I don’t understand why everybody is always behind Sadika…Now that Yash is also doing the same.
    He has to take revenge from Bari amma and her business…then do that…why against Sadika??…
    But…no one can apart Sadika anytime soon…they are strength of eachother…and that very thing is what i like most about the show…Sadika is always by eachother side.
    But…Why there’s no precap???

    1. Muniya

      Okkk…so now saw the precap…and that’s quite good and lovely.
      But someone kidnaps Vedika???

  5. Obviously Yash might kidnap her so that she doesn’t attend Sahil’s launch party..

  6. Yea… Sahil is lpoking so hot these days????. His love and admiration for Vedika is beyond belief. I like the fact how they stand up for each other. Hope BA recovers soon and expose Nidhi. I read that the next thing she is going to come up with is that she is pregnant and Sahil is really going to go for her. How low can she get??????

    1. Sahil has never touched Nidhi intimately ever… He once told her that he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her…dramabaaz…and he’d NEVER sleep with a woman he doesn’t love!! That must have hit Nidhi real bad..not that I care!!! As with Nidhi and the fake pregnancy claim probably Sahil will go along with her just to expose her…and Nidhi’s mother oh God,!!! How I HATE this woman!!! Shameless wretch … We know things don’t drag here so I’m optimistic that the impending pregnancy crap will flip back on Nidhi’s face.

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