Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tiwari is saying a shayari for anita vibhuti corrects tiwari but tiwari does not listen and anita says tat vibhuti is right and tiwari says shayari and vibhuti again corrects him and comes anguri and calls vibhuti he gets very happy and he confirms tat is she really calling him and then anguri asks him to say a shayari and he says one shayari while anita asks wat nonsense are u saying and anguri says tat she likes it and then she asks everyone to lets have lunch and vibhuti then thanks anguri for forgiving him and then they all have lunch
Next day tiwari is sitting and counting money and then anguri comes in and she asks tiwari to give him 5000 rs and tiwari says 15 days back I gave u 5000 wat u did of those money and anguri says I spent it on household needs and tiwari leaves saying tat she spents a lot of money and he will not give any money and he sees vibhuti while vibhuti blames tiwari tat how could he blame anguri for spending money and then anguri asks vibhuti to leave it and tiwari is not hurting her while vibhuti takes money from tiwaris hand and gives each of them 10,000 rs and tells tat u have to use this money for a month and who uses it appropriately will win and both of them accept the challenge
Anita is singing song and tiwari comes in and says tat she sings really well and she should sing often and anita says tat vibhuti does not like her voice and he never praises her while tiwari gives her an example has she ever seen a crow eating jiggery and anita says yes and then tiwari asks has she seen a monkey eating ghee and anita says yes in her last house one monkey came and stole a box of ghee and sat on terrace and ate it and then tiwari stops giving example and asks her to sing a duet with him a romantic song while anita says tat she doesnot like tat song and then asks tiwari to sing a song based on sister and brother listening to this he gets up and says he reminded of some work and leaves he bumps into vibhuti at the entrance door and vibhuti scolds tiwari cant he see and walk and tiwari says to anita tat see how he talks and leaves vibhuti comes in upset and asks wat was this man doing here I hate him and anita asks wat happen and he tells tat tiwari was scolding anguri tat she spends a lot of money and anita also says how did he said to her like that and then vibhuti tells her tat he has set and completion between them and tells anita about it anita gets impressed and says tat good idea from today we will also start that competition
Tiwari gets ready and calls anguri to give him breakfast she brings the plate and says only one samosa as it is not in my budget and if u want a alu paratha u have to give 100 rs for one and tiwari then asks her to bring more samosas and she asks him to give 30rs each samosa and listening to this tiwari asks her to take this also away and tells her tat he is getting a new big order of under garments bring arti for shagun while anguri brings only a candle and says tat the other required things are not in her budget and tiwari gets angry and leaves
He stops the rikshaw man and asks him to drop him ata kevda nagar while vibhuti is seeing all this hiding behind a compound and the rikshaw man gives tiwari a chit its written tat it will cost 200 rs for a ride and tiwari gets angry and asks y so much money and he gives him another chit its written tat the prices of petrol are increased reading this tiwari says y r u making fool of me ur rickshaw does not run on a maching and then he gives another chit to him its written tat petrol is required for him its his drinks and tiwari says I will not sit in ur rikshaw and the rickshaw man leaves and from behind comes saxena on a bicycle and he asks tiwari y is he fighting such early morning and tiwari tells tat tat rickshaw man asked to give 200 rs to drop at kevda nagar and saxena says tat y don’t u buy a bicycle it will be very cost efficient and then tiwari asks him from where can i buy a 2nd hand bicycle and saxena says buy mine I will give for 1000 ra nd tiwari agrees and gives him 900 and leaves for work on a bicycle while vibhuti comes out after seeing all this and says saxena tat he has something for him and slaps him and saxena leaves a milk man comes to sell milk and is calling anguri to take milk and vibhuti asks the milk man if he does not mixes any water in the milk and the man says no he never does anything like tat and anguri comes out and gives the milk man a utencil to pour milk and he asks if he should give 3 ltrs milk and vibhuti says can 3lts fit in this utencil and hits in his head and anguri then says to milk man tat give only 1 ltr and vibhuti asks y just 1 ltr and she says did u forget it’s the budget and vibhuti feels bad and thinks anguri has to adjust so much and decides to help her
Vibhuti goes in his house and in a polythene fills it with some vegetables from his fridge and packets of milk and he hears anita calling him he then jumps out of window and hides and when anita comes in saying tat she has prepared a proper list how to utilize 10,000 and sees tat the fridge is open and vegetables are not there and she thinks tat someone has robbed it and go out to call vibhuti
Vibhuti goes to anguri kitchen and puts the milk packet and vegetables in her fridge and comes out of eindow and hides while anguri comes in kitchen and is talking too amaji on phone she tells her tat she will not daily cook tatsty dishes she will only cook once in a week as it’s a budget problem going on and vibhuti hears this and in his mind says tat u don’t have to adjust so much anguri as I m there for u until I m there u need not adjust in anything.

Anguri tells vibhuti tat someone has kept extra milk packets and some vegetables in fridge and vibhuti says tat he must be ur well wisher and anguri says I know it and vibhuti asks who and she says its tiwari while vibhuti is destrying tiwaris bicycle and manmohan comes out listening the voice and asks who is it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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