Swim Team 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhagat tells what Rewa will do???As they didnt got any evidence,,Bhagat and Rewa comes out of office..TK tells one member mistake will be whole mistake punishment,,,TK tells to shakehand,,,Rewa forwards her hand…kanika smiles..Deepum and Pixy also shakehand…TK tells to forget that they are training at night or morning…Kanika tells they are trapped with a loser and backstabber..Kanika tells they have to do something..Kanika tells that Rewa is dangerous in their life,,,Pixy tells to forget they cannot do anything,,,kanika she have to do something…TK calls Sana tells that he had buyed two shirts,,Sana tells to wear whatever he likes..Sana tells that her father like truth..
TK tells Sana was right he have to motivate his team and not to be nervous..Kanika and Deepum sees a man massaging Jugnu…Kanika tells that Jugnu have to time for all this..Pixy tells she wanted to throw coffee…Kanika tells all this happened because of Rewa..Pixy tells Kanika is right..Kanika tells they are screwed because of Rewa..Kanika tells they will teach a lesson to Rewa…Pixy asks what lesson??Kanika smiles and sees…Bhagat gives choclates to ssmall children..Bhagat tells Ghajanand that he forgot envelope near poolside area,,,Rewa comes and sits…Rewa tells Gajanand to find the person who came at night and why he came..Rewa tells If Bhagat didnt got that thing he will be sad..Rewa tells please..Ghajanand tells he will find..Rewa tells thankyou..Bhagat tells did Rewa known what he lost???Bhagat tells why Rewa is doing all this???Rewa tells Bhagat didnt took him seriously but she took…Bhagat sees Rewa and smiles..Song goes on background “MUSKURAANE KI WAJAH TUM HO”…Bhagat thinks all the moments he spent with Rewa..Rewa tells she forgot her phone and tells that she will come..Bhagat smiles…Umang sits…Jai comes…Jai tells he was concerned about Rewa…Umang asks what happened to her???Jai tells that Rewa loose the Race because of Umang…Jai tells Umang not to act…Jai shows Umang CCTV footage..Jai tells Umang was following Rewa and said to Jugnu about her injury…Jai asks why Umang did like this???Umang cries and tells that she didnt said like this..Umang tells that Rewa is her best friend…Jai tells that Umang is a lier and a backstabber…Rewa comes and asks what happened???Umang tells nothing..Jai tells Umang did all and he is not a lier…Jai shows the video to Rewa,,,Umang tells this is not true in the video…Jai tells this is the Face of India number one swimmer ..Umang tells she didnt said Jugnu about the injury…TK comes and asks what is happening????TK asks who did cheating???TK tells Umang to answer…

Precap::Kanika goes Rewa’s home and shows Mother swimming suit…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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