Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update : Tiwari fools Vibhu.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori leaves to get tea, Tiwari disguisef walks in, and says Vibhu you here i was searching all over the town, your friend Prem sent me i will be a great help for you,i will get you question papers,10,000 per paper,Vibhu says i can give only 500,Tiwari says final 3000 and if you in see you under the bridge tonight.

Vibhu reaches under the bridge with Prem and asks him to lend him 3000,Prem says your affair and i should pay,you already owe me 1 lakh, Vibhu says days will change i will get you money,Prem insults him,Vibhu says this is your pic with Gulfankali and so pay me or this will reach your wife, Tiwari arrives, Vibhu asks question paper,Tiwari asks for money,Prem hand him money,Tiwari hands paper.

Vibhu says whole day bare those stupid students and in night Anu and her stupid fantasies,Anu walks in in uniform again,she knocks the door,Vibhu calls her in,and says school is off why are you here,Anu says i have some important work i need to talk to you, shall i,he says sure,Anu says im weak in Botany,he says i will help you,abd pull her cheeks, she says dont sir people will make us news, Saxena gets in through blacony, Vibhu about to kiss Anu,saxena steps in and vibhu kisses him,Anu shouts at saxena and asks what are you doing here at this hour we will talk tomorrow please leave,Saxema says okay i will need two hours,Vibhu says get out.

Anu says spoiled all the mood,lets begin again,Vibhu says oh cmon, it takes lot of time,Anu says just do as i say. Angoori cooking, Vibhu walks to her,Angoori says iim bit upset,Vibhu says don’t worry here are question paper,study them and this is the digest,Angoori says no i won’t cheat, Vibhu says for the sake of grant,just think about it,Angoori says but I won’t cheat,Vibhu says look papers are tough, remember you have to cheat.

Everyone arrives for exam, supervisor says to Tiwari i have a doubt on you abd check him and finds a book and scolds him,he checks Hapu next and empties his pockets,Lacho next, Tilu is asked to open his pants by supervisor,next is malkan and cheats are found from him as well,Tika acts injured and guide is found in his plaster, Supervisor finds cheats in Gulfamkalis hair. Doctor hiding cheats in tie.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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