Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika insults Roop

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika asking Roop what he is doing here? Roop says I came to deliver the car. Rupesh and his wife come there. Ishika says this is my house. Dhawal says you stay with us and befriended a mechanic. Roop says we study in a same college. Ishika says you got extra money also. Mota kaka asks him to go. Roop gives money in Dhawal’s hand and walks out. He thinks Vaishnavi signed him to go. Mota Kaka says your daughter said enough, I am not used to hear much. Roop thinks he shall not go back. Dhawal asks Ishika about Roop. Ishika says he is not my friend. Dhawal taunts him. Ishika asks him not to take her tension. Mota Kaki taunts her. Ishika says she replied to her brother and says it is not her mistake if she doesn’t like her reply. Dhawal says her tongue has become big. Mota Kaka asks Rupesh to handle her. Rupesh asks Ishika to come to room. Ishika asks Vaishnavi not to cry and says I am with you. She says I am not like them. Mota kaki asks her not to instigate her bahu against her. Rupesh and his family go to their rooms. Mota Kaka asks Praful to take Vaishnavi to room.

Ishika tells her parents that Vaishavi would have been saved if Roop haven’t come. She says she has to do something. Rupesh and his wife ask her to leave Vaishnavi on her own. Roop comes to the shop. Hasmukh asks about the money. Roop asks him to cut from his salary. Mota kaka asks Vaishnavi what she wants to do. Vaishnavi says she wants to work. Mota kaka asks his wife to give all house responsibility to her. Vaishnavi says she got the job and wants to make her own identity, Mota Kaka tears the offer letter.

Kamla comes to Roop and asks if he is upset with her. Roop says I know you and I am not upset. Kamla massages his head. Roop tells her about Vaishnavi and says he couldn’t help her. He says when I was small, I used to think that only Papa don’t respect woman, but many men don’t respect woman. Shamsher hears them. Kamla says yes and tells that she is proud that he wants to bring the change and asks him to respect woman always. Palak comes there and asks him to tell what happened? Roop says I met that nakchadi and tells everything.

Shamsher asks Kamla to ask Roop to prepare for the test. Kamla says he wants to study hotel management. Shamsher asks her to keep up sindoor promise and says he is my son and will become like me. Palak and Hardik throw paper rockets on Ishika. Ishika and Palak argue. Palak asks her to go just like her bhabhi ran and says your family tortures her a lot. Ishika is shocked and asks if Roop told her. She asks her to inform Roop not to interfere. Palak panics and thinks to inform Roop. Someone hears them and informs Sandy. Sandy asks them to make the news spread. He comes to Ishika and tells that they are with her. They talk about her bhabhi. Ishika asks who told you? Sandy says Roop. Ishika gets angry and comes to Roop. She throws water on his face and says this is your herogiri award. She accuses him for making her family problem as breaking news in college and says such man doesn’t know any limits. Roo[ says family respect is important to him also and says whoever crossed the limits will be infront of you in 24 hours.

Roop beats Sandy and his friends and asks who spread the news about Ishika’s family. Sandy’s friend tell him something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    I hate u ishika.

  2. I think this Ishika is the most stupidest self absorbed person in the history of drama. The most stupid character ever written…

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