Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update Saxena conducting lecture.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori says i know what tense is,its tension,Anu says no its not,its garmmer and there are three types future present past, Tika malkhan and Tilu ask stupid excuses,Anu asks them to knel down,Tika says sorry,Anu says last warning, Anu says lets take a sentence,Tiwari eats fruit,Tilu says no just my salary,Tiwari abuses him,Anu says behave yourself, Anu asks Angoori to give it a try,she goofs up,all laugh,Anu corrects,and says next is Hapu always asks for bribes, Tiwari says i will try, Anu says okay and throws next sentence as Hapu has one wife and 9 child,Hapu says why all questions are based on me,Anu says why are you worried is there only one hapu,keep quite,Prem says i will try,Prem says Hapu has one child in wife’s stomach and 9 outside ,Anu says wrong,Gupta says i will try and says Hapu has a pregnant wife and 8 kids, Hapu says what nonsense is that i have 9 kids,Gupta says you have only 8,the ninth isnt yours, Anu says stop it.

Gulfamkali walks in and all cheer, Anu scolds them and says iits a class and Gulfamkali you are late what is this,Gulfamkali says i was working.Anu says oh God.

In class boys starring at Lacho,she says focus on class, hapu scolds them and says stop bothering her,Saxena cconduting lectures, Tika says this fool will bother us now, Saxena says Tika please keep standing others take a seat,Lacho point at Malkhan and Tilu and say these two as well sir they are misbehaving with me, Saxena says oh great please stand up come here,boys walk to Saxena and he slaps them, and asks them to knel down, and whack them. Saxena says no more misbehaving go back to your seats and learn to respect women teacher and class.

Angoori Tiwrai and Prem walk in and take their seats,Saxema calls Tiwari and Prem ahead and ask what nondense is this you are late,by a minute,Angoori says am i too,Saxena says even if you are,iits surely.because of this man and point at Tiwari.

Prem says you talking as if we are 24 hrs late,Saxena hitsnhim and says kneel down,Tiwari says we cant,Saxena whacks them,Angoori says he wont do it again,i promise, Saxena says i am a professor but i will always follow your orders bhabhi ma but he deserves punishment,Angoori says okay go ahead, Saxena whacks them. Angoori asks Tiwari are you fine, Saxena says because of her you are spared but not next time mind you.

Pre cap : Anu walks to Vibhu in school uniform and both hug eachother. Tiwari unaware its Anu calls Angoori and says look what he is upto.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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