Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan’s plan makes Chaitu famous

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lota Singh coming to threaten Chaitu and Puttan. He says you got me arrested by police. Chaitu apologizes. Lota Singh says I want a party ticket, you need to do my work, if you try to act smart, I will hand over this letter to Genda, she will take over your govt. Chaitu asks him not to do so. Imli says I m worried for Chaitu, he got two death threats and still left for rally. Puttan asks her not to worry, he was with Chaitu and discussed how to run the party. Malai says you have to protect Chaitu. Puttan says I will always be with him. He goes to Hanuman and prays for finding a solution to his problems. He says Chaitu is tensed, what if Lota Singh said true, Chaitu will lose his govt, do something, give me some idea.

He closes eyes and says I got an idea, its amazing. He calls Chaitu and gives an idea. Commissioner says sorry, I was helpless, Lota paid me to free me, keep money, forgive me, I have little children. Puttan says fine, we can forgive you, you have to arrest Lota’s aide, and then have a fake bullet to shoot at Chaitu in the rally. Commissioner agrees. He arrests Lota and his aide. Lota says Chaitu will free me, its matter of sometime, he won’t change easily, I will not leave her. Commissioner says you can get Chaitu killed, I can help you. Lota says that would be great. Commissioner frees him and asks him to beat him a bit, so that no one doubts him. Lota gets the gun and says I will take revenge from Chaitu and then become CM, I will promote you.

Chaitu welcomes everyone in the rally. He boasts that he can give his life. Lota comes and shoots Chaitu. Commissioner comes and takes the gun. He scolds and arrests Lota. Lota says you gave me the gun, it means this was a drama to frame me, I won’t leave you Chaitu. Commissioner says I did as you said, the gun has fake bullets. Puttan gets glad. The reporter says Chaitu has got shot in the rally and is taken to hospital. Imli and everyone get shocked. Imli asks what did I do, I told him not to go there, but he didn’t listen to me. They cry. Genda and her uncle get glad seeing the news. Genda says its great news, Chaitu is clever, he can do anything for his profit. Pahelwan says I didn’t do this, we have to get news about him. Jha and everyone worry for Chaitu.

Puttan says we can’t make noise outside OT. Doctor says Chaitu is out of danger, you can take him home. Puttan says so soon, Jha do arrangements to take Chaitu home. They get Chaitu home. Imli asks how are you now. Puttan says he is fine, doctor removed the bullet, we have to make him strong. Reporter says Chaitu has got shot for the sake of people, he got famous. Puttan says you have become hero. Chaitu says Jha, send Lota to some far jail. Puttan says plan successful. Puttan and Chaitu get glad. Puttan says now no one can make you lose. Chaitu says I have see Pahelwan Singh.

Chaitu meets all the ministers. Pahelwan asks him about the surgery. Chaitu asks shall I remove clothes and show the marks. Pahelwan says no, I was just saying. Puttan thinks no one knows the gun had fake bullet, good. Whisky praises Chaitu. He says Chaitu will always be the CM. Pahelwan says yes, I also want the same, there can’t be better candidate than you. Puttan says congrats, everyone loves and respects you so much. Chaitu praises himself. They all clap.

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