Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop gets admitted to college for his honesty

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Palak telling Hardik that their plan will work and says it will happen tomorrow. She asks him to drive the jeep. Ishika hears them and thinks what is the plan with which Roop will be back. She follows Palak and sees her meeting a man. Man says work will be done. Ishika thinks they are talking like gangster and tries to take video, but she couldn’t record it. She hears them talking and thinks what they are going to do at 12 in night. She gets her Papa’s call and talks to him. He asks her to get his medicine. Ishika ends the call and turns to hear them, but they are already left. Palak and Hardik come to Roop and have party in the mechanic shop. She says it is party for his comeback. Roop says Papa told something to Principal and that’s why I am thrown out. He says I can’t be back unless you have some brilliant idea. Hardik is about to tell truth to Roop, but she stops him and throws cold drink on Roop. Roop goes to wash it. Palak tells Hardik that Roop is satyavadi type since childhood and tells that she will handle him tomorrow. Roop asks what she is talking?

Palak tells him about Ishika to divert the topic and says they are going to do their work. Roop smiles thinking about Ishika. Ishika thinks what Roop is going to do. She calls him. He asks why did she call at this time. Ishika says this is the right time to call a goon. He says who? Me….? Ishika says I know your and your friends’ plan and says she will tell truth to Principal. Roop asks her to tell fully. He thinks of Palak and Hardik’s words. Ishika asks where is he lost and says I will not leave you. They argue. Ishika thinks to go to college. Roop thinks to go to college and thinks if he don’t go then that nakchadi will trap Palak.

Palak, Hardik and Mahek come to the college and hide from watchman. They paste posters on the walls. Ishika comes and asks watchman to go and check inside. She says she will check there. She tells that Principal announced prize for best watchman. Roop comes to college and sees Palak’s jeep. Ishika sits on watchman’s chair and sleeps. Palak, Hardik and Mahek leave from back door. Roop enters there and sees Ishika sleeping. He goes inside. Ishika thinks if someone went. Roop checks the posters and tears some posters. He thinks then also people will understand and goes to hasmukh kaka and gets money from him. In the morning, Ishika comes to Principal while he is jogging and tells that she came to take him, and says it is an emergency. Principal asks what? Ishika says Roop and his friends pasted posters to ruin your image. Principal looks on.

Palak comes to Roop’s house and asks Kamla about him. Kamla says he is sleeping. Palak says how can he sleep and calls him. She says he will get invitation and will get back to college. Kamla prays for God. Palak says everything will be good. Principal sees Best Principal posters and asks ishika what is insulting thing in it. He asks who stick these posters. Roop says my friend Palak. Principal asks Roop to go out. Ishika says these posters were not same which I saw. Principal asks her to study and asks Palak to remove all the posters. Roop confronts Palak. Palak says she wanted to blackmail Principal and get him back to college.

Roop tells Palak that Papa blackmailed Principal and got my admission cancelled, what would be the difference if you had done the same thing. Did you think what would be the consequences if you had blamed Principal sir, and says you would have lower in everyone’s eyes. He says Guru’s value is more than our parents and God and tells that if someone insults his Guru then they can’t get educated. Principal hears him and gets impressed. Ishika thinks where did that posters go in night. Trustee’s son gives the original posters to Ishika. She gives those poster to him. Principal is shocked to see exploitation of students poster. He calls peon. Ishika tells Palak that she will not see their face again. Palak admits her mistake. Principal says ok and asks Roop why he wants to do hotel management course. He tells that it is his passion. Principal asks him to join the class from today itself. Palak and Roop get happy. Ishika gets upset.

Roop tells Ishika that they will meet again and again as they are in same college.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Not liking ishika’s behaviour ?

  2. Mona146

    ishika is too mean. humaesha principal ko bulao roop ko phasao no gratitude. uh……it is dissapointing to see roop liking ishika only for her looks. Roop may be good at heart but blind when it comes to liking heroine. one shud go by internal beauty and heroine has done noting till now that we feel she is good at heart. nagging and complaining always.

  3. I am actually condused that whether this donal bisht always gets the role of doing overacting or she is actually the wholesale market of overacting. This ishika’s role is spoiled by her.

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