Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2017 Written EpisodeUpdate everyone goes to chandangarh

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Saxena telling everyone that he saw anguri sitting on the roof of train going to Chandangarh then Tiwari asks him that why didn’t he stop her then Saxena replies that the one who is going away can never be stopped. Tikka then says that once we had been to chandangarh and we found an anklet which we sold it to Tiwari which he gifted it to anguri. Then Anita says that is there any relation between anguri, anklet and chandangarh so we should go and find it and then they all leave for chandangarh.
When they arrive at chandangarh they go to an auto rickshaw man to leave them at chandangarh old mansion. The driver gets afraid and says no because last time when he left the passenger last time my horse eat grass from there from that time onwards he is suffering from loose motions and immediately the horse shits there from which some droplets fall on face of tikka and then all go with rickshaw man to old mansion where the gate of the mansion opens automatically and all get in as soon as they get in the gate is closed. Then Anita knocks the door then Lakhanpal the care taker comes out and then the owner of the house asks who was at the door all get inside and tell him the story that anguri has been lost then the owner says that she is not here and tells them to get lost but Anita request him to allow them to stay there for a night the the owner orders Lakhanpal to arrange bedrooms for them.
As soon as it gets dark Anita and ammaji goes in search of anguri and come in front of a room which was been locked by a big lock. There tikka , malkhan ,Saxena and tutu asks Lakhanpal to cook some food for them then he takes a black cat and goes in kitchen where cuts the chicken but when he cuts the chicken then simultaneously the cut shouts and when he offers them they refuse to have it then with anger he shouts at them to have it but they eat it with a fear. In Vibhuti and Tiwaris room someone pulls the blanket up in air and when it falls down it falls on a man and when happu Singh tries to remove the blanket the man disappears.
Anita and ammaji then knocks the room door to see whether there was someone inside then someone pushes the anklet outside but no one answers from inside so they push the anklet inside and then the anklet is pushed outside again. By the time the owner comes there and asks them what were they looking for but Anita changes the topic by saying that you have really great house but why is this room locked. He says that in this room I have my wife’s memories which affects me but ammaji asks him that memories are good they should not be locked then the owner tells them that it is his personal matter and tells them to go to their room and to get lost the next day morning they leave from their then he bends down and watches who was inside and sees anguris eyes and gets afraid thinking that who was that lady.

Anita makes plan with everyone and tells that she would go in owners room and attract him towards her by the time others should go break the lock and see what’s inside. But Tiwari says that no bhabhiji you should not be a goat for this plan and everyone sees him in anger. Anita goes in owners room in night dress and starts dancing for him.

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    Full on laughter dose.??????

  2. Haveli pe ajana tere bade bade afsar ate he haveli pe kya he haveli pe ha kya he.. Ghuiya he aa jana haveli pe

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