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Scene 1
Rishi starts leaving house. Naitra tries to stop him but he doesnt listen, Manpreet asks what happen? he goes behind Rishi.

Abhi is sleeping he dreams of his moments with Tanuja, he murmurs you are so cute, you take care of me so much, I wish.. he acts like kissing her but wakes up with a jerk, he says whats this issue? this cant be happening with me, dont think about this AK, she is my caretaker, she is Tanuja, dont think like this, I have to do something, he calls Samar and says give call to Rohit, Samar asks if you reached London? Abhi says I didnt leave. Rohit takes call, Abhi asks him to meet near airport, come fast, there is a problem, he ends call. Rohit tells Samar that Abhi is calling them.

Rishi sits in car, Manpreet tries to stop but he leaves. Manpreet says something is wrong.
Rishi start driving to Tanu’s house, he recalls seeing reports, he wipes his tears and tries to calm himself, he says I cant believe that… that.. Natash is my daughter, he recalls his moments with Natasha. Rishi recalls Natasha liking boxing, he says I should have understood the truth that day. Rishi recalls Beeji saying that Natasha looks like Rishi, he says I was a fool to not understand that she is my daughter, my daughter, she is my blood, Bedi’s blood, why I couldnt understand? shit.

Abhi says to Samar and Rohit that I think I have fallen in love, Samar says I tried to tell you, Abhi says it can no love too, Rohit says I dont think so, Abhi says we can keep repeating lie that I am not in love and it will become true, I am not in love, not in love, not in love.. Samar says you are in love, you call you friends in middle of night and your situation is like this, if its not love then what? rohit says Ak you are gone, Abhi says look, if I go to Tanu then stop me. Rohit says we have to go to London, Abhi says I will meet hot girls and love will go away, he leaves with them.

Rishi comes to doctor’s house and says tell me if Natasha is my daughter? Doctor says I will tell you everything, Rishi says just tell me if this report is true, doctor says yes Natasha is your daughter, I was trying to tell you but couldnt get through so sent these reports, she is your blood, your daughter, Rishi is shocked and emotional, he sobs accepting it, he thinks that Tanuja hid this big truth from me.

Samar asks Abhi if Natasha and Tanuja left for airport? Abhi says Tanu messaged me that she is coming, I am taking them to London and then try to convince to stay in London, she is going to kill me, what if she realize that I cant live without her, they joke that no no, he says good.

Scene 2
Rishi comes to Tanuja’s house, he is fuming in anger, he shouts for Tanuja. Tanuja comes there and says Rishi? Rishi says yes that Rishi who was mad in love with you, that Rishi who came in your house at night to see you sleep peacefully, that Rishi who loved you unconditionally, I just wanted you to understand me and love me, I know I did mistakes, I left everything for you, my love became pain for you, I was a dead man without you but when I met you again, my heart started beating again, I thought to make love example again but then I saw Natasha and Abhi together and thought that you have a new life, new family and daughter and our love is dead but did you ever thought that I was dying everyday? I left you because of your daughter, I left mother and killed my love when I saw Abhi’s fatherly love for Natasha but truth is Abhi is not the father… I am the father. Tanuja is shocked. Rishi says you hid it from me, Rishi is broken state, he says to Tanuja that I am Natasha’s father and you knew it, dont dare you say anything, tell me whats the truth, tell me. Tanu gets emotional and says yes, yes Rishi.. she approaches him but he moves away, Tanuja says Natasha is yours. Rishi says then why you didnt say it? Tanuja says I tried to tell you, I didnt hide it from you, Rishi says you didnt say it too. Tanuja says I said it many times, even fate tried to tell you, Natasha’s principal thought you are Natasha’s father, Rishi recalls it, parents in school thought you are Natasha’s father and you agreed, I stayed silent, didnt argue it, you didnt understand my hints, why? why couldnt you? Rishi shouts you should have made me understand, Tanu says I was trying to tell you in hospital but Abhi came there, I held your hand and said I want to say something infront of Abhi, you say you love me a lot but why you couldnt saw this big truth in my eyes? why didnt you understand and read me about it? I told you many times that Natasha is your blood, I tried to tell you many times, in this house too I told you that she is your blood, Rishi recalls it, Tanu says you didnt understand, you were not ready to understand it, world kept telling you but you didnt understand, God tried to make you understand it when Natasha was in accident, you saved her and consoled me, that love and care, what was all that? Natasha loves you a lot, she keeps taking your name whole time, she keeps calling you and you come to her, she stops you from going and you stop for her, Rishi recalls being whipped around Natasha. Tanuja says this daughter’s relation, blood relation, it was the thing that made you understand, why couldnt you understand it as a father? I couldnt tell you but still I tried to make you know it but you didnt try to understand. They both breakdown and cry. Rishi cries inconsolably, Tanu is pained to see his state, humari adhuri kahani plays. Rishi says I always told you that I can read your eyes but I couldnt see and read my love, Rishi cries and says Natasha is our daughter, she nods, Rishi says I thought she completed your family with Abhi, that family who lives in this thought but I didnt know it was my family, Rishi says I could see that day that you love me a lot, I could see your love, you love me a lot but i thought you would never come in my life because your daughter have a life, you have a husband and family, I thought to take you away but then realized that you are a pillar of this house if tempered then this whole family will be destroyed but see its my home thats destroyed.. my home’s pillar has built this house, wow! Rishi says I didnt come inbetween Abhi’s family, when I saw daughter and father’s love, I moved back but he made my family live in his house, I would have gone that day but now I wont go away but Abhi will go away, Tanu is stunned.

PRECAP- Natasha comes to Rishi, Rishi hugs her and cries, he says will you go home with me? Natasha says I am telling mama from so much time that I want to live with you. Rishi looks at Tanuja hopefully and says Natasha wants to go with me? see.. please dont say no, its not husband but a father requesting you, he hugs Natasha close and folds his hand infront of Tanuja saying please come home with me, Natasha says mama lets go with him. Tanuja tears up seeing them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Finally !! i want to see that how Rano reacts to the news of natasha being rishi’s daughter

  2. Finally Tanuja revealed the truth to Rishi that Natasha is Rishi’s daughter. Feeling happy. πŸ™‚ I hope Tanshi will be reunited soon.

  3. ohh my god????

  4. Feeling excited for next episodes . . .
    According to spoilers Tanuja will go back to London with Natasha and Abhishekh. Rishi and Manpreet will follow them. Let’s see what happens !!!!

    1. THanks for the spoil….

  5. It’s really good and now I want to see what ranu (grandma) will do after knowing the truth. Meanwhile I also want to see abhi’s reaction

  6. Loved the episode but what will be the Tanuja’s decision will she go with Rishi or with Abhi?? What will be Abhi’s reaction to this truth ?
    Loving the episodes just love u kasam
    Sharad and Kratika are amazing actors
    Luvv uuu
    Luvvv uuuuuuu Sharad…

  7. Poor abhisek πŸ™

  8. Yay! I’ve waited for this moment for ages! ☺

  9. I want to see bedi family & a.k reaction
    & hope that tanshi unite & finally they became a family tanya natasha tanu & rishi
    Upcoming eps are too good & seems interisting

  10. Feeling bad for Ak
    ak love for tanu is true
    ab kasam me london ka dekhea ga

  11. It is not fair Natasha is not loyal of her father abhi who raise her loves and care her rishi is so selfish abhi is fool who loves and care tanuu and her daughter its not good message for peoples who watch this show for completing one love story break many heart ak naitra Tanya accha hota ak tanuja ko nhi mila hota wo akele hi apni beti ko palti

    1. what!!!!! rishi selfish !! really no comment

    2. Dear kashih
      if a family combines after seven years than what’s wrong with u
      Finally tanshi family combines
      U forgot naitra play evil games with rano & malaika
      U forgot she is too bad before leap
      But after leap she is good
      tanshi made for each other in lives
      Natasha completes tanshi family a.k is gud & he loves natasha a lot
      Bt natasha is the real daugher of rishi so she can choose rishi instead abishek
      Its a father daughter moment

    3. Really I support your words

  12. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! ? I Loooooovvvvveeeeeed Todays Episode ??? omg omg omg … Sharad Malhotra … You Are The Best Actor EVER !!! ??? I cried from the minute you stood outside the Doctor’s office … till the end of the Precap ?

    oh boy … Abhishek, I feel so sad about what needs to be done ? I only wish there were 2 Tanuja’s (sigh) I want to see you both happy (??? ➑me)

    I just cannot watch the next episode … No no no … wait, all I want to see is when Rishi meets Natasha for the first time, after knowing she is his daughter ? awwwww

  13. it would be bun on ranos face gud to know that atlast fool came to know the truth.plzzzzz dont send abhi in middle of this

  14. omg great episode wow amazin after months i watch kasam again and really i’m happy and cannot wait to watch the next episode. sharad malhotra i’m not a big fan but really he is great actor .wow

  15. Not a positive message through this, It is not good that Natasha isn’t loyal to his father AK who raised her love her so much and at the end Natasha doesn’t care for him as a father very bad message and doesn’t give a positive msg and in reality it doesn’t happen like this it is far from reality !!!

    1. This is all just a drama. It’s not real… pls dont Show negativity when the actors are trying their very best in this show.

  16. great episode,rishi acting was so emotional.wish to see united episodes soon.

  17. A.k is not the real father of natasha
    Rishi is the real father of natasha
    So natasha choose rishi
    Wait for tanuja’s decision

  18. What!!
    kasam is going off air soon

    1. How do u know???

  19. By kasam twists

  20. Hlo
    Kasam fans
    Wow kasam is going too cool
    W8 for upcomping eps
    Tanuja decision
    Kasam is the best soap
    Is it
    What would be the reaction of bedi family & ak

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