Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update

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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tejaswani opening her mother’s sandook (old box )to see what is that so precious inside and she gets shocked to see her father’s police uniform ,his diary ,a wedding ring and most importantly his funeral ashes.She asks her mother why she has kept all these items till now and Sharda replies that she has treasured them as they are more precious than her own life and she would give up them the moment Dharamsingh Rathore gets fitting retribution for his sins.She says that that she has been waiting for him to be punished all these years.An emotional Tejaswani replies that she will see to it that Dharamsingh gets punished for killing her father.A worried Sharda asks ,’What about Prem?he loves you madly.’A nonchalant Teja says that whoever belongs to Dharamsingh is her enemy and she simply hates the whole family .She assures her mother that Dharamsingh and his family will be ruined.

She then goes to a pond to immerse her father’s ring.She tells herself that Prem ,paying her mother’s loan of 10 lakhs is her first victory because her mother had to borrow the money to support the family as the bread winner of the family,…her husband was killed by the Prem’s father.Saying this she immerses the ring and tells her father that with each victory,she will immerse his items one by one and when Dharamsingh gets ruined finally,she will immerse the ashes also .

In the next scene all the family members of Dharamsingh get together at the breakfast table.Dharamsingh asks Sarla ,’Where is Prem’?Someone answers that. Prem has gone to his inlaws house for breakfast.Dharamsingh jokingly asks ‘is there anything special about Ankaleshwar ‘s breakfast’?Prem’s chachu says attraction is not the food but his would be wife.Everyone laughs ,then Dharamsingh notices Arjun’s absence and he comes tioknow that Arjun is in his room as he is still feeling bad for the previous day’s incident.Dharamsingh himself goes to Arjun’s room and apologises for doubting him and says that he is ready to give the required money to set up the gym.Arjun says that it is not required as he has realised that the business is not profitable and he is thankful to his Bade papa for giving him right advice.Dharamsingh feels happy .

As the breakfast scene goes on in Prem’s house,we see Prem having breakfast at Teja’s house.He praises Sharda’s cooking and says that he would like to have his meals everyday in their house only,While Teja looks on from the kitchen,Sharda tells Prem that he is welcome to do so as this is his second house and now he is like her son.When Sharda goes into the kitchen ,Prem invites Teja to join him at the table.When she joins him reluctantly ,Prem tells her that an ideal couple feed each other with their own hands as it reflects their love for their beloved and puts a piece of Paratha in Teja’s mouth as Sharda watches from the kitchen.Teja takes just a small piece and gives a sweet smile.Before taking his leave. Prem once again apologises for his rude behaviour in the past and leaves.

Teja’s uncle asks Sharda why she is encouraging Teja to play this dangerous game as she she will be ruining her life also,Teja enters and requests both her mother and uncle to support her in her endeavour and they just keep quiet in consent.

The last scene shows Dharamsingh discussing with his family members about Prem’s marriage arrangements .Everyone is there including prem ,Arjun and his parents.Prem’s chachu says that the marriage venue is ready.Prem’s cousin Ajju says that modern day marriages are taking place in exotic places like Goa and Kerale near beaches.Dharamsingh says if that is so go ahead with it and he is ready to pay any amount.Arjun’s mother,who is still seething with anger,thinks that Mota bhai was n’t ready to invest in Arjun’s business venture but doesn’t mind to spend any amount for his son’s marriage.She just sits silently and refuses to take part in card selection and other marriage arrangements.Bue Prem says that he wants just a simple wedding and no extravagance .

Update Credit to: Lakshmi

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  1. Yayyyyyyyy….. You did a perfect job Lakshmi my dear friend. I’m so happy to see your name mentioned in the credit update. Good job!!!! It’s so easily understood. Sorry for not commenting, was somewhat preoccupied for the past few days. I’m joining you all once again… No update for today, I know you are a bit busy, just wanted to say I’m back….

  2. Oh my god Lakshmi ???? im so happy to see you here, so excited! Yesss, now we will read complete updates. Thank you so much ?

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