Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: house of dead

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says bhabhiji you cook so delicious,I just feel like eating everything,Tiwari says you ate everything.vibhu says what do you Mean,Anita says he is right you ate everything,Tiwarijis paratha he just ate half and everything else you did,Anguri says let it be,he eats good food everyday but vibhutiji just eats some days.

Anita says Vibhu eats a lot too,but it doesn’t show on his body,if Tiwariji would eat like Vibhu he would have doubled in size,Tiwari says I control my food intake,Vibhu says do I really eat so much and bhabhiji am I called here to be insulted,Anita says calm down,light goes off,Tiwari says go get candles,Anguri says alone,Tiwari says don’t worry I’m here go,Anguri gets candles the,door is knocked,Tiwari checks its Amaji.

Vibhu says what’s up auntyji,how are you,Amaji says ok,Tiwari says how come you are here,Amaji says Panditji gave me a big tension,he just went through Anguris kundali,Vibhu says and she is gonna divorce Tiwari ,Amaji slaps Vibhu and says the truth is Anguri may be in danger,Tiwari says ignore Panditji ,Amaji slaps him too and says don’t forget you are here because of him I mean his solutions. Anguri asks what did he say,Amaji says he asked to be careful,Anita says I’m with Anguri don’t worry,Amaji says she is so innocent you see so I’m worried,Anguri get me something to eat.

Malkhan and tikka on bike,their scooter breaks down,tikka says what kind of bike did Prem bhaiya give us,malkhan says our friend must have gone away,both argue on who shall pull the bike,malkhan says look haveli,tikka says how nice come let’s go and have a look and I have alcohol too,malkhan says I have snacks and both enter the Haveli in chandangad,the gate opens before they push,tikka says is it automatic,it’s so scary,malkhan says such haveli have lot of treasure,tikka hits him and says also ghost,Mohan says we ourselves look like ghost, I mean look at you,you look like one big ghost,tikka calls out to check is anyone in,no one answers.

Tikka says look the lights are on,a man walks out,with A lamp,tikka malkhan scared run out,malkhan stumbles and finds a Payal,tikka pulls him and both run out of haveli,tikka says he was so scary,malkhan says he looked like ghost,tikka says no he must be watchmen,malkhan says look I found Payal,tikka says it’s too costly,a man watching them from balcony,shouts who is it there,tikka Malhan run away.

At tea stall,malkhan says Tiwari bhaiya lend us 2000, Tiwari says no ways,tikka says let us sell him that Payal,malkhan says let’s try,and says Tiwari bhaiya look at this Payal very costly we shall sell at 5000 for you, Tiwari asks where did you steal this from, malkhan says we found it,Tiwari thinks it’s so costly and I shall fool them and gift them to bhabhiji,Tiwari bargains and gives boys 100 and leaves.

Tiwari enters Anita house and says now I shall gift these to bhabhiji,Anita says Tiwari hi how are you,Tiwari says I’m so happy to see you,it makes my day,Anita says why work just come see me and be happy,Tiwari starts laughing,Anita asks why are you here,Tiwari says I have a surprise close your eyes and shows her the Payal,Anita says how beautiful and picks it up and there’s lightning,Anita asks who is it for,Anguri and Vibhu walks in,Vibhu says look I told you,you will find him here,Anita says Anguri look he bought such beautiful Payal,Anguri takes it and there’s lightning again,Anguri asks who are these for,Tiwari forceful says you,Vibhu says why fumble be clear.

Anita says so odd,why did you ask me to close my eyes,you should have asked anguriji to do it,Vibhu asks where did you steal these from,Tiwari says no I bought them,Vibhu asks where is the other one,Tiwari says it’s to be worn in one leg,Anita says stops making fun of him at least he bought a gift,Anita gets upset and leaves.

Tiwari asks so Anguri you dressing a lot today,Anguri says you gifted me Payal so I’m happy,Tiwari murmurs it was for bhabhiji,Anguri says when an husband gifts his wife jewellery you need to dress for him,Amaji taught me this,Tiwari says this mahal and her stupid things and says Anguri I’m very tired i shall rest now,Anguri says no no please put this on my ankle with your hands,Tiwari says okay and puts it on her ankle,a spirit enters anguris body,there’s lightning,

Vibhu walks to Anita,and asks why didn’t you cook,Anita says I did cook but just for me,Vibhu asks and me,don’t you care about me,Anita asks do you care About me,Vibhu says I care about you more than myself, Anita says learn from Tiwariji,Vibhu says I get it it’s the Payal ,baby it’s one leg Payal ,he stole it,Anita says he at least bought one and my husband,Vibhu says I did get you expensive gifts,and no husband must have gifted these to any wife,Anita asks which gifts let me know,Vibhu says deepu Mastaan, and all those characters,Anita says these aren’t gifts women needs jewellery,Vibhu says baby I’m hunger I need food and not argument I need fresh air.

Vibhu walks out and sees Pelu and says why are you sitting on my compound and says these women always behind money and what about husband,and this Tiwari why did he gift bhabhiji in front of Anu,Anguri walks out.

Pre cap : Anguri perform in front of Vibhu and Pelu and slaps Vibhu.
Tiwari says Anguri you wanna play hide and seek with me. Anguri standing in front of mirror,she has well groomed hair but her hair is messed in mirror.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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