Meri Durga 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Rajveer ties up Durga

Meri Durga 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelkant saying Gayatri has a doubt on me, we have to be careful, if Gayatri knows this, you don’t know what she will do, she would have fixed camera here, don’t worry, I will find Rana. Aarti says Rana is missing, Sanjay is angry, I can’t let him get away from me. He goes. Gayatri sees them on camera and says I regret, I wish Neelkant learnt something from me. Sanjay stops Aarti and asks what’s wrong. She shows the letter. He asks what’s this, are you mad, why are you leaving college. She says what’s the use to stay here if I don’t have your friendship, its very imp for me, my dreams will break, its fine, maybe I get your forgiveness. He says yes, more imp than that, okay, superb, you gave me good idea, and I have forgiven you, I shall leave. He says its time to prove Durga’s friendship is very imp to me than my life. She thinks what is Sanjay upto.

Durga and Sanjay come to class and get seated. He says I will not leave without your forgiveness. Durga thinks what will Sanjay do. Gayatri does the puja and feels something wrong is happening. Sanjay prays to make Durga’s name clear. Neelkant prays to find Rana before anyone else gets him. Elder bahu thinks to counter Gayatri. Gayatri gives aarti to everyone.

Shilpa sees the food and thinks who will eat this boiled food. Durga comes and sees the food. Yashpal also eats the same food. Sheela and Shilpa worry. Durga asks where is their food. Yashpal says its food for all of us, we will also support you this way, you are taking big step for village, we can also contribute. Shilpa says I can’t see such food, I won’t eat. Yashpal says just this food will be made in house now.

They all have food. Durga says blessings are fine for me, you make your fav food for yourself from tomorrow. Dadi says Durga is right, she is more sensible. Durga smiles.

Durga wakes up and sees time. She finds herself tied. Yashpal comes and gets shocked. Rajveer comes and stops him from opening ropes. He says I have to see if she has that courage in her, she will open the ropes herself. Annapurna and Amrita come and look on. Yashpal signs them. Durga frees herself from the ropes. Rajveer goes. Durga smiles.

She gets ready and comes out. Rajveer throws dirty water on her. Rajveer says what happened today, you were talking big things, you are 10mins late, even a second is valuable for an athlete, you are much late, you come for training when you value time. He goes. Yashpal says its limit, I will talk to him, you would have got late if he didn’t tied you. She says no, he wants to see fire in me, I will show my passion. He goes to Rajveer and says will you workout in one day, anger sometimes comes out as volcano, give rest to your body. Rajveer sees food and says I can’t eat the food which I can’t let my student eat, take this away. Yashpal says you have all qualities of a devil, you trouble her a lot. Rajveer asks what. Yashpal says nothing. Rajveer says leave Durga’s training on me.

Gayatri says our relation will be deep, tell the truth to me, there won’t be any cheat. Durga gets to know about Sanjay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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