A Crazy Litte Thing Called Love by Chanya (Intro)

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Hi guys!! Although I am an old member i am new to ishqbaaz page So this is the first time i am writing a ff.Hope you will support me I havegot this idea from a thai movie and i am writing this story with some differences .So give me your comments about my work So that i can improvemy writing And most importantly i should thank Fenu bhai for inspiring me to write Otherwise i would have never tried ..So Thanks bhai…This ff is dedicated to my friends specially Trishi who has achieved a great success in her studies ..Wishing u all belated happy birthday!!sorry i couldnt wish u on time so i am dedicating this ff to u all specially Piyu ,Shab,Kanfi di ,Somu,Aditi di,ishu ,Manasvi and Manya

So lets start ……

A photography exhibition is going on in the town hall..A huge crowd was gathered in a corner where there is a young photographer explainig his most beautiful photo But most of girls who were there didnt listen his lecture They all were mesmerized by his handsome look Although he could understand the situation he never paid any attention towards them He was just doing his work without caring them..Most of girls were in deep thinking that how can someone own such an attracting personality ..They were wondering whether he has a girlfriend or not..They all were disrurbed by a sound ..A baby has started crying and within seconds that young man towards the direction where that sound came from..Everyone was thinking about whats going on there..After few minutes he appeared there with the baby who was sleeping on his arms..everyone was shocked by this sight ..The girls who were there couldnt believe their eyes too..everyone was watching each others faces ..

So this is the prologue ..Give me your comments whether i should continue this or not..All your comments are warmly welcomed !!!

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  1. Fffan1234

    Interesting intro

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for commenting !!! Will post soon

    2. Chanya

      Thanks for commenting !!! Will update soon

  2. Alekhika20

    NYC intro

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for commenting !!! Will update soon

  3. Fenil

    Ohh My Doll….Love Yaaa.
    Thanks for writing….U also buttering me Doll Its your hard work i toh just told you few times.
    Its your love for me.

    Fabulous start Shivaay is photographer and father of child if i m not wrong.all girls were love him.

    Really love your descriptive writing style.

    Really loved it to the core.

    All the best for ff.

    Once again Love You Doll.

    1. Chanya

      I am not buttering bhai!!! Its the truth ..You were the one who inspired me to write..And i am really grateful to u..Otherwise i would have never tried ..
      Hmmm coming to intro..u can guess it bhai..lets see what will happennext..its just a secret
      Love u too bhai!!

  4. Fenil

    I’m really very happy by seeing your first ever ff.
    Actually i m going to say it again but after your exams in September that write something.see you started already.
    You didn’t even informed me about this…yaa yaa now you will say surprise.
    Bak bak machine on ho gaya.

    1. Chanya

      Bhai!!!!! How did u read my mind????yeah you are correct …its a surprise ..Thats why i didnt inform anyone..
      I forgot to tell u na..Your dp is really cute…our champ na..
      Hope you will support on my ff..

  5. Aashi9

    awesome and intriguing
    update soon

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for commenting !!! Will update soon

  6. Banita

    Intersting…. Keep going…

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for commenting !!! Will update soon

  7. Sairish

    heyy di…
    I know we both donn know each other especially me as I’m a bit new here…
    but to be very honest…
    your title is really awesome …i think a good title attracts a good reader…isn’t it ??
    the intro was really cute ( I found it)
    the man is shivaay for sure and I tuely lived it…..plsssss post the next one ASAP ….a request from my side…
    all the best

    1. Chanya

      Hiii!!! Welcome to tu!!! So we can be friends!!
      Yeah u are correct ..good title attracts readers..I have already told u that i got this idea from a Thai movie..i used movie’s name as title..i am realy that u have liked it very much..but it should be changed as “little” Thank u so much for commenting …it means a lot..yeah will update soon…

      1. Sairish

        I’m not that new but thanks do your warm welcome…
        yeah…we can be freinds di…

  8. The start is nice. Please use proper grammar and puncuations. They are very imp for u to emote ur sentiments with regard to the story.

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for commenting !!! I typed this in a haste…i will surely pay for attenetion towards them

  9. Niriha

    Awesome & interesting intro

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for commenting !!! Will update soon

  10. Chanya

    Sorry guys!!!The title should be changed as “A crazy little thing called Love” i was typing it in haste as i had an exam today..

  11. omg superb intro suspense haaan loved it

    1. Chanya

      Thank for commenting !!!Will update soon

  12. Trishi

    Awwwwwww Thtz adorable????
    Thank you so much for dedicating da story! Love u ❤ and I really appreciate ur hard work bff, although u were busy in ur examz, u have started it well!
    Very Nyz start?
    Mind catching prologue ?
    All tht best bestie! Know u r talented so keep it on!
    Waiting for da next update…?
    And ur surprise went well naaaaaaa??
    itz a very good start! IMPRESSIVE

    1. Chanya

      So much complements bff!!!! It means a lot…will update soon…yeah surprise is going well…i am blushing seeing your comment …seriously …love you loads

  13. Hi diii ????????

    Title is so interesting di ? surprise is superb di. I love it.? Thank you so much ? I’m so happy because you are writing an FF. That’s awesome ? you’ll be a great FF writer di.?

    And the intro is really interesting di . And the incident looks very realistic because you have told the correct thing at the correct time !! It looks perfect for FF. And your words look straight too ! That’s so cool ? I really like it di?

    Clean , clear and perfect ?

    I’m very happy for you di? You have written the intro very nicely. I’m curious to know what will happen next .? Keep writing di. ? I knew you’ll rock.? Best of luck di ? I’m eagerly waiting for the next part. ? You’ll continue this ff after exams right di? If so I’m waiting till your exams finishes. ?

    Good luck for your exams and this ff di. I know you’ll pass with flying colors. ?

    1. Chanya

      Awww piyu!!!i am so happy seeing your comments …thanks for spending some time to read it in this busy shedule..its the first time i am trying to write something..hope it will be good..yeah my exams are over..thats why i started this…will update soon..love u!!

  14. Is it story of Thai movie A Little Thing Called Love?

    1. Chanya

      yeah..but i will do some changes

  15. ManyaPV5

    love u di! 😀 but why u mentioned my name?

    1. Chanya

      I couldnt wish u on your birthday na!!So this is your birthday gift too..Belated happy birthday !!

      1. ManyaPV5

        love u di we r frnds so thank u nahi bolungi

  16. Omg omg omg?????
    It’s amazing di❤❤
    I’m sooo happy that you started a ff and I’m so excited also this story seems so interesting??
    I loved it a lot ❤
    Awesome surprise di ??
    The title is just wow??I’m in love with this title?
    Mindblowing di??
    Pls continue no need to ask?
    I hope you recognize me?
    Love you a soooooooo much di????????????

    1. Chanya

      Somuuu i am so happy seeing your comment..you were busy with your studies na..still u spent some time to read my ff..it means a lot..all the best for your exams too!!will update soon..love u too…

    2. Chanya

      How cani forget u somu??dont ask such silly question ..

  17. Zaveesha

    Amazing one…all the best for further episodes

    1. Chanya

      Thank u so much for reading and commenting ..i have submitted the first part..do read it..

  18. Nikita_jai29

    It is quite nice one…

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting ..

  19. AIHA19

    nice start chanya di pls continue.ur thinking style is different from all.so really loved the start.love u di.

    1. Chanya

      Wowwww…so happy seeing your comment ..so u remember me na???i have submitted the next part..love u too

      1. AIHA19

        ya di i remember u.how can i forget u?my lovely di.

  20. Shabana

    thats realllllly very amazing start im thinking who is the man who is the kid awwwwwwwwwwww too much suspense di do post the next one soon
    thanks a lot for ur bday wishes

    1. Chanya

      Yeah its a suspense..just wait shab..

  21. Ankita27


    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …

  22. TUFriendsForever

    Another one person to comment hope u recognise me
    Chan di when I saw by chanya in title on recent post I was like whatttt?? Chan di started writing that was my first shock but continue it di I am feeling really blessed to rear this n keep writing it reall suits u
    Second shock u writing on ishqbaaz??
    I first thought it was on yrkkh
    U r writing on my fav serial on air
    I Guess that photographer is shivaay
    Like child I was shocked again but that’s really solo cute n interesting
    N I wanna know the name of the Thai movie plss just thought to ask u n this was tooooooo good
    Keep writing

    1. Chanya

      Rufiiiii i am so happy seeing your comment ….so you were surprised na…so my wish is fulfilled …i want to surprise everyone …actually this plot suits shivika more than kaira..afterall both are my favourite …hmm..lets see if your guess is right or not…so many mysteries are yet to unfold ..The name of the movie is A crazy little thing called love…its such an awesome movie..i love it lot..keep supporting me like this


    Dear Chanya
    Welcome To Our Ishqbaaz Page???Story Starting Is Awesome And Intersting?????

    Keep It Up?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Chanya

      Thanks for reading and commenting …

  24. IME

    Awesome dii
    Loved it
    Loveeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu ??????
    Thanks for this ?????

    1. Chanya

      I am so happy seeing your comment ishuuu…thanks for spending your valuable time for reading it..

    2. Chanya

      Love you too

  25. Kanfi

    Thnkn u chanya for dedicating this part to mee???
    Its quite intrsting..waiting for next…
    Do send me the links..

    1. Chanya

      Dii it’s your birthday gift!!! Thanks for reading and commenting… Will update soon…Yeah I’ll send you the links…Do read it if u are free

  26. Radhika.k

    I am really happy that even u started with a fabulous ff!!!The intro is really superb interesting chanu dear!!!
    U were the first frnd of mine of my age…n u were the 2nd frnd of mine who din’t write ff!!!But after ur intro….i am feeling excited dear…..i think u can write very good ffs!!!
    All the best for ur ff!!
    Do send me the links dear…i will read it!!
    Loving u n missing u!!!!

    1. Chanya

      Hi radhu…I am so delighted seeing your comment…I was planning to start a ff but didn’t get time…So I started this after completing exams….Yeah I can understand you might be busy with college na…All the best for your studies…I will send u links do read it whenever you are free… Missed you… Love you

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