Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita at night talking with meenal on phone and says I am shocked as to how vibhu grew those tomatoes in one night? Anita says I smell something and vibhu has come, anita keeps phone. Vibhu comes with bucket and anita says what? You can not use my bathroom and farmers don’t use bathrooms here and they go in forests. Vibhu says you are troubling a farmer and let me go. Anita says no you will not go here, anita throws vibhu out of the room and locks the door. Vibhu is in pressure and is shocked and goes.
Outside vibhu tells tika malkhan to plow the farm again. Tika malkhan say though you are using us as bulls we have don’t the rounds 500 times today and not again. Vibhu says the more you do the more fertilized the land will be so go do it again. Happu singh and his constables come and happu says shut up and now its time to close everything. vibhu says why are you always troubling everyone? Tiwari comes. Vibhu says I knew you have called happu singh. Anita comes and says no I have called him and tells happu that throw all this stuff from here. Happu says yes anita. vibhu says wait you can not touch a farmers land and nothing will go from here. Happu says shut up and I will show you what will go, happu tells his constables to remove everything. commissioner comes and says stop happu, vibhu starts acting and cries and says see sir they are troubling a farmer and I am just growing crops and nothing else. Commissioner says yes and tells happu that he cannot touch anything there and vibhu will continue to grow crops. Happu says but sir… commissioner says in which book is it written that farming is a crime? Anita says sir but this is a residential area and vibhu cant grow here. Commissioner says there is no such crime of not farming in a residential area. Commissioner says vibhu you grow as much as you want and by the way my wife loves your tomatoes so wherever your eye will see that land will be yours and you can grow tomatoes there. Commissioner goes. Vibhu smiles.
At anguris home next day, vibhu has grown tomatoes in anguris hall. There are tomatoes everywhere. Anguri says wow and says this is so nice. Vibhu says yes and these are all for you, anguri says I remember when we were young we played catch catch with tomatoes. Vibhu says we will play now too, vibhu takes tomato and plays with anguri catch catch. Anguri is smiling and blushing. Tiwari comes and vibhu smashes tomato in tiwari’s face. Anguri stops, Tiwari is angry and says what is this happening here? And he scolds vibhu saying how dare you grow in my house? And remove this now in 10 minutes otherwise see. Vibhu says what? You will tell police? And commissioner himself said I can grow wherever I want and wait I will call him, vibhu calls commissioner and tells him that Tiwari is not letting him grow crops. Commissioner talks to Tiwari and says if he stops vibhu he will put him in jail and then commissioner tells vibhu to grow crops in tiwari’s bedroom and this time to grow pumpkin. Vibhu keeps phone and tells Tiwari he will grow pumpkins in his bedroom, Tiwari is angry but anguri says yes pumpkins in the bedroom will be fun.
There vibhu comes with tika malkhan as bulls at his farm and then suddenly masterji comes with reporter and says I am impressed vibhu from you and now these men want to take your interview. Vibhu thinks this is spreading too much. Vibhu tells sorry I cant give interview and I have work, masterji says don’t you have manners? Vibhu says no, masterji goes. Reporter forces and takes interview and says see this I vibhuti Mishra who grows crops in one night with his secret formula and tell us too. Vibhu says I wont tell and how will I profit then? Vibhu says I have work and goes in. in china a man sees this news on tv and says I love indian news and says I want that formula now from vibhuti.
There anita comes down from stairs to go to grooming classes. Anita is shocked to see that her hall is filled with tomatoes grown in soil and she says what do I do of this man now? Anita calls vibhu and tells him what have you done here and you spoilt my house entirely. Vibhu says I am a farmer and I can grow anywhere if you don’t know what the commissioner said. Anita says before I come from grooming classes I want this cleaned up otherwise see what I will do. Anita is going but vibhu stops her and says this is my fertilized land and you cannot walk from here, he calls tika malkhan as bulls, they come mooing and pick up anita. anita says what is this nonsense? Tika malkhan take anita out of the house and then put her down. Vibhu goes out too. Anita says what did you do and you are troubling me a lot, anita sits in the auto and says now I have lost my patience anita is angry.

Precap: anita see television and vibhu is on news for his formula of growing crops in a night and anita says wow my vibhu is on news. In lawn, anita says I am proud of you vibhu. Suddenly a van comes and 2 chinese men point un on vibhu and take him in the van.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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