Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish and RAM giving commentary. Amrish says 5 mins is left for game to end. Shaan says everyone must be tired and needs break. RAM announces break. Amrish says we will meet after break. RAM tells Shaan that you came late. Shaan says all set, and asks Rajni and RAM to come. He takes Rajni and RAM to his lab. He takes off Rajni’s googles and fixes lenses to her eyes, hopes it works. He asks her to open her eyes. Rajni opens her eyes and says she can see everything. RAM says you are genius and does hi five with him. They go back to play the game. Amrish comments that Rajni came back to play. Rajni is playing the game.

Mukherjee’s bahus hold Rajni. Amrish says it is difficult for Rajni to get back to her side. Mukherjee’s bahus hold Rajni tightly. Rajni brushes their hands off, and they fall far away. Shaan says yes. Surili is surprised. Amrish is happy. Maggie and Sharmila are shocked and happy. Mrs. Mukherjee’s bahus fly high in air and fall down. Maggie and Sharmila call Rajni best. Surili says I have won..and tells Mrs. Mukherjee that now she has to take return gift with her. She asks her to lift her bahus and go. Rajni says them bye. Mrs. Mukherjee is upset. Amrish asks Surili to thank Rajni. Surili thanks her hesitantly. Rajni says you shall thank Shaan as he fixed me at right time. Surili asks what do you mean? RAM says Rajni wants to say that Papa motivated her at right time. He asks them to kiss Shaan and thank him together. Surili and Rajni kiss on Shaan’s cheeks together. Everyone smile and is happy.

Dhyan thinks house ladies’ save family respect and thinks to do something to earn additional income. Rajni hears him and asks him to hear her idea carefully. Dhyan asks are you making fun of me. Rajni says can I suggest. She says mobile apps are popular, and asks him to mobile app and sell to software company. Dhyan says I can’t make tea, how will I make App. Rajni says option no. 2, she asks him to join call centre. Dhyan says I can’t spoil my night sleep for call centre job. He says I need a job where I don’t have to do anything. Rajni scans and says there is a job for him, where he shall sit and earn money. Dhyan asks what? Rajni asks him to open washroom service, where customers will come, use it and pay him money. She says this work is not affected by demonetization. Dhyan asks her to think something like…people give property on rent and earn money. Rajni says okay command accepted. Dhyan asks what was my command.

A person is seen standing in Kant house, and checking the angles. Surili comes there and says hello. Man tells the flirty dialogue. Surili slaps him. Man’s assistant says you have slapped Pappu Rangeela, and tells that he is popular Bhojpuri director. He tells his film names which was quite funny. Surili laughs and asks what you are doing in my garden area. Pappu rangeela says I came to get your house on rent. Dhyan says he called him to give house on rent. Surili says I will not give my house on rent. Rajni says she gave this idea to Dhyan. Surili refuses and asks him to go. Pappu says we are insulted here and says we will shoot our film elsewhere.

Surili hears the claps, and tells him that he can shoot in her house. She asks him about the film name. He says bahu robotwa something. Pappu’s assistant asks him to offer Surili a role. He offers her main role, with the intention to give her small role later. Surili agrees happily and thinks to get role for Sharmila and Maggie also. Pappu gives rent to Dhyan and goes. Dhyan brings money and gives to Amrish. Amrish thanks him. Dhyan asks him to thank Rajni. Amrish blesses Rajni and says God has given her special blessings and sent her here. He asks Shaan where is Sharmila, Maggie and Shaguta. Shaan says even I am thinking. Sharmila is getting ready and thinks Surili promised her to get a role in the film. She thinks she will become an actress and starts dreaming. Shaguta is thankful to Surili and thinks she will become popular actress.

Maggie thinks to get item song role in the film, and is happy. Maggie, Sharmila and Shaguta come out of their room wearing western outfits. They complement each other unwillingly. Just then Surili comes there. They are shocked to see Surili’s outfit. Amrish is also surprised. Shaguta asks why? Surili acts stylish. Amrish asks if you are working in the film. Surili says she thought to wear unusual. All the ladies think that they will get role in the film. Amrish asks Rajni to switch off lights when it is not needed. Rajni says okay and switches off lights. Pappu asks why did you switch off lights. Rajni asks them to save light and switch on during shoot. Surili thinks I don’t let Rajni ruin my dream to act.

Film heroine’s mum throws tantrums and says Chulbuli is feeling hot and if she could then she would have been seated in the fridge. Rajni accepts her command. Later Pappu searches for Chulbuli. Rajni says she is in fridge. They see Chulbuli shivering due to cold.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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