Swasan- A complicated love story!! (6)

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@morning… Sarna mansion…
Everyone was sitting on dining table having their breakfast..
(swara was not present there)..
no one was speaking anything.. they are just doing the formality of having breakfst.. no one was interested…
the house which should be filled with happiness of post marriage celebration today is just became a place where there is no chaos n even no one seems interested to do anything…

just then swara arrives ..
she was wearing a beautiful blue colour anarkali but she was not wearing any symbol of her marriage( ie. sindoor or mangalsutra..)
she came n greeted everyone.. elders blessed n youngesters greeted her..
all were guilty for her.. she understood their delima n assured them that they need not feel anything like that n she said that she will fulfil all her duties..
saying so she went to kitchen n prepared kheer for her first rasoi..
she then served them all the sweet dish after completing their breakfast n in neg..rp (her father in law) gave her the admission form for her further studies
n assures her that she can fulfil her dreams…
seeing so much love from them her eyes become moist n she she greeted him n her mother in law by touching their feet..

(u know good values n all.. her parents have taught her everything.. )
rp n sujata blessed her to have a great future ahead n denied her to touch their feet..
rp n sujata- beta no need to touch our feet… u r our daughter n betiyan dont touch the feet of their parents..
swara- hugged them teary eyed..
sujata- na beta.. no more tears now..
rp- ha puttar now u r our daughter n we wont forgive sanskar ever for his deeds.. how can he ruin a girl’s life like this..
sujata- her smile faded n she went from there without uttering a word..
swara saw her going..
rp assured her through his eyes n went towars sujata..
now swara , uttra n aditya are left behind..
(adi is married n her wife is pregnent so she went to her mayka..ie. her mom’s house as she was not allowed to travel so she couldnt come for her bil marriage)
Swara was stilll sad but adi n uttra tried to cheer her mood.. she became friendly with them

they both consider her as their own sister…
adi was abusinessman but he always gets time to spend with his family unlike sanskar..
( he always remained busy in his professional life but he love his family a lot)
she became the member of this family…
she never feel as if its not her own family but somewhere in her heart she want o meet sanskar n ask him about his deeds as to why his did this with her..
but again she is happy with her new family..
adi helped her a lot in getting admission for her in the college she like.. he even drop her to college everyday along with uttra.. she is a bright student..
days passes n her bond with the family too rises.. now its time for the swara’s entrance exam for mumbai medical college.. (they live in amritsar)
she was doing hardwork,.. afterall its her dream.. how can she be careless regarding this..

n suju took care of her every need food n all as she need perfect meal for her brain to be sharp..
Everyone in the family was tensed seeing her tensed fr her exam altough she was working hard but she is afraid..
her whole new family supported her in the time of need.. she share all her fear n pain with her family now.. their bond grew stronger…
atlast exam day arrives.. everyone wisher her for her exam..
she was hurriedly going but suju feeds her curd-sugar as it is a ritual in their family that whenever anyone goes for any imp work.. they should be feeded with this..
she left taking blessings from elders..
she came back home.. but she didnt look happy..

everyone became sad looking her like this but soon composed n started comforting her..
sujata- kya hua puttar..tu tension na le dekhna sab changa hoga..(everything will be fine)
rp- aacha.. leave all this things.. u tell swara puttar.. what do u wanna eat now..
adi- see angel .. see i bought icecream for u..
everyone was trying to make her happy as they thought her exam was not well thats why she is upset..
suddenly she starts laughing loudly..
swara- laughing.. haw see my family .. all become so tensed seeing me upset..
are are dont be like this… my exam was so nice..

she was excted saying this n hugged sujata n rp… now she came to adi n uttra..
they were seeing her with angry face..
she understood n keep her hands on her ears n making pout face..(aww she is looking cute)
everyone melts seeing her this face..
n adi hugged her n caressing her hairs like an elder brother.. (so adorable relation)
now its was time of uttra being angry..
uttra- hww i wont talk to u .. u all forget me na.. i m, also here..
swara- aww baby .. how can we forget u.. she also hugged her..
some family moment was seen b/w them.. she told about her day to her family.. they were enjoying lunch together…

so gys how’s the episode… hows their relation with swara.. thank u so much for ur valuable comments …

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  1. Just excellent dear

  2. Anurta

    Its really awesome…………
    Post next part soon waiting eagerly for it

  3. awesome…!!

  4. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing episode….. Please give some strong reasons that why Sanskaar eloped after his marriage with Swara…And update next part soon.

  5. awesome

  6. Good one

  7. Vyshu10

    superb…nice bonding

  8. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  9. Soujanya


  10. Simi

    Nice dear ?

  11. Abirsha

    Nice dr….. I hope it will not be same like saba’s ff i am yours….?

    1. Monaa

      No no.. Dont worry.. Its not same in any sense.. Its altogether different story.. Actually I have read saba’s story too.. N I have not stated this story now.. I have been writing it from a long time on twinj.
      Hope u all will like the upcomming track in the story… Fingers crossed..☺☺

      1. Abirsha

        Ok dr then i am happy

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