Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update : Anita finds Vibhutis truth.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari sees Angoori in kitchen and says good she is cooking and says Angoori im hungry, Angoori says yes here you go and brings South Indian dishes, Tiwari asks why this, Angoori says darling sir said this will make me sing better, Tiwari says he is lying, Amaji walks in, and says its smelling good what have you cooked, Angoori says south indian but he isnt eating, Amaji says let me see how he doesn’t eat abd forces him.

Anu waiting for Vibhu, Vibhu wakjs in goes to bed and says good night, Anu asks where were you all night, Vibhu says mummy was here,all day i was with her,Anu says do i look like a fool why do you lie, Vibhu says why would I,Anu asks why mummy didn’t come home, Vibhu says mummy doesn’t like when you make faces,Anu says okay is it let me call and talk

to her, Vibhu says her phone battery is low calls wont be connected.

Angoori waiting for Darling,Tiwari says im waiting too, Darling walks in, Tiwari says come with me to my neighbour. tiwari gets Darling to mishra house,he says i have to go,Anu asks who is he,Tiwari says useless man who is ruining my life,Anu says how dare yiu learn to respect teachers,get lost.Tiwari says why scold me,Anu says you did wrong apologies to him, Tiwari says sorry. Anu says i would like to learn music from you, Darling says im very busy,i have classes all day, Anu says i will pay you 100 rs extra fees, darling says im very busy, Anu says look im telling very calmly,agree,vibhu thinks where I’m caught.

Saxena says boys heres stuffed paratha for you, teeka asks any prank this time,Saxena says im ashamed for last time, boys start having paratha and ask for chatni, boys relish on paratha and chatni. Malkan asks whats stuffed,saxena says frog keema abd crokroach chatni. Boys hit him.

Master meets Hapu, both discuss about expenses, Hapu advices master to ask him to ask his weak students pay extra to pass, master says i dont accept all this, Hapu says you UP people,Master says im south indian. Hapu says is it, Master says my forefathers came here for work and resided,Hapu arrests Master.

Anu sees vibhu hiding and entering bushes and come out as darling,she makes him a call,and asks where are you, Vibhu says vegetable market, Anu says okay let me talk to vegetable vendor. vibhu says okay and talks back as one.

Anu says okay i will screw vibhus over smartness,boys rush to gupta for help. Doctor asks boys not to over react chinese people eat frogs generally, Teeka says we arent chinese.

Precap none

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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