Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update – kanha explaining kansa about war in his last birth.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kanha tells kansa that it is that mistake of yours because of you over here in front of me as my enemy i.e. if you & your army friends would have performed your duty properly at that time of your last birth to not to incinate your army & asoornath bali to attack gods then it would not had happen for me to come here & kill you now. Kansa gets wild. Kanha telling kansa that the same thing happened what I was scared of that all your asoors got prepared to attack all gods & you as kansa is shouting to asoors to take revenge with all gods & praises assornath bali to getting ready to war with gods & we all will conquer this world & rule.

All gods are shocked seeing this & talking within themselves that asoors are doing wrong

& betraying us as all say that there would never had being predicted that we will have any friendship with asoors. We have to fight & destroy them. Indra dev gives alarming call to devta’s to prepare for war with asoors but their rishi gurudev intervenes them to not to get incinated by these assors as they are already fools & this war with them will not be so simple so to take advice & decision only after talking with prabhu brahma dev & Vishnu dev as lot of asoors are having boon too from brahmadev so they can only be destroyed by prabhu Vishnu itself. All gods including indra dev accepts gurudev’s advice to decide & pray to prabhu Vishnu itself now to get help from him.

Kanha is talking with kansa about those asoors who had boons from brahmadev too as they had full faith that they will not be killed by anybody so they came in your talks & prepared for war with gods.

Kansa replies negatively against gods to kanha & tells him that we kill you & you are unable to retaliate us but kanha tells him you are in wrong thoughts. Kanha tells kansa that it was my tricks to incinate your asoors & in that war too as I had also taken part in that war & kansa replies you are faking me. Kanha tells kansa that this war was not so simple as this was the end of all wars in which all rishi’s & devta’s fought the battle.

All asoor army with asoornath bali & all gods with rishi dev are in front of each other for war & as asoor bali gives call for attack, indra dev stops asooranath bali & tells him that this will be end for all of you if you start war with us so take my advice & stop this war. Asoornath bali tells there is no other solution then to war as this is our fight for rights. Indra dev replies then to decide rule of war & asoornath bali reciprocates the rule is only attack & they attack each other to start the war. The war happened for many years.

All major gods attacked asoors & kept themselves safe but lots of gods were also killed by asoors. While indra dev is trying to kill asoornath bali, kansa attacks indra dev from behind & all gods are vanished. Asoornath bali is angry by kansa using wrong law of war but he & their guru say that we have won the war & it was question of your life too but asoornath bali replies that still result has not happened of this war. They incinate asoornath bali to fight & make our rule on this world now. While they are trying to leave for conquering world prabhu Vishnu dev immerges & stops asoornath bali that result has still not happened of war as wrong ethics of war has happened with gods which is wrong towards your own ethics & shows your incapability. Kansa is shouting to prabhu Vishnu about wrong ethics done by yourself only in that war & so we can’t stop now. As kansa & army try attacking Vishnu prabhu then Vishnu prabhu sends his chakra to kill asoornath bali but asoornath’s father guru intervenes & prays Vishnu prabhu to not to kill my son asoornath as it was your promise so Vishnu prabhu gives one chance to asoornath’s father to take care of wrong ethics then & leaves.

Kansa tells kanha that except those five gods all were killed by us & you also won’t be alive. Kansa also tells kanha truth is never hidden by talks & talks of false killing of asoors by your gods. Kanha replies that you arenot understanding the truth. Kansa says that the truth is that I as god kansa is standing in front of you to kill you as in that birth you could not do anything to me & now too you can’t do anything to me so to pray your god now.

Kanha tells kansa that what you can’t see I can see as I see from all angles but you predict from only one angle that is why you are a fool to think that you will rule this whole world. I think that this world should be ruled by all with love & respect & not by hatred so I stand by those who give respect & love. What I told to your raja asoornath bali was respected by him & he did the same as per my directions to him as in very difficult situation too I am with religious ethics only. Wrong replies kansa to kanha as you have changing colours in your behavior as you have always supported gods.

Precap: Kanha on battlefield with kansa telling him that now if you or me will be alive in this world. Viillagers support kanha praising him & shouting to kill evil like kansa.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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