Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma forgives Rajjo

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kamlesh telling Malaika that there was a lot of traffic and they reached the shop in one hour. Malaika asks him to think wisely and say. Kamlesh says if I had known that you will answer then I would have counted. Kamlesh says I got my pant repaired and then we went to college and then returned home. Malaika tells Kat that Kamlesh and her answers are not matching. She says I am giving a last chance and asks them to tell. She gives electric shock to Kamlesh. Kat asks her to stop. Malaika says next turn is yours. Kat says we went to watch film. Kamlesh is in bad condition and says why did you say? Kat cries and says Kamlesh.

Commissioner asks Happu to beat the thief. Happu says his shoe is tired of beating him and got torn. Commissioner says I don’t care and asks

why you are behaving as if he is your friend. Happu says may be he is not a thief. Commissioner says you look thief with physical appearance, but you are in Police. He says I want all info about him. Happu says in the neighborhood. Commissioner says may be his friend is involved. Beni says you thought right. Manohar comes and says Madam called. Commissioner says I am busy. Manohar says Madam talked badly. Commissioner goes to talk and asks Manohar to follow him. Happu asks Beni what he was saying to Commissioner. Beni is upset with him as Happu hit him with shoe and says I will drown with you. Happu apologizes and says if I had not beaten you then Commissioner would have beaten you badly. He says I tried to sign you, but you didn’t understand. Commissioner comes back and asks what are you doing? Happu says I was pressing his nerve on the foot so that he tells truth.

Commissioner says I called Manohar to get Sariya. Happu and Beni are shocked. Hritik and Ranbir tell Rajjo that they made dhobi go. Just then chedilal comes there. They run inside. Commissioner uses eye drops in his eyes and asks happu to add mirchi to Sariya. Happu is shocked. Manohar comes there and says chain snatcher is found and your locket is found too. Happu asks shall I leave him now. Commissioner says no. Beni asks why are you bothered so much when happu is not bothered about his mum’s necklace. Commissioner slaps him. Beni and Happu tell him truth and remove the wig and beard. Amma asks Cheddi lal when did he return? Cheddi lal says he didn’t go. Amma says did someone die in your village. Cheddi lal says no.

Amma asks Rajjo why did you lie? Cheddi lal tells that kids tried to scare him. Malaika brings Kamlesh there. Amma asks what happened? Malaika says electric shock. Rajjo tells her truth. Amma is shocked. Malaika says they forgot the saree in the cinema theatre and says they had seen adult English film. Amma tells Rajjo that she shall not lie to her again and says Dada ji’s memories is enough for her and these kids. She scolds her for making kids lie and asks her not to do this again. Rajjo asks aren’t you angry with me. Amma says no, but I will taunt you for saree all life, I am your saas. Nargis Mausi comes there wearing Amma’s saree and tells that Mausa sent her from Dubai. Amma and Rajjo look at each other. Mausi asks how am I looking? Malaika says ghajab…but since when you started watching adult film? Amma laughs.

Happu and Beni are in the latter’s house. Happu gives hot massage to his back and praises him for being a real man. He says you bear it all. Beni says Vimlesh is coming on Saturday so what shall I wear? Happu says groom’s family is coming to see her. Hritik checks the food on table and shouts mummy. He asks when you will cook food of my choice. Rajjo says at the time of your marriage. Hritik asks her to tell directly that she can’t make good food. He eats biscuits. Happu comes there and asks him to have good biscuits. Happu promotes priya gold biscuits. Hritik says it is tasty. Happu says it is healthy also and asks him to have food and biscuit.

Precap: Amma reads poetry reading from the book. Beni likes the poetry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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