Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update : Rest in peace TT Anup Upadhyay

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena says TT we are here for your benefit, TT calls Gupta selfish, Saxena says every person is selfish, Gupta says get to the point, Saxena says we have convinced Angoori to come to Gunnor station, TT says i dont want her daddy there, Saxena says he won’t.

Everybody on their way to Gunnor, Tiwari keeps starring at Vibhu,vibhu annoyed asks whats wrong with you, Tiwari says you are the culprit, Vibhu says i have no idea whats happening why blame me, Angoori says why blame him,you sent him there, and calms everyone. everybody gets down at Gunnor station, Angoori says its so dark here, Vibhu asks whats next, saxena says we will tie him to column, vibhu is being tied, Saxena starts calling Upadhyay. Saxena’s device activates. TT walks in, saxena asks all good, Tiwari says why

be so nice, TT asks for ticket, and gets into Vibhus body, saxena says let’s talk, Saxena is being slapped, Tiwari troubled, Angoori scolds Upadhyay, Gupta tries to act smart, TT troubles him too, TT says all will die here first this Tiwari then this boy i possessed then you two, Angoori says you won’t do anything, I will do anything for you, TT says i love you and because of you i committed suicide,i want to marry you, Angoori says release them i will.

Tiwari says Angoori you are mine, Angoori says quite let me talk,TT you wanna marry me, and keeps insulting him, and says you don’t love me its your obsession, i just love tiwari, you want me take me away but let me tell you, theres lot of power in true love,TT says i accept my mistake, i did wrong, i apologies, please forgive me,go live your lives,TT leave vibhus body.

Angoori says thank you TT Upadhyay, Saxena says i will create a device for you. master taking Arnav and ladoos Hindi tutions, Ladoo interrupt and asks permission for play time, ladoos friend comes to invite them to play,master says you two wont go until you finish your home work, kids scare master with fake lizard and leave.

Tiwari thanks Saxena and Gupta, saxena says i have nothing to do with you, its for bhabhi ma, Angoori says you proved you are my son, vibhu says I would like to apologise, Tiwari says you always are the reason for problems,vibhu says hello you sent me there,both start arguing. Boys walk to them, and hand platform ticket, Vibhu asks why this for,teeka says you whacked us for not having one, all start laughing,boys confused.

Pre cap: Prem tells vibhu you will have to dress as chinese massaues for my Chinese massage parlour, vibhu says accepted.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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