Gathbandhan 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak apologizes to Raghu

Gathbandhan 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu is drinking wine. Dhanak comes there and sadly looks at him. He ignores her. Dhanak says face revealing ceremony is about to start, you wont come? I want you to look at me in that saree. Raghu says its not needed, I am just a goon. She holds his hand and sees his wound, she says sorry, she holds her ears and says its because of me. Raghu pulls her to pillar and says till when you will keep saying sorry? it wont because you think I am just a goon and wont do hard work, I am ready to fulfill your promise but are you ready to accept me? Dhanak says its not like that. Raghu says so you dont have doubts? She looks away. Raghu says I can fulfill your promises, I want to win your love but I dont care now. She leaves. Dhanak says sorry Raghu.

Mai comes to Mahindra’s house and

asks how are you? Mahindra says leave. Mai says your daughter came to my house so you are my inlaw, its her face revealing so I am here to invite. Mahindra says we wont come. Mai says Dhanak will like it, goons and their wives will come so Dhanak will be alone.

Dhanak gets ready and recalls Raghu’s words. Raghu comes there all dressed and sadly looks at her. He says come out fast. Dhanak says are you still angry? Raghu says no they are waiting. Dhanak says I am sorry but I will learn to read eyes, I wont doubt from anymore. He nods. Dhanak says you are swollen like balloon. He laughs and says sorry I was drunk. Dhanak says its okay, lets go out. Raghu says Mai asked for.. he comes closer and puts veil on her.

Dhanak and Raghu comes out of house and see people celebrating. Raghu sees his goon circle there. He extends his hand, Dhanak holds it and walks him to party. They start firing and dancing. Raghu thinks I know you are not comfortable with this. Mai says to Maya that Dhanak must be scared of firing now, she wants to become my daughter in law so she will have to bear all this. Head don comes there with his wife. He is on wheel chair. Mai greets Bablu don, he says you didnt even invite me? Mai says it was done in hurry. His wife says that Savitri is here to say sorry so its okay, you kept your son’s wedding hidden. She asks her to show her daughter in law’s face. Mai takes off her veil. All start throwing money at her. Dhanak looks down and doesnt open her eyes. Raghu is tensed. Dhanak sees Mai.

Scene 2
Performance starts in ceremony. Gauhar Khan enters and starts dancing. Raghu dances too. Dhanak glares at him, he stops. Gauhar dances on maike chali. Aslam pushes Raghu on stage. Raghu dances with Gauhar. Dhanak smiles. All enjoy her dancing on laila.
Raghu makes Dhanak meet Bablu. He goes to bring water for her. Dhanak thinks Mai played game, now its my time.

PRECAP- Bablu’s wife asks Dhanak to show her shooting skills. She puts an apple on Mai and gives gun to Dhanak.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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