Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Roop scolds Ishika for Shamsher

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shamsher tells family that Roop is going to be constable. Ishika says it cant happen. Roop says it happened. Shamsher says I am so happy, he makes Kamla dance and says my son made me proud, he asks Kamla to make food. He says to Kinjal that your brother will become an officer like your father. Ishika leaves from there. Kamla says to Roop that you are doing this on your own? Roop says yes.

Ishika looks at competition invite. Roop comes there and says I know you are shocked. Ishika says your dream was dhaba, whats wrong with you? Roop says its my father’s happiness, you can die for your father but stopping me from fulfilling my father’s happiness. Ishika says what about your dreams? Roop says its about my father’s happiness, I was there when you needed

me, when mother and sister needed me so now I am here for my father too, its my father’s happiness and if someone tries to stop then I will cut them from my life even if its you. Ishika is stunned.

In morning, Shamsher and Roop starts exercising together. Ishika looks on. Shamsher says last time you disappointed when you didnt become constable but now we have to work hard.

Ishika is in kitchen and says earlier he used to make dishes and now doing this. She looks at chef cap and says I will make him realize what his dreams are.

Roop is exercising. Ishika calls Roop and shows him bad rotis, she says can you help? Shamsher comes there and says we have to go for training. Roop leaves.

Shamsher and Roop are training in park. Inspector goes with Shamsher to talk. Roop gets call from chef that Ishika is hurt. Roop says I am coming and leaves. Shamsher sees that.

Scene 2
Roop comes to dhaba and runs to Ishika, he looks at her feet thats sprained. Ishika smiles seeing his concern. Roop asks if it hurts too much? how it happened? Ishika says I have so much work and I slipped, who will handle dhaba now? Roop says I will handle, dont worry. Ishika sees a cockroach and jumps on stool on her feet. Roop sees her feet totally fine and glares at her. Roop asks why she was doing drama? I didnt know you would stoop so low to do all this. All come there. Ishika says I am doing all this for you, you have forgotten your dreams, this dhaba was your dream, you have forgotten whats wrong and right. Roop says I dont like when you interfere in my matters, he leaves. Shamsher comes there and glares at Ishika. Shamsher asks her to keep away from Roop. Shamsher says to Ishika that you have tried to break my relation with Roop, he wont listen to you anymore, his thoughts are changed, I will make him constable and its his dream so dont come inbetween. Ishika says this dhaba is his dream and you never trusted his talent, he is leaving his dreams and ambitions, you come coming inbetween your son’s dreams. Roop comes there and glares her.

PRECAP- Roop asks Ishika to say sorry to Shamsher as nobody talks to him like that. Ishika is stunned and turns to leave but he he grabs her arm, she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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