Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update : The badnaam restaurant.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saxena complains to Tiwari about Hapu,Tiwari scolds him,Vibhu sings and speaker sparks,and all get scared,Vibhu says manager speaker is dead.Malkan gives order,Tilu says we are so much in demand, Angoori says all thanks to amaji receipe,Tika gets angry and says i have been given this.job iim n diploma holder,Malkan and Tilu make fun of him, Angoori says enough get back to work.

Angoori in bedroom,she gets call from Akshay Kumar,he praises her laddos and says I would kiss your hands,Tiwari asks.who the hell are you,Akshay says iits Akshay kumar dont over react,Tiwari says oh hello.

Vibhu on call with Anu, Anu says send me the receipt,Vibu says i forgot where i kept it,Anu says so many times i told you attach it to the file, Vibhu says okay baby,Tilu comes and sleeps beside him,Anu asks you taking care of house right,Vibhu says yes,Anu says okay we call tomorrow and bedroom keep it veey clean,hapu tika mmalkan all come and sleep beside him,Anu says i hope you didn’t allow anyone home i don’t like, I love you goodnight.

Vibhu wakes them all and says how dare you, Tika says where shall we go,Vibhu says i dont care,Tilu says we are your staff and you responsibility and all go to sleep. Angoori having an headache , Tiwari walks to her and says i will give you head massage,Angoori says oh i feel so.good and my legs are aching too, Tiwari presses them,Tiwari says i feel so romantic today, Vibhu walks in through window,Tiwari asks what you doing,Vibhu says your staff is at my house so im here,we are partners you see, Tiwari says this is not done, and if you dont listen i will call Anu bhabhi.

Tiwari says Vibhu don’t waste time and begin with the songs, Vibhu begins, customer calls waiter,Hapu busy on call, Tiwari scolds him,and says focus on work or else and you begin singing,Vibhu says show respect,vibhu and his mate get in argument and say we get no chance to sing ,Vibhu says okay enough lets sing, Customer again places order,and gets in argument with Vibhu,Vibhu performs a shayari for him, and begins to sing but Prem and Gulfamkali walk in,she says chair isnt clean ask the waiter to clean it,Hapu cleans it for her,Gulfamkali tips him, Commissioner walk in and says i got a little late and you joined Prem,Gulfamkali says just passing the time, Commissioner says then come lets go to our table, Vibhu begin singing, Saxena walk in teasing him, Saxena narrates a shayari and asks Vibhu to sing.

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