Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Everyone give gifts to ganesh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all gods giving ganesh gifts and wishing him his birthday. Ganesh thanks everyone. Parvati and kartikeya then gift ganesh all his favorite food items and sweets. Ganesh says that is so nice, I love all these sweets. Lord Vishnu says ganesh, I have a gift for you as well. Ganesh says wow, one more gift, I am excited mama ji, please give me the gift. Lord Vishnu gives a golden shell to ganesh. Ganesh sees. All people look at lord Vishnu. Nandi remembers the time when ganesh had swallowed lord vishnu’s shell. Lord Vishnu says don’t look at me like this everyone, this is a type of sweet which is in the shape of a shell. Ganesh says I loved the shape and I am sure it must be very delicious, I will eat this for sure. Everyone wish ganesh and there is happiness everywhere.
At a distant place, a divya person with powers is meditating but his thoughts disturb his meditation and he gets up. The man says what do I do? My thoughts always trouble me and until I get the answers to my questions I wont be able to sit peacefully and meditate or even focus and do any work, who is my father? Whose son am i? I want to know who my father is. A devi comes and the person says mother please tell me the name of my father and who is he? Why haven’t I known the truth yet? Until I know the answers to my questions I cannot do anything and I am frustrated now. The mother says son you are my child. The man says I know you are my mother but who is my father? If I don’t get to know the name of my father, I will not stay quiet from now, I will kill myself. The man picks a stone and hits his head but the stone shatters and the man says I cant even die. The mother says I will tell you how you were born son. Many years ago when mahadev faced the demon andhkasura, he was born from mahadev’s darkness and had all evil, the gods fought them and mahadev then killed the demon but while fighting him mahadev had become so angry that a drop of his sweat which was filled with anger fell on ground and you were born. Later when I passed by the place, I picked you up and grew you up as my child but before that I went to Kailash. In flashback, devi prithvi comes to Kailash and says mahadev this child had been born from a drop of your sweat when you were angry, I don’t have any child and I wish to keep him as my son, please give me this child as a blessing. Mahadev says okay devi prithvi, tahastu. From today this son shall be called a bhom and he shall be your son.
Devi prtihvi says this way I brought you up as my own son. Bhom says mother, I am thankful that you told me the truth, mahadev is my father and now I know the reason for all my anger and my powers, but I never got my father’s love, mahadev has never looked up to me and now I want to meet him, from now I shall do as I want and I will go to Kailash to meet mahadev. Prithvi says don’t go now son, please think about this and think of whatever you do next, in Kailash mahadev and parvati are celebrating the birthday of their son, ganesh ji! Ganesh ji is the pratham pujya devta. Bhom says so they are enjoying with their son and with ganesh ji! What about me? My father mahadev has forgotten about me, I have a right to the love of my father and I am going to Kailash to meet him. bhom goes. Prithvi says I saw anger and jealousy in bhom’s mind towards ganesh ji, ganesh ji is pratham pujya and I hope prithvi doesn’t do anything against ganesh ji in anger.
In Kailash, everyone is celebrating and ganesh says father, everyone gave me gifts but only you are left, what are you giving me? Mahadev smiles and everyone is excited to see this. Mahadev says son, I will give you everything, I cannot love you like your mother, but my powers are all yours, I cannot take care of you like your brother but my trishul and damru shall always be yours, I cannot stay with you all time but the power of my fists shall always be with you and all my weapons shall answer to you as well ganesh! You shall have what your father has. Everyone is impressed and amazed. Ganesh says thank you father and he takes mahadev’s damru and plays it as everyone smile. Mahadev says to parvati, a father is happy when he sees his kids happy.
Yamraj thinks no one can bring danger to ganesh ji’s life, I don’t think ganesh ji’s life is in dangr, chitragupta ji must have read something wrong.

Precap: Bhom comes to Kailash to meet mahadev. Chandra dev makes fun of gansh ji.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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