Preeran SS ; Realization Part 12


Piyali looks at Anu who is upset with everything happened

Anu : di, how will karan sir feel when he will find out truth, he also blame our mom

Piyali : I don’t know but you don’t have to think too much about all this, we are going back, just focus on your studies okay

Anu : we still have time, I will get freshen up, be right back

Piyali : okay come back soon, its almost check in time now

Anu goes to washroom washing her face when somebody puts chloroform on mouth. Piyali gets worried when she does not find her sister anywhere. She sees some people taking Anu in the van and runs behind them. One of them hits Piyali with rod making her lose consciousness.

Luthra house

Karan gets little teary eyes knowing Piyali and Anu left without meeting him. He shows Rishab recording Anu got from Sherlyn’s bracelet.

Rishab : I don’t believe this, how can somebody be so selfish and cheater

Karan : you trust people easily, I told you this people are not trustworthy

Rishab : but i want to make them confess from their mouth and this time I will handle game

Karan (shocked) : what?

Rishab : yes, marriage will happen on day panditji gave time

Karan : but bhai, that means marriage in two days you think family will agree

Rishab ; they will have to, and I will make sure

“Love you bhai” Karan hugs him excitedly

Rishab : leave it, I am still angry because of you that girl had to hear so much

Karan : after this mess is over I will go and apologize to her but wait I don’t think she might have left country yet, cape town flight goes at late night

Rishab : check on the airport if they have left or not, I am sure they might have not

Karan calls the airport about Piyali and Anu when manager informs him the flight have been taken off while ago.

Rishab : what happened?

Karan ; flight took whole half n hour ago, I wish I had met them before going

Rishab ; thats okay, at least they are safe from this place Sherlyn and Prithvi won’f harm them

Karan ; yea

Arora house 

Shrishti and Preeta remains surprised with everything that Karan told them.

Shrishti ; di first of all, I don’t believe the nonsense Kareena ma’am said, maybe her husband died but blaming a doctor for that is just ridiculous

Preeta : this is what happens, when people start making doctors as God and something wrong happens they bring us down hardly

Shrishti : if that witch Sherlyn had told her all this crap I am sure she would have added more than required spice

Preeta : but how will we find out what is the truth we don’t know anything either

Shrishti : di, I am not sure you ever saw but I noticed something on Piyali’s elbow

Preeta : what?

“I mean, there is a scar on her elbow like somebody have tortured badly” Shrishti recalls the scar she saw previously

Preeta : if what you are saying is true we could find truth but right now we have to keep focus on this marriage

Shrishti ; Karan sir was saying, Rishabji will convince families to do bring marriage in two days and finish all this

Preeta : lets hope so, but I wanted to meet Piyali before leaving

Next day Panditji shocks everybody by asking to bring both marriage date closer.

Rakhi : what are you saying?

Priest : I looked at the horoscope and there is not auspicious moment for both marriages

Kareena ; don’t worry bhabhi and we are already late and delaying marriage

Rakhi : we have to inform Sanjana ji and Sherlyn to start the arrangement

“Wow bhai, I can’t believe your plan really worked” Karan is standing upstairs

Rishab ; now listen to me carefully (explains his plan to him)

Karan : plan is good but what if it backfired by our one mistake (puts speaker on for girls to hear)

Preeta : Karan is right, we cannot take such big risk Rishabji

Shrishti : but we don’t have choice either neither time to waste, things have gone out of control now

The goons bring Anu to Prithvi’s farm house little far from city. She remains unconscious due to chloroform. Piyali is kept held in other room

Prithvi : well done here is your money, now you all can go but remember whenever I call be here to keep eye on this two and specially this small one

Sherlyn ; once this marriage is done then wait and watch how I make each one of them pay, that karan how stupid of him, he thought  a cheap bar dancer can make us their puppet


Sherlyn finds something fishy in Piyali’s behavior after first face off. She starts keeping an eye on her and finds out her involvement of spiking drink in club. She realizes it was all plan of Luthra boys and Arora sisters to expose them in front of family

Flashback ends

Sherlyn : poor guy, he still underestimated us and used this another childish trick

Prithvi : I am sure now that cricketer might have accepted defeated, even God cannot stop this marriage and my goal

Both celebrates with wine for their victory.

Farm house

Anu wakes up with heavy head looking around unfamiliar place. She starts walking in the house but only to find guards in every corner. Her eyes are horrified to see her sister lying unconsciously

“Didi, wake up, please” Anu pats her

A gun is pointed on her neck. She feels a slap on her face by Sherlyn

“Sorry I was feeling itchy so i had to use on you” Sherlyn sits next to her

Anu : i am not scared of witches and creeps like you, know why because you all are cowards and you are world’s biggest fool and idiot

Sherlyn raises hand on her but is instead kicked on her leg by Anu.

Anu : I have seen many characterless girl but you have crossed that limit

“if one more word I will blow your brain with this gun” Sherlyn clutches her hair

Anu : killing me or my sister won’t benefit you okay, for the person you are doing this have cheated on you

Sherlyn : what nonsense?

Anu : that Punnu of yours is cheating on you, he is after Preeta di, became crazy in her love two timing cheater

Sherlyn : you are instigating me but I am more smarter than you

Anu : if you don’t believe me then give it a try and if I am proved wrong, certainly do anything (gives her idea)

Sherlyn makes a call to Prithvi and shocking him to the core

Sherlyn : this is enough Punnu, I will kill that Preeta right now, and finish this chapter once for all, our problems will end than only Rishab will be our target

Karan, Preeta, Rishab, Sherlyn and Sameer hear their conversation tapping Prithvi and Sherlyn’s phone.

Karan : what is happening

“No baby don’t do anything like that, our whole plan of ruining them will go in vain, if you kill her right now, then your marriage with Rishab will stop anyway” Prithvi starts making excuses

Sherlyn’s doubt get stronger about Anu’s claim about Prithvi. She does not hang up the call to hear his conversation

“No if this happens I will lose Preeta forever, I cannot let this happen she is only mine not anybody else once this marriage is done you are also over Sherlyn Khurana” Prithvi does not realize his phone is on

Everybody else is shocked knowing truth. Karan gets furious hearing his words

“Wait, control your anger, one wrong step can turn whole game” Rishab stops him

Karan ; bhai that guy is psycho, what if he harms Preeta or any other

Rishab : he won’t, I will make sure of that , leave on me

Shrishti ; but one thing is bothering me, why did Sherlyn said like this and who instigated her

Sameer : I smell something fishy here definitely, Sherlyn is not that smart too

Rishab ; what happened to that camera on her bracelet, the one Anu fixed it

Karan ; I can’t get signal on that, I am trying to find network

Preeta : we are planning here so much, but there is always a loop hole we should know

Sherlyn throws the phone in anger realizing Prithvi’s truth.

Anu : do whatever you want but let us go

After two days

On marriage day Luthras and Aroras get busy in preparation. Both couples have booked in same hall. Rishab signals Shrishti to do something. She finds the chance and grabs Sherlyn’s phone to text Prithvi asking to come in her room.

Rishab : all set?

Shrishti : yes Rishabji, I have sent the message in his phone

Preeta : how will we take families there?

Karan ; you leave that to me, I will handle, Sameer, Shrishti Preeta all the best you have to make sure Prithvi goes to her room

Shrishti : lets rock

Sanjana gets Sherlyn ready who is lost in her own thoughts.

Sanjana ; I am so happy today, finally you are moving on, trust me Rishab is such a nice guy and you will also fulfill all your duties also

They hear argument outside done by Shrishti and Sameer for decoration.

“Get ready quickly we have less time left” Sanjana leaves the room

Prithvi takes chance to get in Sherlyn’s room who is shocked seeing him.

Sherlyn : what are you doing here?

Prithvi ; have you lost your senses? you called me by text

Sherlyn : nonsense, anyway now that you are here, lets rejoice our victory (hugs him)

Rishab : Shrishti now your turn go ahead, best of luck (sees from outside)

Shrishti goes inside the room faking to know about their affair.

“I knew it, that you both are having affair, I will tell my di everything blo*dy cheaters” Shrishti slaps Prithvi who puts knife on her neck angrily

Prithvi ; you will foil my whole plan, Preeta is only mine, you want to know before dying yes I wanted to revenge on Rishab he insulted me before badly, I can bear everything but not anybody hurting my ego

Rishab recalls everything about his previous meeting to Prithvi in a press conference. The whole family comes getting astonished with revelation. Preeta runs quickly to save her sister whose neck bleeds little.

Preeta : you are okay?

Kareena ; Sherlyn, how dare you, I trusted you so much

Sherlyn : I am sorry aunty (gets in tears), even I failed to understand wrong people

Rakhi : how can somebody stoop so low for such small thing

Rishab, Karan and Sameer beat him with lot of punches on face. He grabs hold of Preeta putting gun

“Nobody will move or I will shoot” Prithvi scares them with gun

Cops come at same time

Prithvi is about to shot Rishab but bullet hits Karan’s shoulder instead. Police arrests him

Sameer : bhai

Everybody gets shocked and rushes to him

Karan : I am okay mom

Rishab (starts panicking) : you sit here, somebody call the doctor right now

Karan : bhai relax nothing happened

Sherlyn who have let Anu go comes searching for her sister. Siblings gets shocked to see her.

She begs Luthra to save Piyali

“Please save my di, I don’t have any other in whole world” Anu pleads to Rishab holding his feet crying

Rishab : what are you doing? (makes her stand up quickly)

Anu : we will go from here please save her, I don’t know where that monster kept my sister

Kareena : you have come to your status, Rishab is not going anywhere

Mahesh : Kareena this is not time to show hatred let him go

Rishab : I promise I will come back only when I find your sister (wipes her tears and leaves)

Anu weeps for her sister. Preeta goes to console

“Hey champion you are strong girl nothing will happen to your sister” Preeta hugs her

Rishab goes to find Piyali but she is nowhere. He sees small chain near the tank on terrace and quickly opens water tank and gets shocked to find Piyali drowning.

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