Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2020 Written Episode Update : Anita and Vibhutis anniversary

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says to Anu till date I have never kissed anyone forcefully, Anu says yes you did, Vibhu says I’m sorry and how should o celebrate this, tell me what you want, Anu says you dont even remember how we celebrated last time, this is all because you are always involved with neighbours, Vibhu says I’m not, Anu says since last night I was waiting for you to wish me, so choose me or them,Vibhu says its always you, Anu says promise me that you will only be focused on me and not neighbors, Vibhu says promise i will focus on you.

Vibhu shares his problem with Prem, and says forgot this anniversary and didnt gift her anything, Prem says i forget all dates,Vibhu says you are rich man and you give her expensive gifts unlike me. Vibhu sees Tiwari with his clients wife Romola, she stumbles and says Tiwari you are so week you should always be prepared.

Meenal and Anurag visit Anu and wish her happy anniversary, Meenal asks where is Vibhu, Anu says he forgot anniversary and went to buy me gifts, Meenal says you celebrate every single anniversary where will he manage so many gifts, if it was Anurag i understand but Vibhu, Anu says we celebrate all dates and this time he is gettyme saree. Vibhu comes in rushing, Anu asks where is my saree, Vibhu says i forgot because of Tiwari, Meenal starts laughing at them. Vibhu says Meenal quite, Anu says why quite her, Meenal leaves.

Anu scolds Vibhu and says you insulted me but you don’t care you care only about neighbours, Vibhu says im just trying to save their marriage, Anu says if you dont get me gift right now, no one can save your marriage.

Vibhu walks to Angoori, and asks her how is Tiwari doing and where he is, Angoori says at shop, Vibhu says you need to be smart and are you sure he is at shop, Angoori says yes full confidence. Vibhu says Anu doesnt trust me,so shouldn’t trust Tiwari, Angoori says you must have done something like that, Vibhu says i ask you again is he at shop are you confident, Angoori says yes and why are you asking, Vibhu says he broke your trust and he isnt at shop, you can call him and ask.
Angoori calls Tiwari, theres no response Angoori says may be busy woth customer, Vibhu says he isnt, Angoori keeps calling and panics, Vibhu says look your trust is shaken and destroyed, Angoori says I’m so scared, Vibhu says i saw him with other woman and was very comfortable with her, Angoori starts crying,Vibhu says dont worry i will find everything about this matter you keep calling him.

Tiwari with Ramola, Ramola says you are very interesting man, Tiwari says glad you liked my company, She says I like men like you, Tiwari gets Angooris call, he ignores it. Tiwari says i should take leave, people may mistake my presence, She says i dont care, Tiwari says i do so bye.

Boys waiting for some work to happen in their agency, Vibhu walks to them and says i heard this is detective agency, Tilu asks what work you have, Vibhu says i want you to spy on Tiwari, Teeka says dont worry you can trust us, Vibhu says i want his each and every minute detail, Tilu says we will spy him even while he is bathing, Vibhu says I’m least interested, Tilu says 500/hr, Vibhu says i will try some other agency. Boys final deal with Vibhu at 500/hr saying we will get every minute detail, Vibhu pays them 1000 advance and leaves.

Saxena walks in with his fake girlfriend and says my girlfriends dog is missing, boys say this doll, Saxena slaps and says she is my girlfriend respect her and find the dog or else i won’t spare you, Teeka says share all details, Saxena says i will send you all details.

Pre cap: Boys spying on Tiwari, Ramola dancing with Tiwari. Vibhu get Angoori to the hotel where Tiwari is with Ramola.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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