Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anita gets a cal from her mother in law she says she called because she was missing khachedu(vibhuti) anita says tat he has gone to neighbourhood for some work mother in law says tat she wants to talk to vibhuti right now or she will come there and anita asks her to hold and calls vibhuti and tells vibhuti talk to your mom or she will come here vibhuti is talking on phone to his mom anita sees anguri and goes to have a chat with her while manmohan comes and sees anita and anguri talking to each other and he comes running and asks anita to stay away as anguri has turned into a snake and she can bite you anita says to manmohan tat have you gone mad wat nonsense are u talking and anguri says its nothing like tat an insect bite me not a snake and she is fine pandit sitting in rikshaw and seeing all this manmohan asks how does your eyes turn blue and anguri tells tat she was wearing lens tat anita gave her and anita agrees to it while anguri gets angry and says tat if she would have turned into snake u would have left her manmohan denies and says tat vibhuti told him tat snake bite you vibhuti says no I didn’t say to you anything and how did u came back from agra so soon and manmohan says tat he forgot his purse at home he came back to take it and anguri is still angry and manmohan tries to convince her and say sorry
A snake comes from somewhere and bites manmohan and he thinks tat now he will die and says good bye to everyone and vibhuti says to manmohan tat this is the last time of your life now and anita is calling doctor and says to manmohan tat he will get cured as soon as doctor comes and saxena is searching his pet tommy and comes near manmohans house and takes his pet tommy which is a snake and anita says to saxena tat your pet snake bite manmohan and now he will die and saxena says tat he wont as the snake is not poisonous and then vibhuti asks manmohan to get up as he wont die now and then they all go inside their houses.
Next day anguri is sitting and reading a magazine laddu comes and tells her tat he is going out to play and she then asks him to take care of yourself and then vibhuti comes in and shouts bhabhiji in her years she gets shocked and throws the magazine and vibhuti catches the magazine and asks her wat was she doing she says looking at the pictures in magazine and and vibhuti asks her y does she not wear western clothes she says that manmohan doesnot likes it so she does not wear and anguri asks y u r here and vibhuti says tat he was going to a sweet shop thought of asking you if u want something and anguri says no and then vibhtui takes her leave and he then tells anguri tat he will give her some surprise and she will like it and thinks of buying a western dress for her.
Vibhuti brings the gift for anguri and on his way he sees a man is hitting another man and he stops by and says tat good people live in this society and u should not hit anyone like this and asks him the reason of hitting he tells tat this man was teasing his wife and he also had the guts to give a gift to her and then he says leave him now he wont do again and vibhuti imagines tat manmohan is hitting him seeing tat vibhuti gifted his wife and then he gets a trick to deliever this gift witout knowing his name and sees a courier boy and asks him to give this gift to the lady in the house and not give if it’s the man of the house and gives him money for that and goes to his house and also asks him to knock the door instead of ringing the bell.
The courier boy knocks the door and anguri opens the door and the courier boy tells that this parcel is for her she then asks who has sent it and he says tat someone known has given but anguri refuse to receive and comes manmohan and asks who is ther she tells tat it’s the cousrier boy and he asks her to go and prepare food and he receives the parcel and asks who gave and the boy tells tat this parcel came from the house in front and manmohan thinks may be anita has sent it and goes in. The courier boy goes to vibhutis house anita asks hi wat he wants but the boy is only searching for vibhuti and when he comes he tells tat the parcel has been received by the man of the front house anita asks him wat gift and vibhuti tells tat once manmohan said tat he wish to weat a tie and while coming from bazaar he saw a tie and purchased it for manmohan and gifted him and anita says tat she did not knew tat you are so sweet its really jice to gift and she leaves while vibhhuti is worried and says wat will happen when manmohan will see the gift .
manmohan in his room opens it and then reads the letter in it which says tat u would look beautiful in some different colour so have sent this to you and u would look beautiful in it and sees tat it’s a ladies night wear he thinks for a minute and then comes in anguri and laddu and she asks manmohan about the parcel whose it was and he thinks wat will hetell her and ladu hears it and says tat he has to tell whose parcel it was and manmohan says tat it is business realted and you wont understand and asks her to make the food ready and she goes and ladu also laughs looking at manmohan and leaves while manmohan asks him to go and help anguri.

Manmohan calls anita and asks has she sent gift to him and he should wear it and anita says yes infact you should wear it and show it to entire colony and manmohan asks her is she really asking him to do so and she says yes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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