Code Red 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Every girl wants to marry someone who can fulfil all her dreams. I too had seen such a dream and my dreams fulfilled too. I got a good house, a big car, good clothes, a good school for my kids, every luxury. One has to work a little (a lot actually) to get all this and has to bear some problems too. what is wrong in it if my husband too had to go through something? What’s my fault in this?

July 2014, Hotel Park Shine, Khar (west) Mumbai:
A man comes to the hotel in an auto. He pays the fare absentmindedly, and in fact doesn’t even bother to take the extra money back. He recalls bank people telling him that he hasn’t paid the EMIs of car loan and home loan since last 4 months. You will have to lose your car and other valuable assets if you don’t pay now. he also remembers his boss telling him to collect his termination letter tomorrow if he doesn’t turn up; his wife telling him to kill himself if he cannot fulfil his responsibilities. He is standing at the edge of the springboard by now as all those words continue to echo in his head. He jumps in the pool and is sinking when a man comes and pulls him out in time. He is rushed to a hospital.

City Hospital (Khar)
The hotel manager (Parag Mehta) tells the doc to treat the man asap. I am ready to pay all his expenses. Doc says it is an accidental case so I will have to inform the doc. Parag disagrees. This is a suicide case. I will contact the cops, you please start the treatment. Doc nods. Parag is dialling police’s number when he notices the board of Life 24×7 in the hospital. He calls Prashant instead. He tells him everything that he knows and asks Prashant to come over asap. Prashant agrees.

Parag tells Prashant that the man tried to commit suicide in his hotel’s pool. It was quite dark there and the pool was closed down too. he jumped in the pool with his clothes on. He dint even know how to swim. It all points at the fact that he tried to attempt suicide. Luckily our hotel security is on alert all the time so we saved him. doc adds that the man is very much hurt because of jumping in the water in the wrong manner. We have taken out water from his lungs but he has a lot of neck injuries. They have no other info about the patient. Parag says this man is not even the guest of our hotel. Nurse brings the clothes and other stuff of the patient. Prashant checks the phone. The battery is dead.

The man’s wife (Neha Raj) is tensed as she is not able to contact her husband. Her son (Rahul) asks her to play with him but she tells him to sleep. Door bell rings. Rahul opens the door but finds Prashant and Ashima on the door instead. Neha sends Rahul inside and Prashant gives their intro to Neha. Your husband Rishabh tried to commit suicide a little while ago. Neha is taken aback. He cannot do it. there is no such problem in our house that can prompt him to take such an extreme step. Prashant says some things are such that you are not able to tell even to your close ones. Maybe some such thing was troubling Rishabh too. neha says Rishabh is a happy go lucky guy.

Flashback: Neha and Rishabh had celebrated Riya’s birthday at a grand scale. Neha has seen a lot many dreams for both her kids. I will send her to US for studies. Rishabh says our life will be successful when both our kids study from good colleges and settle down in life. Neha nods.

Present: I cannot believe it that he can do something like this. she wants to meet Rishabh right away.

On their way to the hospital, Prashant asks neha if she remembers some incident in the recent days that could be one of the reasons. Neha denies but then remembers that she had asked for some regular medicines from her regular medical store last Sunday. Rishabh had called a tranquiliser. I got to know that he is taking it from last 2 months. I wonder why I dint take it seriously. I wish I had asked Rishabh. Prashant asks Neha if she knows who had Rishabh gone to meet at Hotel Parkshine yesterday. Neha has no clue. Prashant sends Neha to the hospital with Ashima and goes to meet Parag Mehta.

Prashant wants to know if Rishabh had come to meet someone here or why had he come here at all. Parag agrees to check once more.

Neha is in tears seeing Rishabh’s condition. Did you not think about me or the kids before taking this step? You could have spoken to me atleast. Ashima suggests her not to discuss all this right now as it is not the right time.

Next morning, driver (Ratan) drops Neha to the hospital and then goes to drop the kids to their school. Ashima is already waiting for her outside. Neha is shocked with what Rishabh has done. I haven’t told anything to the kids as I don’t know how they will react. Ashima appreciates her for taking care of her house and her kids well. Neha says one has to do it for kids’ future. We have taken the car for kids only. They used to go in school bus. We dint like it. their school dress and shoes were all dirty by the time they used to reach school. Its been a few months that we bought the car. They go inside to meet Rishabh.

Neha’s parents house (Borivali)
Prashant has come to meet Neha’s parents. What do you think could be the reason? Neha mom says I knew it that Neha cannot stay with a middle class man. This day was bound to come in their life one day. She blames her husband for spoiling Neha. You fulfilled all her wishes. She wanted everything branded and expensive. You made a middle class girl fall for the dreams of the rich. Neha’s father dint want his daughter to live his life so he did all that. His wife asks him why he got Neha married to a middle class man then. I knew it that Neha’s dreams wont fulfil if she stays with Rishabh. She is in tears. Neha’s father adds that Rishabh has never complained to them about Neha.

Neha tells Ashima that her love changed Rishabh. His life changed for good after wedding. We go on a foreign trip every year. We fulfil all the wishes of our kids. These bangles are artificial but Rishabh has promised to get me the same bangles in real gold on our anniversary this year.

Neha’s mother remarks that it has been 12 years but Neha has not changed. She wants what she likes. She makes unnecessary expenses. Even at Riya’s birthday there was a grand party with video games as return gifts for all the kids. Neha talks about maintaining her status in the society. You have to increase your expenses when you want your husband to earn more. Neha increased the expenses so much. I wonder how Rishabh is able to manage it.

Neha says Rishabh fulfils all his responsibilities nicely. I don’t know what would have happened to us if something had happened to him. ashima asks neha about Rishabh’s salary. Your status is easily managed / maintained in that much money? Neha is quiet.

Ashima and Prashant discuss the case. A wife spends more than what his husband earns. Neha’s mother is also tensed because of this. While talking to her I felt that this might be the reason behind Rishabh attempting suicide. Ashima suggests going to Rishabh’s office to find out the exact matter.

Keen India (Bandra):
Rishabh’s friend and colleague (Karan) cannot believe it that Rishabh can do something like this. we know each other since last 5 years now. Prashant asks him about Rishabh. What kind of a person is he? Karan replies that Rishabh is a very decent and honest man.

Flashback: There is a party. A lady (Monica Shah) notices Rishabh and walks up to him. She asks him for a dance but he is hesitant. Karan suggests him to go with her as she is the new CEO of their company. You will get promotion in one day itself. Rishabh doesn’t want a promotion after losing his self-respect.

Present: Prashant asks Karan if there was something in particular that might be troubling him. Karan nods. He was not in a very bad state financially. He was trapped in all kind of loans (car, home, credit card). He had taken everything. Credit card people used to call him every day to threaten him. the bank people even came to the office one day. They had warned him to repay their loan asap or he might have to lose his car and valuable assets otherwise.

Present: Prashant understands that Rishabh was in very much pressure. Karan nods. Maybe this is why Rishabh took a loan from our CEO too. Ashima wonders how this can be. Karan tells them that it was Monica who had walked up to Rishabh.

Flashback: Monica comes to office. RIshabh and Karan greet her. Monica says I felt insulted by the way you ignored me in the party yesterday. But then I realised that you were right. I am really proud that a guy like you works in our office. You can come to me in case you need anything.

Present: Monica appreciates Prashant and Ashima for their good work. I have heard a lot about you. She is shocked to know that RIshabh had tried to commit suicide. He is a good employee, a good man. He loves his values, his wife and his kids. He tries his best to fulfil all their wishes. Neha used to take him for granted. Rishabh has taken many loans from the banks to support her luxurious life style but her demands were so high. Can that be the reason? Ashima wants to ask her a personal question. Has Rishabh taken a loan from you too? She replies in positive. One has to take care of its staff. He asked for help and I did it.

Prashant says Neha’s mother, Karan and Monica believe that loan is the only reason behind Rishabh’s suicide attempt and that Neha is responsible for this. Ashima asks him what he thinks about Neha. She doesn’t understand her husband or if she is not at all interested in understanding him?

Prashant tells Neha and her parents that Rishabh was under pressure of many loans. Neha is taken aback. He has never told me about any of this. Her mother says he would have told her only if she was interested in listening. Ashima says you (Neha) too are somewhere at fault in all of this. Neha is still not able to understand anything. Is it wrong to think good about kids’ future? Her mother denies. They are right. Think, what was the need of buying LCD when the tv was doing fine? Why buy a car when the kids can go on the school bus too? what do you get by your foreign trips every year? Why to act like you belong to the high class when you actually are from the middle class! Prashant tells neha that Rishabh has taken a lot many loans from the banks, credit cards, his friends, and even from his boss Monica Shah.

Prashant gets a call from Parag. Hotel Parkshine has a corporate tie up with Keen India. Some rooms are always booked in our hotel for their marketing heads. Room No. 430 is always booked for them. Ms. Monica Shah was staying in the hotel that night. Prashant thanks him for the info.

Neha talks to Rishabh. Why did you never share any of it with me? Did you not think about me or the kids before taking such a step? Rishabh says you only told me to kill myself. Neha is confused.

Flashback: Neha tells Rishabh that their kids are growing up. They need a separate room now. We will have to take 3 BHK flat. He agrees to think but she is all pushy. This is the right time. She tells him to arrange the money if he doesn’t have it right now. He straight away tells her that he wont be able to do it right now. She loses her cool. Who will do it if not you, you are their father? You cannot run away from your responsibilities. Go kill yourself if you cannot handle them.

Present: Neha is shocked to realise that Rishabh had taken her so seriously that day. Rishabh has never overlooked her any wish so how could he not do it this time. I am completely trapped in all these loans. I couldn’t find any other way out. I tried to talk to you a lot many times but you always dismissed the topic. I am tired, fed up hearing everyone. I don’t have any more strength. Neha cries.

Prashant and Ashima come in. Neha tells Rishabh about them. Prashant sits down beside Rishabh. We want to help you. But we wont be able to do anything till you tell us the entire truth. Ashima asks him about his relation with his CEO. Neha too is curious. Rishabh says I had taken a loan from my CEO 2 months ago to clear my credit card loan. But after 1 week, she called me to meet her.

Flashback: Monica promises to promote Rishabh but everything comes with a price. I am going at Hotel Parkshine for my conference. You can meet me there afterwards. We will discuss the matter. He agrees. Rishabh goes to meet Monica as it was about his promotion. Monica gives him the room number. He goes inside. Monica appreciates his attitude. I loved it when you ignored me in the party that day. She drinks champagne. He asks about her conference but she talks about romance. I had told you that there is a price for everything. You will have to pay for your promotion too. he is hesitant so she agrees to talk business for his sake. he doesn’t drink so she gives him juice.

She is wearing a very short dress and intentionally sits before him provocatively. He drinks the juice but feels dizzy. Rishbah says maybe I liked whatever she was doing to me after that drink. I couldn’t resist her. Everything happened as per her wish then.

Present: I was in for a very big shock that night. I was not able to forget my mistake. I started taking tranquiliser to forget it. I was really troubled. She called me to meet her but I never went again. She called me to her cabin one day.

Flashback: Monica talks about her power as she is the CEO of the company. I can promote and demote anyone as and when I want to. You continue to ignore me all the time though. This isn’t fair. Tonight Hotel Parkshine! You can collect your termination letter from office tomorrow if you don’t come tonight.

Present: Going in that hotel would mean committing that sin one more time. I would have to go every time if I had gone again. I would never be able to face my kids if I would have gone there. I would have lost my job otherwise. It was very tough to decide what to do so! Neha accepts her mistake. It all happened because of me. I was living in a dreamland. I dint want to understand the reality. If I would have understood it then I wouldn’t have told you to go and kill yourself. It was too late by the time I understood it. I have to pay such a big price today. We will return all her money, we will sell everything but we will pay back her entire money. Prashant remarks that Monica isn’t what she presents herself to be. We will have to make her say the truth to help you out.

Monica meets Prashant at her office. He tells her that Rishabh is much better now. Monica asks about his suicide intentions. Prashant thanks her as she was right. Rishabh tried to commit suicide because of all those loans only. The pressure was too high. He said that he has to return your money too. I am sure he will return it if you give him some more time. He can try to kill himself again it he is unable to pay back the loan amount. It happens many times. He was lucky this time but it might not be the case if he tries again. Monica nods. I completely understand. Prashant leaves but Monica is tensed. Prashant calls Ashima. Tell doc to discharge Rishabh.

Monica comes to meet Rishabh. what was the need to do all this? People like you are called coward, orthodox. It is 21st century. Extra marital affairs are very common these days. He says you have used me once but I wont repeat this mistake again. She asks him if he thinks he can trap her by doing all this. you forgot that you are a man. I can very easily prove it that you had made physical relationship with me. how will you prove it? I can prove it that you used to me climb the corporate ladder! You only had come to me. So listen very carefully, get well soon and come to me or you know what I can do! Remember that my reputation is very good in the office. I take good care of my staff too. I want you. I get what I want. You can do nothing to me.

Prashant, Ashima, Neha, her parents and police come in. Prashant says, Ms. Shah you may or may not take care of your office but police will certainly take care of you. you have just confessed your crime (pointing at the camera and the recorder in the room). Monica is shocked. Police takes the evidence and arrests Monica.

Prashant turns to Rishabh. Life is very precious. Troubles, tensions are in everyone’s life but it doesn’t mean that you give up on life completely. Neha apologizes to Rishabh. She kisses her hand thankfully when he nods his head.

Monica Shah gets jailed for 5 years under Section 306 and 511 of IPC. She also had to pay the fine. Rishabh got discharged from the hospital. Neha accepted all the mistakes that she had committed knowingly or unknowingly and started a new life with Rishabh.

Dreams are very important for anyone to live. Life loses its meaning if there is no motive in life. But at many times, people commit mistakes just like Neha did. The need is to learn something from Neha’s mistakes. If you see something around you, that can create upheaval in someone’s life then please contact the below mentioned numbers. This is one such organization which helps mentally disturbed people. Your one attempt can save someone’s life.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 266 2345

Official FB Page: Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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