Maharana Pratap 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Both Pratap and Akbar finish their prayers and notice one another on the opposite sides of the river. They both head to their respective camps.

Bayana’s king and queen bring food for Pratap and Ajabde. King says all this is yours only. What’s the trouble in offering you what you only have given us! Ajabde feels proud. She recalls Chakrapani’s similar words. Pratap welcomes the king inside. Ajabde turns to Pratap. Your good deeds are helping us in the time of need.

Queen serves food to Pratap and her husband. Pratap prays before he starts the dinner.

On the other hand, Akbar is roasting something for himself on fire. Salima admires his body from a distance as he stands bare chest. I am not able to control my hunger anymore. He checks the roast and suggests her to wait a little as it is still not completely cooked up. Salima cannot take her eyes off his body. It was up to me then I would have devoured it like this only.

Bayana’s king talks to Pratap about Tulsidas ji. You are going to meet him? Pratap nods. Do you know him? King tells him everything about Tulsidas ji. He was born on the side of river Yamuna. His father’s name was Atmaram and mother’s name was Tulsi. A kid cries when it is born but Tulsidas ji dint cry. He uttered Ram as the first word.

Flashback shows Tulsidas ji’s parents looking at their newborn son adorably. He has been inside his mother’s womb for 12 whole months and has full 32 teeth since he was born. They are happy that he hasn’t cried yet. What should we keep his name? Little Tulsidas ji utters Ram. His parents are amazed to hear it.

King says the parents were very happy to hear him say it. Their happiness was short lived though.

Priest tells Tulsidas ji’s parents that the kid’s birth can affect his father in the wrong way. There is only one solution to save the Atmaram ji’s life. Donate the baby asap to someone else. Tulsidas ji’s parents are devastated. They give their baby to their maid. Take him with you to any far place, even your village if you want to. Atmaram ji gives her some gold coins that can help her in raising the child.

That lady took that baby Rambola to her village. She took care of the baby for many years. Though sadly, she too passed away when the baby had turned only 5. Poor orphan was compelled to ask people for food to live his life. The little kid is happy when he gets food from someone, though not every day could be lucky for him. people close door on his face. He sat near the wall of a temple in the end, all tired and sad. A Goddess comes there. She changes her appearance and feeds him kheer with her own hands. Pratap realises that it was Mata Parvati. King nods. People say, Mata Parvati took the disguise of a Brahmini and took the responsibility to bring up Rambola on her shoulders. Pratap is amazed at how lucky the kid Rambola was that Mata Parvati used to feed him with her own hands every day. He must have done something really good in all his previous births. Tell me something more about him. King is about to say something when his wife reminds him that Pratap has to leave for Kashi early morning. When will he sleep if you continue telling him all this? King agrees but Pratap asks for more. King tells him to wait till he reaches Kashi. You will get to know everything there. Pratap thanks him for everything that he did for him today. King thanks him for giving him the opportunity and then leaves with his wife.

Ajabde brings milk for Pratap. He takes it but she starts feeling dizzy. He holds her and makes her sit on the bed. Are you not well? She says she might be tired of all the travelling. He makes her drink the milk so she feels better. She takes a sip and then assures him that she is fine. She lies down and he asks her what it is. She says I am happy that you take care of me, love me so much. He asks her if she doubts his love. she was scared that he might have decided to become a sanyasi (ascetic) after hearing about Tulsidas ji and his devotion to Shree Ram. What will happen to me then and what if you forget me? he smiles. I am not going anywhere leaving you behind. He puts her to sleep, covers her with a duvet and goes out.

Akbar continues to shift in his bed in his sleep as Salima comes in his mind. He goes to where Salima is sleeping and looks at her back. She turns in her sleep and he cannot take his eyes off her. he moves towards her but steps on the daasi instead. He walks out after telling her to sleep. Salima was just pretending to be sleep. He is restless but not to the desired point yet!

Soldiers begin to walk behind Akbar but he dismisses them. Pratap too tells the soldiers to stay put as he wants to be alone for some time. Both Akbar and Pratap head towards the jungle. They both come face to face at one point. Akbar is about to fall as he stumbles upon a rock but Pratap holds him. They both begin to go their separate ways when Akbar says, I had heard a very interesting incident a few days back. A blind man was walking. He stumbled when a good man held him. he too had said the same thing, be careful brother (the incident is of Tulsidas ji and that blind man). That blind man told the other man that he is blind by birth. The good guy said, if my Ram ji wishes then you will surely get your eyesight back. That blind man got his vision and could see everything. Pratap knows that he is talking about Tulsidas ji. People say he is a very good saint. Akbar recalls the incident at his palace. I have seen his miracle / magic with my own eyes. Pratap tells him that he is going to meet Tulsidas ji only. They take leave and head their separate ways. Pratap walks a step away but then stops to look at Akbar.

Precap: Pratap asks Chakrapani and Patta about Tulsidas ji. You had gone to hear his Chaupai. Chakrapani apologizes to him as they were all lost in another world while Tulsidas ji was reciting the Chaupai. Pratap doesn’t mind it. God does everything for a reason only. He begins to go with Ajabde when he hears his Guru ji’s voice.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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