Beyhadh 2 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya Shocks MJ

Beyhadh 2 21st February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya asks Rudra to paint her instead of canvas. Their romance starts. O Rasiya Ang Lagale…song…plays in the background. They get intimate spreading colors on each other and finally hug each otgher. MJ walks in to flor. Maya hearing his footsteps panics. Door opens. Rudra stands curious thinking who must be coming in. Balloons fly in. Rudra says wow, everyone should learn to celebrate valentine’s day from her. Maya nervously walks towards door and closes door. MJ says happy valentine’s day Manvi. Rudra holds candle in his hand and says today is lover’s day and if she doesn’t kiss him, he will burn like this candle. She walks towards him. Balloon falls on candle and bursts. Rudra collapses. Maya runs to Rudra worried. MJ hearing her cry rushes towards room and seeing Rudra waking up relaxes. Maya hugs Rudra and asks if he is fine for sure. He says yes. She looks at his burnt hand, he says its a valentine’s day surprise for him. Maya sees MJ at door, he leaves thinking why didn’t he realize that accident can happen with gas balloon, what if something had happened to Rudra, he shouldn’t have taken such a big risk.

Maya applies medicine on Rudra’s hand and asks if it is paining. He says it is not that big wound to pain. She says it is not that small wound to not pain. Rudra says he will stop his work and become her patient. She asks him not to get angry on her as she doesn’t like his anger. He apologizes. Maya says she has right on him and she has given right for him to get angry on her, but she doesn’t like it. He asks what she likes then. She says his smile, his love, and him. He asks her to look into his eyes and promise that whoever happens she will stop looking at him as he found himself in her and he will lose himself again else. Maya hugs her and says its her mistake and thinks someone/MJ was trying to frighten her and Rudra suffered because of it. She picks Rudra’s gifted bead thread and says it gives her strength, but she will not give it to him. She breaks beads, puts them in water and drinks it.

MJ returns to his study room and feels guilty reminiscing Rudra getting hurt. Diya calls him, but he doesn’t pick call. She vomits and thinks whenever she needs him, he is never available for her. He throws his mobile away. Maya walks to he study room. He walks towards her. She remembers all his torture and misdeeds and holding his neck says never frighten someone so much that he/she stops fearing, now he will see Rudra’s Maya. She pulls and pins him to walk by neck and says he dared to harm her passion and love Rudra and if he ever tries again, she will bury him alive. MJ stands shocked while she walks away stepping on his photo frame.

Maya then returns to sleeping Rudra and says he took her trouble on him, he loves her. Next morning, Rudra opens eyes and she opens him good morning. He asks if she was awake whole night looking for him, he is fine. He sits and seeing glass pieces into her feet asks how did it happen. She reminisces stepping on glass. On the other side, MJ reminisces Maya strangulating him and angrily breaks glass.

Precap: Antara orders Diya to abort her baby. Diya denies.
MJ says then she also should die. Diya runs to Rudra and pleading him to save her apologizes Maya for whatever she did to her. Maya says now she has to tell truth to Rudra.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I wonder what is maya gonna tell rudra bcoz she won’t tell the truth otherwise rudra will leave her n she can’t afford that. So i wonder what story is she gonna cook up n what would be everyone’s reaction to it. Also I don’t know if diya is really apologetic to maya or she’s is playing some other game with maya under MJ’s pressure ??
    Curious for the next episode
    Loved rudra n maya’s romance ❤️❤️??????

  2. Is diya really pregnant??? Vo 10 sal preg nhi hua aur ab correct time pe kaise hua ????

  3. I think the evil batch trying to trap maya with diya.. I don’t think she is pregnant.. something fishy

  4. Silvan Desouza

    Such a shocking episode and precap
    Great acting by Jennifer,Ashish and all.

  5. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Anyways, Maya’s courage shocked MJ. I love the episode. I don’t think MJ can afford revelation of truth, otherwise he will again lose his son, which he gets after 10 years because, if Rudra get to know about MJ true colors and what he did to Manvi and her family, Rudra definitely left MJ for ever.

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