Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan hears AJ and Antra’s conversation

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Antra says stop the pooja. Pandit ji says this pooja can’t be stopped now. Their lives can be in danger. Don’t interrupt this pooja now. Guddan says I won’t let this pooja end. Pandit says I won’t do pooja with her. Guddan says it has started and we can’t end it now. she holds his hand. AJ says I don’t believe in all this. Guddan says but I do. Let’s do the pooja now. I can’t die. Dadi says thank you God.

Guddan and AJ do the pooja together. Antra tries to stop. Revati and Laxmi stop her way. Druga grasps her hand and says don’t even try to cross this line. They make a human chain in front of them. Pandit says your couple is made for lives. You will always be together. Media comes. They say is pooja over? Laxmi says yes leave now.

Dadi says thank you God. I can eat and break my fast now. You did what I wished for. Guddan gives her food and says you only take care of your health in this age. Dadi says what happened was so good. Guddan says it was wrong. It was AJ’s right. They are married. Dadi says God did it. He can see what we can’t.

AJ says to Antra why did you hold my hand? She says why did you do the pooja? AJ says shut up. You aren’t my wife either. Winds blow. AJ says I divorced you on the night of marriage. Don’t you dare to cross your limits. You can never be my wife. You are nothing to me. Guddan hears all this. AJ says I am only doing this acting to make Guddan cry.

Guddan comes and cries in another room. AJ hears her sobs. AJ says why are you crying? You had to do this pooja. I didn’t want to do it either but what’s there to cry. Forget the pooja and move on. Or tell me what’s the problem. Okay don’t say anything keep doing the drama? Guddan says I tried to hate you but I couldn’t. AJ says but I hate you. I loved you and Antra took your place. My hate won’t ever end. He leaves. Guddan says in heart I won’t let this Antra make this family suffer because of this drama.

Scene 2
Everyone wakes up to Guddan’s pooja. AJ says hey heroin. Let the singers sing. Do your acting. Where is your crew? Did they all run away? Guddan says this is real life arti. He says why are you doing arti? You aren’t family. Dadi says what are you saying. Guddan says God is everyone’s. The house could be yours. I did a mistake of doing the pooja with you so asking for forgiveness. I reversed my mistake WOuld you? AJ says what are you saying? Guddan says you did a pooja with me by mistake. So make Anttra wear this mangalsutra in front of the God and fill her hairline. It would be all good. He says I know how to fix my mistakes. Guddan says she is your wife anyway. Durga says he would do it when he has to. Guddan says he did pooja with an outsider. So he should repent it. Atnra says you should do it AJ. Guddan says she is your wife. Come on. She gives him a mangalsutra. Guddan says come on. Everyone is waiting. AJ shouts and says I can’t. Guddan says why can’t you? AJ says because she isn’t my wife. It’s all acting and a lie.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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