Choti Sardarni 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: The training starts

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Scene 1
Param says to Sarab, papa wake up. Wake up. Sarab doesn’t wake up. Param pours water on him. Param wakes up. Harleen says Robbie get up. Sarab says let’s go Meher. Param says we have to start the training on time.
Amrita says Yuvi wake up. He says please let me sleep. Jagga says we have to go for training. Everyone gathers in the ground for the training. Param says papa you are losing. Sarab and Meher hold the ears. Pram says what time is it? Param says we haev to reserve our names at 11.

Amrita and Jagga come too. Param says where is Yuvi? Jagga says he is asleep. He says but we would win. Sarab says we will win. We have a punctual coach called Param. Param says I learned it from Meher mama. Sarab says wow a monkey is a reason. The teacher says you can’t participate in this condition. Harleen called the principal and scared her from enrolling Meher. The principal says it’s risky. We can’t enroll you. Harleen says she is right. Param cries. Meher says Param don’t cry. We will pariticipate. She says show me the form. Meher says there is no such thing in the form. If you stop us we will go to the court. The teacher says please calm down. You can pariticipate. Just sign there. Param says my papa will be jodi no 1. Sarab says wow you did good acting.

The principal says all couples have to come here to dance rehearsals. If you miss it you will be disqualified. Meher says we will win. Amrita says we aren’t any less. Sarab says we will see. Jagga says yes we will.

Scene 2
Harleen comes home angry. Robbie says don’t worry. Meher won’t win in this condition. Harleen says you are an idiot. You take everything lightly. Meher and Sarab can do anything. Robbie says how will we win then? Harleen says by doing anything.
Sarab searches how can a pregnant woman dance. Harleen comes in. She says did you practice? He says not yet. Harleen says I made these aalo parathas for you. Sarab says did you mix anything to make us lose? Harleen laughs. Sarab laughs too. Harleen says eat it. Sarab says you made it? Harleen says no. Khushi is outside. Harleen says I did it. Khushi says to Sarab papa made it. There will be a round where you will have to make Paratha. My papa will win that round. Harleen says now we will practice while sarab makes parathas.

Sarab makes paraths. Param says papa what are you doing? Sarab says let me concentrate. Harleen and Robbie practice. Meher calls Param. She says where is your papa? He isn’t picking up my call. Param says let me show you. He shows her Sarab all covered in the flour. Sarab says I am praciticing for the round where all husbands have to make parathas. Meher says at least ask the cook who made it? The cook says I did. Sarab says so they fooled me.
Jagga also heard it and makes parathas. Amrita says you can do this. Rana says make him clean the house too. Meher says they are fooling to Sarab. Sarab says I will take revenge. Meher says I have an idea.

Precap-Harleen calls Tarkash and says come home after 9. SArab has important work. Sarab is sitting with him. He laughs and says Harleen is doing anything to win this competition.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Harleen you and your cheater husband, Robbie the robber will do anything except the right thing to win. Well, Meher is on your case like Matlock, so carry on.

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