Beyhadh 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vandana kneels down and begs Arjun to return her son Ayan. He says he and Maya cannot do anything and asks her to go. He asks Maya to go to apartment, he will go to office Vandana fumes seeing Maya, picks knife and rushes to stab her. Maya shouts Arjun…Arjun holds Vandana’s hand and saves Maya. Vandana walks back reminiscing Ayan being pronounced guilty by judge, Ayan crying that he did not do anything, Arjun denying help and warning her to go. She gets heart attack and collapses. Arjun rushes and holds her. Maay fumes seeing this.

Arjun rushes Vandana to hospital. Saanjh with family rushes. Arjun looks at her and calls Dusky. They both reminisce their fights. Arjun walks towards her, but Maya comes in front of him and says don’t worry maa will be fine. Doc comes out of ICU and says Vandana got a mild heart attack, any one family member can stay with her. Suman says she will stay with Vandana. Maya says doc told family member, Vadana’s bahu and beta are here to take care of her, so they can leave. Suman gets very angry, holds Maya and confronts she is the reason for all these problems. She continues tongue lashing Maya. Arjun says she cannot insult Maya like this. Suman tongue lashes even him. Maya panics and pushes Suman on stretcher and pushes her out of window. She then realizes it is her imagination. Arjun says Suman she cannot misbehave. Suman says she is not afraid of his wife or him and continues. Nurse asks them to keep silence. Saanjh says let us go. Maya says he should not waste his energy on waste people. Suman says excuse me. Saanjh says why she is arguing for neighbors and takes Suman. Maya tells Arjun that she will set things right, maa is alone at home. He asks her to go home, he will be here. Maya gets angry, but repeats she will set things right. Arjun nods yes. She leaves.

Maya goes down. Saanjh taunts her that she tried to keep Arjun away from his family, but could not. Arjun went back to his mother at last. Maya says excuse me lady, she is waiting here for her car. Saanjh continues smiling. Maya says she is there with her. Saanjh nods no and takes back her hand. Maya gets into car and leaves. Saanjh continues smiling and says nothing can be done of her.

Doc informs Arjun that his mother is fine and he can take her home. Arjun asks if they can do maa’s few more tests and keep her in hospital. Doc says everyone want to get out of hospital, but he wants to keep his maa here. Arjun murmurs everyone does not have wife like Maya. Doc says he can take his mom home. Arjun thinks how to take maa home, Maya will harm her. He enters Vandana’s room and says she may not like to stay with Maya, so if she can stay with some relative or at her home, he will make necessary arrangements. Vandana says why don’t he accept he is afraid of his wife, she just requested Ayan’s life, but he rejected it. Only Saanjh can help her now and asks him to call Saanjh. Arjun gives phone, but takes it back saying battery drained, he will call from outside. Vandana says why don’t he accept his wife checks his mobile. Arjun walks out and calls Saanjh from reception and asks to keep their fight on one side and take maa home with her. Saanjh says she will come later and disconnects call. Arjun waits for her. She reaches hospital and walks towards him when Arjun sees Maya behind Saanjh and stops.

Precap: Vandana pleads Saanjh to take her along, she does not want to go with Arjun and Maya. Saanjh says sorry, she cannot take her as she promised Samay to take care of herself hereon. Later, Vandana calls from mental assylum and tells no schizophrenic can harm her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Some times I really feel pity fa Arjun and sometimes I feel he deserve it… OMG dis Maya won’t leave Arjun to take breathe also… I really don’t understand what kind of characters dey get in d show.. Dis Maya character is very unique…

    I dint like d Rape scene in dis show… It was contradicting abt a women… Maya wanted to make Ayan away from Arjun. .Dey should have choosen another way than the Rape scene… Maya character is like beauty with brains…. But brains in a negative way… I really want Maya and Damage together dey r with negative shades…
    Dusky pls go away from Mad people

    I feel Saanjh has got some clue abt Samay… Precap seems like something is cooking between Saanjh and Vandana..

  2. Whom Arjun’s mother called and said all this to???

  3. The Dark Hunter

    I will make separate comment on episode, my dislike for the track, me insulting the CVs for ruining maya etc. etc.
    my focus here is on SUMAN of all people.

    Wow she is standing up to everyone now! First she gave saanjh the reality check of a lifetime, and now she is giving maya the cold hard shoulder.

    I understood perfectly her conversation with saanjh yesterday, she was being completely right in her voicing of saanjh’s obsession of Arjun, and she even said maya is NOT obsessed lol.

    Today however I don’t know how the CVs are writing these characters, she suddenly goes ballistic and blames maya for everything, whereas till now she has respected maya calling her a very understanding and nice person especially at Holi, asked saanjh not to interfere in Arya and that it is causing such problems to happen, and generally not showing any animosity towards Maya despite her daughter losing Arjun, whereas now… I mean what?! ?

    She just flipped 180 it was quite odd to see. Vandana and saanjh are definitely working together that’s for sure, and they are going to expose maya and ruin her, it is very sad but I hope it is done ASAP so a potential realisation/redemption track can start sooner than later. I would hate it if Arya never reconcile or unite, as they were made for each other in so many ways and such passion, romance and goodness from Maya and Arjun in love during season 1 cannot be completely lost, they have to maintain her greyness and start showing it make a comeback, else making her completely negative will make her no different than other tv villains, she has to be unique in retaining this goodness, else the entire story has been a waste, but I will discuss that later.

    Love maya always ❤❤❤

    1. suman respected n called maya very understanding women as suman couldnt see her true color that time.
      now she understood what is maya..thats y she dhouted against maya.
      Here wat is wrong with suman…after all these all r happening bcz of maya only. And istead keeping queit atlst suman said the real fact” the way maya is trying to make arjun as fool wnt help to make the whole world fool” …its perfectly right..atlst sanj n gang can find maya’s true color..

      love jenny…but not maya?

      1. The Dark Hunter

        I know she didn’t see what maya was doing, but I was asking as what made her see it? What did maya do that Made Suman act in that way? She had just left the court still thinking that maya was almost raped, and now she is saying she is responsible for everything? More than whether what she says is true or not, I wanted to see the premise behind her “realisation” and outburst, not for her to suddenly do a dramatic change of heart without an actual proof/backing to her anger lol
        That’s all I’m saying

    2. Only Saying the truth

      Absolutely correct that’s Y I used to sympathize with her right up till 2day.Yesterday I was feeling sorry for suman n prem that when Samay backstabs Sanjh they will b hit the most but 2day my sympathy for suman has gone for sure !!

    3. Same. But that track would really be nice. I hope CVs also think like us. I don’t mind ArYa not getting a happy ending but Maya should emerge as a winner after all her childhood loss. And I also want to know the secret of SamAya ?

      Maya ??❤??

  4. Nice episode.,vandana moti didn’t allowed when jhanvi is in serious condition to stay in her home,now my Maya taking vandana to her home for Arjun.&i love Maya the way she controlled herself after hear suman humiliation..the way she handle saanjh and suman wit decent.this Arjun every time busy in night mare to thought of Maya will harm them..but how cutely maya raised and showed her hands to u Maya waiting for next episode ?

    1. it was not vandana’s decision where maya to stay…
      maya alone took the dicision.
      y u r blaming vandana..
      n do u think maya will take vandana to her home with a gud intention..
      how u can still support maya..anyway its ur wish..i redpect it.
      i dnt think if someone has a scary past thats the licence to do any crime.
      if its so most of the culprits of rape n murders are “innocent” like maya.
      their past life is the key to the crime.

    2. yea…its soo sad everytime arjun nightmares abt our innocent poor maya who cant even imagine of hurting people who humiliate her.
      Our poor maya neva will do any harm to anyone if they even try to kill her..
      still y arjun…its tooo bad..feeling very sad..????

      1. Re ,beyhadh,why r u jealous if I praise my…im saying vandana did not allowed jhanvi health time but now she caught same situation to stay in Maya home??..sharma family stoop family..?..we loves Maya always,? love u Maya ??

  5. Guys i told Na before, its vandana sympathy drama to stay in Maya home,it’s plan wit someone (i think it’s saanjh) to show maya truth to precap also she informed she is safe here.

    1. Agreed. They want to expose Maya. That will be nice as she might realize her mistakes or… commit more mistakes to hide her previous ones.

      Anyway, we’ll still … always love our Maya baby ❤??

      1. Ya its plan,vandana will act nice with Maya and jhanvi to trap maya.again family drama will start.few days later saanjh ,vandana all will come to know about samay this season 2 end with Arjun death(samay will kill him,he is alive somewhere),ArYa separation,samaya unite.after season3( phase 3) will start.Maybe ArYa unite will happen at end ?.let’s see

  6. I actually have to go and watch the episode now..I can’t believe what I have read did Vandana admit herself in a mental asylum?? I’m so confused

  7. 1. I understand that saanjh wants to focus on her life and not get dragged into the Sharma family drama everytime, but the woman who has watched her grow,nurtured her, loved her like a daughter, this woman she calls “padosi” That’s cold even from saanjh..there was even a point of time when she considered Vandana as her future mother in law but now when she needs saanjh the most she’s giving her the cold shoulder
    2. This saajun friendship is so superficial and fake it makes me cringe they’re constantly fighting and patching up. I admit in real friends fight with each other but not every freaking day. This friendship seems forced and boring. Even the things they say to each other playfully are so pathetic they don’t even make you giggle
    3. Saanjh insults,humiliates and makes Maya strip in court also calls Arjun Maya’s dog just because he’s being a good husband has the dignity to look ashamed of what she said..I’m so glad Maya came in between
    4. Arjun slaps and man handles his so called best friend, also threatens her, breaks his friendship with her and now goes running back to her to USE her! Like seriously this is their friendship? Arjun remembers his dusky only when he needs her. I understand maya and Arjun have problems but that is your mother you cannot push this responsibility on others
    5. Suman who has all this while understood Maya supported her as well now blames her for all the problems. Since when did Suman become grey shaded
    6. All the characters have gone through some horrible character development! You can’t even call this character development. It’s like everyone has become evil and manipulative all of a sudden..
    What are the writers doing?!!! They’re ruining the show. Please bring back the original director and script writer

    1. suman respected n called maya very understanding women as suman couldnt see her true color that time.
      now she understood what is maya..thats y she dhouted against maya.
      Here wat is wrong with suman…after all these all r happening bcz of maya only. And istead keeping queit atlst suman said the real fact” the way maya is trying to make arjun as fool wnt help to make the whole world fool” …its perfectly right..atlst sanj n gang can find maya’s true color..

      n sanj didnt make maya to strip ws all maya’s plan..
      it was mayas last step to win her game…whether sanj ever said to maya to remove her dress..
      even after knowing these all were mayas game..still u r blaming sanj..

      Calling arjun as dog of maya..even i felt its true..even after kniwing very well abt maya n her all games to make him far from his family again he believed his wife.then what else name will suit arjun better than maya’s dog…

    2. Only Saying the truth

      No Sanjh isn’t focusing on her life that’s her planning /plotting with VM , I want to say to awl fellow Sanjh supporters that u guys say Maya’s mentally ill , so can u please tell me the difference btwn a sane an insane person ? They’re both as cunning as each other n like u say Maya’s so called illness is behind her actions what can u say 4 Sanjh ?!! Grown up adults don’t play tit 4 tat !! Arjun is worst than a 5 year old kid he does not knw what he wants one minute it’s Maya n the next minute it’s dusky !he seriously needs to grow up .

      1. Yes arjun is 5 years kid.& stoop saanjh still back to Arjun.its only her plan to stay away.but they don’t know how arjun talked with them after that much humiliation same he will talk with Maya,he will love her always.

  8. Booorrrriiinnnggg, when is Samay going to get murdered? That is all I am waiting for. These CVs portray the justice system as completely​ handicapped, Ashwin murder was never resolved neither was Jhanvis accident and the grey cop investigating just vanished. The story lost its flow, I like Aneri but maybe they need to change the actress playing Saanjh to one more serious, Aneri just seems too kid like and lacking the maturity needed for the current track

  9. Tshering Yangden

    I want maya to play a positive role. Though she is obsessed with Arjun, she doesn’t have to hurt everyone else. I particularly didn’t like the rape scene. It may seem like a very clever and sly plot that maya played out but it disrupts the belief that a girl would expose themselves or falsely accuse someone of shaming their body. I want maya to be a character of beauty and brain and not do all the evil things she does. Although it’s safe to say that all she does is in the name of love, there’s certain limit to everything. And I know the series is titled beyhadh but maya is someone I want to like and care about but this series is making her look real bad. I don’t want that.

  10. what was the precap?has Maya made vandana go to asylum?I didn’t get that…?

  11. Idiot Maya rascal playing with the lifes of people

    1. Only saying the truth

      No , I think she’s referring abt Maya n Maya’s house as “yeh pagan mera much nai bigar sakte”! She will b staying with Maya /Arjun at their house looking 4 some clues against Maya !!! Just saw it on Saas Bahu n Sazish .

  12. Only saying the truth

    As a schizophrenia patient my heart just sank reading the precap ….I seriously thort they’re going to make a joke abt this illness , but thank God they didn’t …. It’s a relief !

  13. The Dark Hunter


    What the heck is his character doing?

    He is thinking that his wife will harm them and that she is evil, and he had s*x with her the night before? He defended her from Vandana and then says its vandana who really is in danger? Truth or not in his assumptions they are completely contradictory to the last few episodes, the CVs are making a spaghetti mess of everything.
    Maya is not a goddess or something that sees all and knows all his actions. After he tied her up she couldn’t know he went to the police station, nor his responses and anger to his family. He didn’t need to distance himself and insult/hurt them all if it was to “protect them” that is rubbish, it cannot be that if he didn’t beat Ayan in the court or call saanjh worse than dirt, or reject VM then maya would kill someone? The CVs have no idea what they are doing, they are wishing only to make Maya a villain and everyone but Samay against her, that is not right. This show is all about greyness and blurring light and dark boundaries, not crossing them permanently. This is not angels vs demons with people taking sides, this is meant to be everyone fighting their own demons as well as others’ and the way in which those demons manifest into their lives determines the circumstances and situations they are in.

    Arjun is so unbelievably naive but also bipolar it’s ridiculous. One moment he is loving maya and saying she is his life, and him making love to her is the proof of his truth in those words, else why would he even risk another pregnancy or intimacy if he hates her? The next moment he’s saying you don’t have maya for a wife, that she will harm VM and anyone so I must protect them… How did that mentality so quickly reappear?

    Anyway they seem to showing a plan to expose maya and break Arya. I will never respect VM or Saanjh again. A woman who curses her child, breaks her DIL’s heart and dreams based on superstition and the threats of a child abuser, and another who is obsessed with Maya’s husband such that it would create incredible insecurity in any women, much less maya who has only ever lost her relations and loves, no wonder she is possessive AF.

    It maybe that even Maya knows that their relation is failing, but as she is loyal to a fault she is trying to maintain it no matter what, that and she will lose her love which would kill her so understandably even to just stay alive she is doing such things, its sad to see a repeating cycle, She is merely surviving, not truly living, all because the world didn’t give her the chance and love she deserved when she wanted to forget her demons, be accepted and have a mother and family who could guide and love her, and start life anew and happy poor Maya ?

    I can only ever empathise and love her, hate for such a tortured soul is exempt from me, my heart strings tug every time I see the character cry and show real sorrow, and my heart soars seeing her smile and happy. It’s a fiction, and I know Jennifer is acting only (extremely well I might add), but the hope, happiness and goodness I saw in her made me love her so much, and the darkness she has fallen to makes me weep inside, especially as her many shades live through me and have been a part of my troubled life as well.

    I wish for her victory, happiness and truth in love to shine, she has only been given pain and only ever known that doing wrong gives her her rights in life, by showing her the power of goodness and having love and guidance only then can she change for the better as I did when I was at my lowest, else this show was a complete waste and a pity, that they created a character so painful that many could only love and admire for her courage and passion despite her sadness, but seeing what destruction they have done to maya, that love will seriously be tested, lets just hope her love and ours survives the test of time.

    Love Maya Always


    1. Only saying the truth

      Exactly ! your reviews r a pleasure to read ?????? , your prediction is true , just saw it in Saas Bahu n Sazish VM has said she’s here to find something against our Poor Maya baby , she also said Maya hi hadh Arjun hai , air meri hadh meri family … like she really cared 4 Arjun !!! Love Maya always xxx

  14. The Dark Hunter

    I truthfully want to know Jennifer’s opinion of her character now and the way they are progressing the story.


    This link is of Jennifer’s interview the episode before leap and she says all these things that so many maya lovers still derive hope from even in times such as these. If you haven’t seen it already you should, as Jennifer is an angel but more importantly the things she says can change your view about maya and her role.

    She originally held her in such high regard, that she is NOT bad, just has many layers and should not be treated negatively just because she is passionate, loyal and intensively dedicated to what she does. She almost idolised her and saw her as a never-give-up individual and that her love and wish for acceptance was GENUINE post-marriage, something that people are questioning right now the way things are moving.

    I really wish for her to give a similar interview now and review her thoughts of maya, maybe give us another little insight into the future of her character. She has taken this role but she was worried maya wouldn’t be understood, but then was happy that people not only understood but loved maya. This kind of hints that if you can understand maya, you will love her, so she cannot be a negative character and I hope they bring some light back into her vp character else they will break this concept they’ve worked so hard to maintain. Jennifer also says love will win the end, am hoping and rooting for Maya’s love to reign victorious above all!

    Please do see the video if you haven’t already, I will start the compilation I promised yesterday hope you guys enjoy when I post it soon, its a shame I can’t use pics but oh well ?

    Love maya always ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. TDH, even before the shoe began Jenny had told that Maya isn’t negative. And even during the promo release of blazing the cottage of that Pandit who said their marriage wont work, Jenny had told that she didn’t burn the Pandit but only his cottage.

      That proves that Maya isn’t evil at all. Just passionate, loyal and crazy in love ❤?

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Very true Anaika thanks for your comment.
        Her background, fears and vulnerability there shown aside her confidence and passion makes most of us love her and feel for her at every stage, kabhi dukh hai khabi sukh hai koi farak nahi.

        I just wanted to post this for maya lovers who are starting to believe this, reassure Myself and my viewpoint, and maybe make those avid haters/saanjh lovers who call her negative, worthy of her suffering or even evil since birth? (not saying any names), at least understand that is not what her character is meant to be about.

        We are blessed on this forum to have people like you, OSTT, MAAF, Ks, Stefan and others who love maya so much it’s a relief that people (a majority in fact) see maya for what she is rather than something else. Her actions seem to be darkening unnecessarily and I have commented on my dislike for the CVs doing this, as it is shifting from grey-black which unless resolved soon will be more damaging than not to the show, let’s hope they have the right mind to bring some goodness back else it will be naught but a waste.

        Love u guys and Maya always ❤❤❤

      2. Only saying the truth

        Thank you 4 including me in Your list as Maya lovers , ppl say we’re a fan of Jenny that’s t we like Maya’s character but no that’s no that case with me I’ve seen her show Saraswatichandra, n honestly I didn’t like her that much in that serial the way I love her in this show only coz of our Maya Baby she’s getting all this Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Sometimes I feel Maya has actually brought the hidden grey inside everyone. Today, it was Suman. Like a 180* turn over in character, seriously? And Arjun? I thought he was genuinely concerned for Maya after the rape attempt (acc to him) but RN, he’s again cribbing about his freedom and all. Really selfish, she loves you limitlessly and has gone through so much trauma (in your eyes) and yet you desolate her.

    I hate Arjun; I’m so sure that he even thinks that Maya is behind all the murders but I trust my Maya. Hopefully, Vandana and Saanjh expose Maya in front of Arjun soon so that she can redeem and change for better. That would be the best thing.

    And today Maya’s muh-tod replies to Saanjh were just swag ? and loved the way she totally, completely came out as opposite to what Arjun had thought and controlled her anger.

    And I missed Samay ??

    Love you Maya ? ? ❤

    1. Arjun is kid mind.he don’t know how to handle relationship.and vandana moti,suman,stoop saanjh habitat to humiliat infront of people,i just hate them.

      Guys upcoming track is Arjun will die but he is alive somewhere,samay harms arjun to get Maya.Arjun death news will effect maya trauma,she will shattered totally..samay will use this advantage,he takes maya under his control.& Maya is pregnant.

      1. Really? That’s amazing! I hope this happens and Arjun understands that Maya’s Beyhadh pyaar is better than his Beyhadh Bachpana ?

        But poor Maya ??

        Samay is goals even though he’s trying to separate ArYa he’s cool ?? I love characters with Grey shades.

        Love you Maya ? ? ?

      2. The Dark Hunter

        Holy hell really?

        Wow that’s a really bold step by CVs that actually has made my interest again.
        Pregnancy was real, I knew it , it seems the baby track will be a thing.
        I wonder what will be the outcome of saanjh/VM plan to trap maya, will they succeed and samay harm Arjun as a consequence? Questions questions…

        I always hope for Arya, but I fully want Maya after this trauma and pain to start building her life anew and healing her emotional wounds, we need her to rise up again and win in love and life, its the only way for her to defeat Ashwin and triumph!

        Love maya always

    2. The Dark Hunter

      Speaking of the murders…
      They first said that Ashwin was killed by someone surprising…where would surprise be if maya had done it, she was the main person we would have expected to do it if not Jhanvi, and doing the murder track in circles wouldn’t change our thoughts on that.

      Also notice, saanjh mentioned after the coma that the killer was left handed?
      Notice Samay held the knife in his left hand…

      Possible twist? I damn hope so I cannot see maya being the killer that will be the last straw for this show and my respect for the CVs if they do that.

      Besides why have they never shown Samay and Jhanvi in one scene together? Hopefully it’s intentional and not just a write-off, Samay is significant to maya and so Jhanvi would know about him, and Samay/Maya have been in many scenes now but never Jhanvi…
      She needs to get out of that chair ASAP literally the entire plot of the last 3 years and all the twists/revelations rest with her they better start making her talking soon!

      Anyway thanks for your comments guys!

      Love u maya ❤❤❤

    3. Yeah, even when she injected Arjun, she used her right hand. Evidences are enough to prove that she ain’t the killer.

      TDH, I read that you’re writing a mystery novel? Is it on websites like Wattpad, etc. or you’re a novelist? Would like to know.

      Love you all. We all will be loyal to Maya because we’ve tried to empathise with her greyness and behavior. Love you Maya and all the Maya lovers ❤ ? ?

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Yeah its not online im writing from my computer at home. I took a break for some time but should be starting again soon have exceeded 100K words finally willing be reaching part 3 of 4 eventually, with plans to publish this year! 🙂

        Anyway thx for the comment I’ll catch u and other maya lovers after today’s episode

        Love maya ❤❤❤

    4. All the best dear. I hope your book becomes successful ? The intensity of your comments has been bewitching and I’m sure so is gonna be your book

    5. Only saying the truth

      His character makes me laugh at times , his worse than a 5 year old kid who’s always lost in his la la land ?

  16. I don’t understand why still many people supporting maya. She wants to separate arjun from his own family. Is it right? No one will do that but she is doing. Shaanj wants to unite arjun with his mother. I think thats why she is acting in front of vandana. So only arjun take vandhana home and he take care of her.

    1. Only saying the truth

      So is it not rong for a mother / friend to separate husband /wife ?

  17. Truth to be told Maya and Saanjh both are Obsessive. While Maya plays mind games, Saanjh dose emotional drama. People call Maya evil, psycho etc and what Saanjh is?
    I was shocked to see Suman’s reaction. Usually it was Vandana who was blaming type, overreacting type.
    Samay/Saanjh relationship is unreal they don’t love each other. They’re just using each other
    And lastly Arjun is idiot

    1. “Truth to be told Maya and Saanjh both are Obsessive. While Maya plays mind games, Saanjh dose emotional drama. People call Maya evil, psycho etc and what Saanjh is?”

      Yes I can fully agree this.. if you guys says both saanjh and Maya obsessive..?…if all points only maya obsessive evil,i can’t accept.i will support Maya at any cost if you guys points only on Maya behave.
      Some people saying saanjh is protecting Arjun and want to unite family…then where her family values went when it comes to her parents.she didn’t cares her parents feelings every time she is back to Arjun like obsessive.only family will give happiness some people said,then why saanjh is not happy with her family,every time she is dying inside for Arjun to neglect her parents happiness.why only Maya has to give importance to family when saanjh is not giving if it comes to her love Arjun.when Arjun hides ArYa meet details from saanjh,saanjh has right to scold Arjun,but maya don’t had right when arjun lied wit her after marriage.maya and saanjh both are obsessive for arjun.

      1. Maybe Some saanjh fans expecting kumkum bhagya serial Pragya type bhahu or wife or girl behaviour from Maya…every time in this serial for family sake and for husband happiness,pragya sacrifices her wife relationship for all sake,like same maya has to do for saanjh and for Arjun family happiness.then all are happy.and Maya has to turn like gopi bahu(Sn’s) to bear vandana humiliation and all.

      2. Only saying the truth

        Your absolutely ryt @MA , she does not care for her own family her parents feelings , how many times have they told her not to interfere in Arjun/ Maya’s relationship but alas she hears it from one ear n it’s out of other . Her mother has even said “if you throw a stone at a dog 3 times then even he will turn back n bark at u “!! Idk what else they can say or do to make Miss Samjh STAY AWAY from Maya n Arjun .

    2. Resonance1290

      Thank you!
      Finally someone who is not an Avid maya lover has mentioned that they are both obsessive, not that maya is obsessive, psycho and evil (wrong on so many levels) and that Saanjh is the purest mahan (also wrong), both of them intertwine with each others respective qualities. True Saanjh hasn’t become psycho, but she has wished for Maya’s death, humiliated Arya and tried to get in between many times even before any of Maya’s craziness became apparent. Likewise maya post-marriage and even before was selfless and loving to Arjun and his family especially the period she was trying to change but was shot in the foot as a consequence, which would have been disheartening and consequentially made her controlling again as till now it is the way she has survived in the world, so no wonder she chose it when goodness failed.

      Anyway thanks for your comment Priya nice to see a more neutral than extremely bias one way or or the others I respect that a lot!

      Maya ❤❤❤

    3. Exactly whenever I read about Pragya/Gopi/and other shallow characters, I cringe. They are too good to be true. And Maya is different. We should be bold enough to accept that level of passion, love and loyalty. She’s goals, provided we love her the way she loves us. And we try to understand her and be good to her.

      If someone pisses us off, we also start hating that person . . . just like Maya. But her hatred goes to an non-surmising level which is understood. Maya’s actions are extreme- good or bad.

      On the other hand, the other saas-bahu serials characters just shed tears and act like they’re helpless.

      That’s what makes me love Maya. She’s kickass, bold, feisty but also has a loving, caring side.

      Love you Maya always ? ❤?

      1. Yes & I want to see when Arjun marries saanjh…will saanjh allow him to drink alcohol everytime…will saanjh allow him flirt with other girls…will saanjh allow him spend more time with maya as a friend.will saanjh allow his lies and hiden doings..actually she shouted before already when he meets Maya hiddenly,sure saanjh will shout more as a wife.
        then Arjun&all will understand what’s Maya pain as a wife losing her husband and his love&husband timespace&care for wife.

        If Arjun did same with saanjh,saanjh fans will bash maya& now we r scolding saanjh and Arjun.and also if it’s happen,saanjh will cry as a wife like gopi,pragya at sit in’s look like same serial difference between to this serial other saas bahu serial..

  18. Pathetic show. Please watch Moh Moh pe dhage, so much of positivism.

  19. In the initial promos itself we had an idea that Maya’s character is grey, and not the stereotypes heroine all good good, so y are people commenting about the negativity associated with this show, they have serials of their genre and a bunch of them out there. This show is for those who are ready to explore all emotions.. I’m sure wen u watch crime patrol n savdhaan India there are so many women in real life out there who actually stage their rapes and even kill…. This show deals with the complexity of such minds…. It’ll will definitely throw a negativity impact on society if there is no justice served till the end.. but by end I’m sure all good things will win. So enjoy it like a suspense novel and wait for a fruitful climax… We watch horror stories and realistic stories on gang wars etc obviously we don’t get influenced by this but just watch it as pure entertainment. So let the CV exhibit their creativity all should be given a chance like how Hollywood does… Else even Hollywood will start making running around trees sort of movies just to please audience. I think audience need to broaden their views n grow up.

  20. Ayesha22

    i just hate the current track and want it to change asap.why did suman blamed and scolded maya?who gave her the right to do so??she is nobody whose opinion would be important.apni beti smbhali ni jati chli hai logon ko sabaq dene.arjun i really hate u its better that u die atleast it will save maya from ur nahoosat.I HATE MATHUR & SHARMAS AND LOVE MY MAYA BABY,LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH.and to those who said why we are still supporting maya i would like to say it is our decision whom we want to support and whom not.secondly,it is called unconditional love,love must not be conditioned else it becomes a deal or an agreement where there are terms and conditions get involved and i don’t think that love is a business deal to think of profit loss or follows certain terms and conditions for it.its unconditional love which we MAYA LOVERS have for OUR MAYA BABY.LOVE U MAYA ALWAYS.

    1. theNWOisControllingYou

      You obviously aren’t human… Suman had an emotional reaction, usually (especially with women) when they get emotional all logic fails. Maya was the one she lashed at seeing her longtime friend’s state because it was all Maya’s plotting that caused Vandana’s health to deteriorate.

      1. thank u very much for that compliment of yours,i did not mind it at all.


        Lol agree with you Ayesha. And nice to see you don’t take crap from people like this.

      3. Only saying the truth

        Correction, there’s nothing wrong with her health , it’s Sanjh n VM’s plan to enter Maya’s house !

    2. Only saying the truth

      Thumbs up ?????? 4 u Aiysha lyk MAAF has said 4 not the crap 🙂 xxx

  21. suman isnt nobody…. she is the one who is with vandana in every aspect their is understandable that suman scolded Maya .who in their right minds will allow any one in the care of Maya except if they wish for them go mad or die…
    .how dare Maya to say she is her bahu .
    .she doesn’t even know the meaning…….pathetic Maya hope her truth gets exposed….hate Maya

  22. Few things which haven’t changed about Maya and still people have created fuss over it in season 2 and not in season 1

    Maya has installed CCTV cameras before, in S1 yet when in S2 she’s spying on Arjun, everyone cribs about him being in asphyxiation. Its something which Maya did before as well.

    Maya had locked Arjun in the room just like she locked her mom in the room when Ashwin and Jahnvi had decided to come together as a couple. She wanted to protect her from Ashwin. Maybe Maya thought she was protecting Arjun from Ayan.

    The entire staging of rape is never acceptable but I can tell the psyche behind it. Remember when Maya played games with Saanjh and Arjun using those e-mails? She wanted to separate Jahnvi and Ashwin but unfortunately Arjun and Saanjh’s friendship became victimised. Similarly, here she wanted Arjun to get back to her but she had to sacrifice the brother-duo’s relationship.

    Maya hasn’t changed much after all. Just the methods have become extreme. I totally condemn her recent action but I can understand her motive behind them.

    Love Maya always ❤??

    1. Only saying the truth

      Spot on Anaika !! I’ve been thinking the same the cameras have been on since day 1 , y has it become an issue all of a sudden , Arjun knew what he was getting into so y complain now . Hats of to Maya Baby if it weren’t for her smartness ppl would have walked all over her , that’s y these cctv cameras r a must for a smart woman lyk her ! She’s a beauty with brains ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Moreover, remember the episode before they left VM’s house after 1st consummation, Arjun saw maya looking at Jhanvi with cameras and asked if she would do the same to him. Maya said NO as she TRUSTS him. This was in the period when Arjun was fully devoted to maya and not letting any friendship boundaries go beyond the limit, nor was he or anybody else giving her reason to doubt him. She was still trying to change and be trusting of people a feat incredible as everyone before had hurt and betrayed her before so it showed the strength of her love that she was trusting Arjun more than even her own mother!
        The actions thereafter of Saajun understandably broke that trust but maya still was happy that Arjun stood by her through everything, so she would have no reason to doubt him if there was no-one who would try to break them apart right?

        This means he DID some things within the leap that made her this way, she couldn’t have gone crazily possessive of him overnight and w/o reason! They better not leave this lose end and start showing Maya’s side of this 3 year story, she even mentioned a “Dhoka” of Arjun’s when she retook the office prior samay’s confrontation, so he must have done something, they have to show why maya is as she is, maybe then more will empathise with her again otherwise many are only pitying Arjun and disliking maya, we have to see her side as well.

        Thanks for your comments OSTT a pleasure as always ❤

        Love maya ❤❤❤

    2. Only Saying the truth

      @TDH Yes I remember that ! He had started to cheat on Maya a few wks after their wedding so no doubt he has done something big to break Maya’s trust , I’m sure thus prediction of yours will also come true .

  23. Only saying the truth

    A rqst to all Maya lovers , pls do let me knw if I’ve gone overboard with my comments xxx

    1. The Dark Hunter

      No personal insults so you cannot go overboard dear thanks for your support!

    2. Only Saying the truth

      Your welcome , your my guiding angel ??? always there to guide us xxx

  24. I hate arjun… he is the biggest spineless person. If such character exist in this world then he should just go and die.
    Who gets in tension about whether he should take his mother with him or not.


    Lol this is a comment from IF its hilarious. Would want that though Tbh 🙂

    Well I can’t share cause its all too much . I usually dont get dreams like these…

    Starting with Arjun announcing his deep, mad love for Maya:
    Arjun: Maya, dont go. I love you. You know this!!
    Maya: Arjun, I have to go. We cant be together. This is it.
    Arjun: Maya, I cant live without you. (I must add that it was all rainy and night time!!)
    Maya: I am dangerous. My family is dangerous. You have to let me go.
    Arjun: Its okay maya. I forgive you for everything.

    And then they proceed to the shower where they kiss and all that stuff. The fact that I could see them kissing so close to me, is quite weird and exciting (why would I lie?)

    Then the bed scene where they, again, kiss and all that stuff. Also, the bed wasnt in Maya’s apartment, it was in some kind of trailer, like super small. Arjun couldnt keep his hands off Maya so it was all very exciting.

    This is about 60% of what I remember. I cant keep smiling… hehehehehe

    Did any of you get any dreams?

    I personally got one dream of Arya and that was post-tattoo scene, but who can blame me lol.

    However this dream sequence has one element I want to see AGAIN in the show.
    What is that you may ask?

    Maya seeing her danger to Arjun and out of SELFLESS pure love she is willing to separate. I really would prefer maya to separate with him on her own terms repeated than Arjun hating and leaving her forcefully, that would make my da to see that Maya I loved rise up again.

    Love maya ❤❤❤

    1. Only Saying the truth

      Aww this has made me smile 🙂 ppl say Sanjh /Maya r obsessed with Arjun I swear I’m obsessed with Maya n this show I can’t even sleep coz if this show I b there waiting to read comments but they get published so late … I was up till 1:30 am UK timing just to read the comments ❤️❤️❤️


        Same I’ve loved maya from the first scene onwards, and it will never diminish no matter what!
        Maya ❤❤❤

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