Dil Se Dil Tak 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Teni, Shorvori and Parth comes home after watching movie, Teni says i loved dialogue which said ‘I am mother of your child’, its our case too, Shorvori shakes her head, Teni says i am going to sleep, Shorvori says you have to eat first, Teni says you both didnt let me eat junk food at cinema, you are both cruel, Shorvori says i cant compromise on your health. Teni and Parth sits on dining table, Shorvori brings food and says i will serve. Teni whispers to Parth that she acts like my mother then she will be grand mother of baby, they laugh, Parth says sometimes i also feel she is like my mother, they both laugh. Shorvori sees them laughing and thinks that they look so good laughing like this, God dont bring anymore problems. Servant comes and says to Parth that Dada has called you, Teni says he must have brought some other problem, Parth goes to meet Dada.
Parth comes to Dada’s room and says Nikhil has come to India, I have called him on lunch tomorrow with delegates, he is our biggest client overseas too, Parth says he is my friend so I will be here tomorrow.

At night, Parth and Shorvori are cuddling on bed. Shorvori asks who is Nikhil? Parth says our biggest client in UK and my good friend. Shorvori says did i meet him earlier? Parth says no, he came here two years back and back then you were.. Shorvori says I was just your wife and not daughter in law of this house. Parth says i can never forget that phase, Shorvori says now he is coming tomorrow so I will meet him. Parth says but there one problem, they both look at each other and says Teni is problem, Parth says if she gets to know that he has come from US, she will go mad, Shorvori says i will tell her that they are your clients and wont tell her that he is from US, i will ask her to stay in room, Parth says lets see.

In morning, Teni wakes up and says Shorvori makes me do weird things, I have to wake up now to do Yoga, God what if fall down and break my leg? Teni tries to stand on one feet but keep slipping down, she says I have to do so much for America, I have to take care of baby’s health to go to America, she tries to do Yoga again. Shorvori and Parth comes there and snickers. Teni says why you are making me do these weird things? i never did it but see i am pretty, Shorvori says you have to do it for my baby and me, Teni says if you let me sleep then your baby would be peaceful in morning but you didnt let me sleep then your will baby will toss and turn, and wont let you sleep. Shorvori gives her orange juice and says i heard if you drink it then baby will have bright complexion, Teni says dont worry about that, he is my mine so he would be white, Shorvori nudges Parth, Parth says Teni can you stay in room today? she asks why? he says my clients are coming and i dont want any hassle, Teni says okay i will stay here, no problem, Parth says really? Teni says i will rest in room today, i am tired of drama already. Shorvori says i will bring all your food in room, they leave.

Mohini says to Indu that Baa has called guests but didnt tell me what to cook, how will we cook so much? Baa comes there and says why you get worried on small things? today you both will not cook, Mohini says who will cook then? Baa calls western chefs there and says they will make it, Mohini says they are foreigners, Baa says Parth said guests are American so food should be continental, Mohini says my Sejal likes that food so much, Baa says lets have gossip, they will cook, all ladies leave, chefs start working.

Scene 2
Parth welcomes his friends and clients from Us to house. Nikhil says Parth buddy how are you, i am meeting you after two years, you are eligible bachelor, when are you marrying? all get tensed, Shorvori comes there. Nikhil says dada make Parth marry, its high time. Shorvori says you are right and he is already married, i am his wife, Nikhil says its good to meet you, he is very lucky, Shorvori says we have been married for three years, i didnt gets to meet you last time you came to India. Nikhil says I was not informed and you were not here at that time? Shorvori says I was gone to my mother’s house that time, Dada says we were busy with business talk so I forgot to talk about Shorvori. Nikhil says we have to deal business now too. Indu asks where is Teni? Shorvori says she is resting in her room.
Teni is weeping in her room and sniffles her nose then throws tissue on floor, she says baby i know you want to cry too, its such sad movie, she cries seeing movie and says baby you want lemonade? your parents so many things here and you want lemonade? you wont get it, only water for you, she drinks water but says baby why you are so stubborn, you have gone on your mother Shorvori, i cant go down, you wont listen to me right? i have to drink lemonade, i have to do something. She looks outside her room and doesnt find anyone in corridor. She starts going to kitchen and sees guests in lounge, she says how will passby by them to go to kitchen? i should use back door. She stealthily comes in kitchen holding her slippers in her hand. She makes lemonade and drinks it, she says see baby what i have to do for you, she is happy to drink lemonade, she starts leaving but sees all continental dishes cooked there. Teni says its good food, i got to know that 5-star chefs came to cook food, she looks at dishes and says they look good and have good aroma, i should taste it, baby would like it, she eats one dish but doesnt like it, she tastes all dishes and says its so bland, there is no spice, not sour, clients would leave after eating all this, Parth is a fool to give money to chefs, I should make these dishes nice. She starts frying spices and puts it in continental dishes, she says now they will know what real indian food is. She puts spices in everything. Teni says now Parth’s clients will get happy, she sees all gathering in kitchen, Parth sees her waving from kitchen and thinks she will be death of me. Parth hints at her to leave, Shorvori see Teni in kitchen too, they get tensed.
Parth and Shorvori comes in kitchen. Parth says why did you come out of room? we asked you to not come out. Teni says you should thank me, i saw this bland food and set it, i have added fried spices in everything, they are shocked, Shorvori says Tadka(friend spices) in continental food? Parth panics and asks what we will do now, Shorvori says we dont have time to cook again. Teni says they are indians, they will like it. Parth says they are not indians but Americans, they wont like it, Teni gets elated hearing and says they have come from America? they are from my village? from my America? thats why you kept me in room? I have to meet my villagers. Shorvori says you cant go, we will call you on right time. Parth sees guests sitting around dining table. Parth says what we will do now? Teni sees servant already taking her changed dishes to dining table. She shows Parth that servant has already served that continental-indian mixed food, Parth gets tensed.

PRECAP- Teni sees message on her phone. Teni says who is missing me in morning? She reads message ‘I am coming to meet you’- your photo boyfriend. Teni holds knife and fork and says whoever you are, come to me and i will make you bald. Teni comes to restaurant to meet that guy. Teni huffs angrily sitting there, someone puts hand on Teni’s shoulder, Teni grabs knife from her bag in anger and turns to stab whoever is behind her but stops seeing man’s face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. parth Sarvori u are amazing. my pure heart traingle​ . sarvori baby ke liye apna sab kuch teni se share Kar di Hain. Agar anewale episodes main agar teni ko koi bhadaka Diya yani agar teni lalach main aakar agar kuch game khel li to Sarvori ka Kya hoga ? kyun ki tab sach bolne par agar koi biswas nahin Kya to? so Sarvori and parth u both r talking about to tell truth to family most of times bt yet didn’t .u had shared ur everything with teni . sarvori be careful . Agar teni ko kisne lalach main nachaya to tumhari pyar parth ko wo uski savit Kar degi.bt at last u r now in pure heart triangle.

  4. hi everybody. plz cmnt fast. Angelik ji aap aaj kuch kyun post nahin Kari Hain .we all r waiting for ur comments. plz

    1. Angelk1

      Hii sangram and everyone!!

      I’ve been working late lately so i have no time to comment. But i agree, they have such pure love and their chemestry is great.

      Teni putting spice on america food reminds me of duplicate when bablu mother puts spice on his food for the international business man lol, i wonder if they will get the same response and like the food.

  5. Pagani ji in yesterday’s comnt I want to say that will teni love other than parth?. it doesn’t mean physical love . because love has thosand sides. I am telling that it is faith love. Sarvori ,parth ,teni are attached with each other with love of faith. They know each and hug each. so I am telling always three words “?pure heart? triangle?.

    1. I know …..I guess you are right☺

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