Udaan 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor to come fast, so that he can make her his bride again. Imli does the dinner arrangements and says Vivaan I can’t wait more to give you the good news. Chakor reaches the place and smiles seeing the decorations. She thinks Suraj has done so many arrangements to welcome me. Suraj smiles seeing her. Joganiya…..plays…

Vivaan comes and meets Imli. He wishes her happy wedding anniversary and gives a bouquet to Imli. She wishes him too and likes the flowers. He holds her face and compliments her. She says you tell me why did you get late, I was waiting, you know I m seeing your smile after long time. He says yes, I forgot to smile in work pressure, I behaved badly with you, I will make it fine tonight, Suraj did all this with enmity, who knew the result can be good, you came in my life, Suraj got Chakor, and we got our love. She smiles. He says you accepted me in your life, this is your favor, see this, I got a small gift for you. She sees bangles and smiles. He says I feel its music when bangles sound by your hand. They smile.

Suraj and Chakor have an eyelock. She says I feel like coming in my dreamland. He holds her. He compliments her beauty and says there are more dreams waiting for you, come with me. Flowers fall over them. She thinks that moment has come. He thinks that moment has come, I will tell my feelings to you tonight. She says this night, moonlight and wind are saying something to me, can you hear it. He says there is much to hear and say tonight.

Imli wears bangles and makes sound by moving her hand. Vivaan sees his name tattoo on her wrist and ask when did you do this. She says I was trying to show you from that day, you have no time for me. He says now I have to pay for this mistake. He kisses her hand. He says I m seeing is hand beautiful or bangles, hand is more beautiful, can anyone say these hands use to fire bullets. She says whatever, its yours, I made food for you by my hands. He says its smelling good. She asks him to see well.

He says I m seeing, what’s there. She shows small laddoos, small onions and small roti, it looks like small baby is making a face, did you understand. He says no, are you feeding me food or saying some poetry. She says I won’t talk to you.

Suraj and Chakor dance. They fall down. Joganiya….plays……….. Vivaan asks Imli why did you get annoyed, tell me what’s the secret. Imli says you will know it after 7 months, I want to tell you that I m going to become your child’s mum. Vivaan gets shocked. He recalls the doctor’s words and cries. He crushes her bangles and hurts her hand. She cries. He asks her to say again. She says I m pregnant, if you want to ask I m saying true or not, I m saying true, I did all tests, doctor told me I m pregnant, our dream is going to get true. He hurts her more. She screams and asks what are you doing, its hurting me, leave me. He pushes her on the table.

Imli cries seeing her broken bangles. She says this was your dream also, that you become father, what happened, did I do any mistake, tell me. He pushes her and throws all the things angrily. He leaves in his car. She runs after him and cries.

Chakor laughs on Suraj. Suraj says you are looking beautiful. He removes the rose petal from her hair. She says you are stupid, you could not see water fallen here. He says I did all decorations, you are scolding me, I called you to stop. They argue. She says instead of talking sweet, you are arguing with me, you are egoistic. He calls her wild cat and asks am I egoistic. She says yes. He says I m going. She says go, I will show how I celebrate anniversary alone. He asks her to celebrate and goes. She gets sad and sees the decorations and arrangements done by him,

Imli cries seeing the arrangements she did for Vivaan. She recalls Vivaan and says why did he leave me, he was not happy, but he also wanted a child. She cries.

Chakor gets on her knees and holds a rose. She says I will say you today, I love you a lot Suraj. They smile. She asks can you love this mad girl. He holds her and says I promise, I will always love you till love exists in this world. She hugs him and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for thr response ill post the second article soon and once again thank you i dont think il like the child track because it just shows vivaan mistreating imli alot and i feel sorry for her but vivaan is also attacking suraj and chakor alot every spoiler shows him grabbing suraj collar i think suraj should step in and take action against this misbehaviour and i know for sure kamal aint mad becasue he has acted mad before and at the beginning of the bundhwa track he was concerned about suraj and chakor getting closer i think it is a big undercover plan to seperate them becasue the doctor that came was sent by ragini what in fact imli is not even pregnant and its all a drama to seperate suraj because kamal said suraj changed and we have to attack from the heart and not the mind becasue suraj is now in lovve i read in a spolier that chakor will find vivaan really report and present it to vivaan but it is very obvious sukor will seperate because they r showing alot of love scenes i think then vivaan will get the mechanic and he will tell about suraj and imli which w ill make chakor betrayedand i expect imli to apologise to sukor for her misbehaviour aftet she finds out vivaan cant be a dad ranjana is doing the gudbari to keep reminding them of the child which ir reality is causing rifts between vimli and thats what the thrimudhi are doing ranjana is aftet imli ragini is after vivaan and kamal is making a bigger plan for chakor and suraj

  2. di i agree vth u n the situation of vivan is very hard. Happiness
    comes after sadness.

    Just think guys , when he know the 3 reports that he can not be a father n when he knew the pregnancy of his wife, oviously he have to doubt imli n anyone at his place will do the same.
    Dr shreya n shruti , i think vj have not become best actor bcz they have to chose one among all n the chemistry of the actors r also considerd na. Hope u can understand.
    Can anyone say , how i can read ff of tippu?

    1. You can find the ff in udaan’s page it’s called ‘the beginning of a new chapter for chakor’

  3. Tippu, I think you are right, KN madness happened very suddenly it is suspicious. I think imli is not pregnant and ragini and ranjana are doing this to break sukor and keep vivaan under their control. Chakor will doubt suraj because of his lie.

  4. udaan trp – 4597(2.09) in 9th position

    1. thanks for sharing

  5. Sukorian

    Even I have no prob with the bachua track they r many ways of it.
    1. Suraj had to fight alone to prove his innocent.

    Honestly it’s time for Chakor to trust on Suraj. So many time trough the Bandua track Suraj trusted her blindly n thete were times he could stopp trusting her like the Water game…
    2. Sukor will prove Ragini wrong

  6. Tippu’s fan fiction name is the beginning of a new lyf for chakor .
    direct date put kariki jemiti karu thil semiti karibani ,

  7. I know gys after this coment u’ll angry on me.bt if trio can make this under cvr supb plan y can’t sukovimli.if kn ji can acts y not vivan.don’t know y bt i feel this.

    1. Aanya dr u knw Wht ? Today even I felt the same dnt knw why evn I felt like tht. Let’s hope fr the best

  8. sukor scenes were very less but nice.Egarly waiting for Thursdays episode

  9. Hey everyone thank you some much for all the support for my ff if anyone wants to read its called the beginning of a new chapter for chakor i based it on the first episode after the leap hope you guys read and like it and leave your repsonses

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