Best Friends Forever 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 27th March 2013 Written Update

Sanjana shouts on prithvi go to hell.sanju tells vinnie & ela she has done wrong with Sahil. Sanju aplogises sahil for she did today. she discloses sahil that she danced with him just to make someone jealous. Sanju again says sorry to sahil, because sahil thinks something else about them which sanju only thinks that they just can’t be only friends not more than that. Sanju crying, ela & Vinnie consoles sanju.. ela tells prithvi to confess his feeling to Sanju everyone knows what is his feelings for Sanju.

Prithvi storms out, Ela,Vinnie,Sanju leaves together for home. The boys wonder about what happened today.. Mak tells RGV & Rohan about his convo with prithvi he was tensed. at Hall, Prithvi enters the hall he remembers today’s incidents his eyes are filled with tears! BG sad instrumental title track of har hari badal rahi hai zindegi playing.. he gets a call from divya he says over phone he will soon leave everything & come.

just then he hears some noice & runs to find who was that he screams varun’s name but he is shocked to its Sahil. Both Prithvi & Sahil sit down to have a talk. Sahil shares with prithvi Sanju is his best friend from class 5 everyone laughed at him but Sanju never. Prithvi asks him why he didn’t tell anyone about his feeling Sahil makes excuses & changes the topic. He says prithvi you have everything with you & leaves. Prithvi tells No..

the thing which I want I will never get that.Prithvi looks sad. Purushastram drops Sanju @ her house, BFF have group hug. Meanwhile in car Vinnie & Ela are angry on prithvi, Purushashtram makes them understand that its Sanju lives so let her be alone for sometime. When she will be alone she will think about this matter plan out things. So give her some space.. Vinnie tells whatever the case may but prithvi is wrong here & Sanju is our friend so we would support her.

Vinnie asks him why did he hold her hand puru answers because he was flirting with her.Vinnie asks him what do u think I’m also smart puru answers no ..otherwise you wouldn’t have rejected me. Vinnie & Ela are shocked, puru tells you have done friendship with me now you have go through this. Vinnie tells to him drive the car. Sanju’s home she is trying to watch to TV but the incidents which occured to today distracts her. She recieves Ela’s message that they are with her always. Sanju wishes if prithvi would have told this.episode ends.

precap: Sanju says I don’t care for you Prithvi, she opens her locker & gets card & gifts.

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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