Balika Vadhu 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 27th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
sumitra is busy with mannu, when dadisa tells her that she’s going to anandi. sumitra says that if possible, get anandi today only, and that she would wait for anandi. She is shocked to see that mannu broke anandi’s most favourite doll. This scares mannu, but dadisa asks him not to worry. She telsl sumitra, not to think about the memorie3s of the past, as it would be for the better. As dadisa leaves, she cltuches at the doll.

Jagiya enters, while sumitra and ganga were working in the kitchen. He says that he had a headache, and hence came home early to rest. sumitra reprimands him for not eating and taking care of himself. He says that he isnt hungry, and he just wants to rest. He goes upstairs, leaving sumitra worried for him. She tells ganga to go and give him milk, so that he eats something atleast. Ganga complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Shiv’s office in jaitsar
Dadisa comes to shiv in his office. He asks what brought her here. She tells her problem about jagiya, and if anandi asks jagiya once, as she has the firm belief, that only anandi can do this. But she also adds, saying that if he doesnt feel right, then he shouldnt bother about this. Shiv says that its not like that, as he already had done that, and sent anandi to jagiya, to talk. Dadisa is surprised at his nobility and asks if anandi has talked to him. Shiv, hesitatingly tells dadisa that jagiya said no to anandi, on the prospect of remarrying. At first, she is ubale to believe, but shiv tells her that he just met anandi. dadisa says that anandi was her final hope, and now she doesnt have any hope that jagiya would listen to anyone. when dadisa asks why, shiv reminisces what anandi had told him. Dadisa is shocked when she understands that jagiya is saying no, as he still loves anandi. She tells shiv that she had no intention to hurt anandi, and didnt know jagiya’s mindset. shiv tells her not to think like that, and if he thought so low of such things, he wouldnt have sent anandi there. He is just sad, that he is the one to give the suggestion, and now he only cant do anything about it. He says that the only relief, is that they are leaving, or else jagiya would have kept feeling insecure and sad, seeing anandi, with him.

Dadisa says that she doesnt have it in her fate, to see her two children happy at the same time. Shiv says that the day would come soon. He tells her that he would definitely be able to convince jagiya, when she could convince him when bhe was noone to her. She says that her only worry, is that who would give her this strength, when they leave. She tells him that she’s going to his house only.

Shiv helps dadisa, get up in the jeep, saying that he wants to savour every moment, while they are in jaitsar. She says that he might or might not be there, but his support always would be. She blesses him and takes off.

Scene 3:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Ananadi, working in the house, is surprised and happy to see dadisa there.Dadisa greets everyone in the house, and seats herself. Dadisa sees packing going on in the house, for them to leave. mahi, citing an excuse, takes alok along with him, to the store. Meenu too leaves, saying that she has to help ira in the kitchen, and leaves anandi and dadisa alone to talk. They both ask each other, how are they. dadisa says that she’s sad for the same reason that she is. dadaji comes in and greets dadisa, and sits down to talk. he starts on a rant about his past war stories, but getting a call, he leaves from there. dadisa tells anandi that shiv had told her, but is again interrupted when sanchi gets her drink. she asks sanchi about her leg, and she says that she’s much better now. Sanchi too takes leave. Dadisa tells anandi, that any amount of praise falls short, when she thinks of her big heart, that she went to jagiya to talk to him regarding remarriage, after all that happened.

They are again interrupted by ira, who gets tea for her. Ira says that she knows the way they take care of anandi, its impossible for them too, but she promises that she would try her level best. dadisa says that she isnt bothered abotu that, as she knows the love that they shower on her. she says that even after seeing them packing, she doesnt beleive that they would actually leave, and feels like she would wake up from this bad dream any instant. But then she says that she doesnt mean any foul, as she knows that for them, its a dream come true. she says that she had come to ask something from them. when ira asks what, she tells that they want to keep anandi for one night, before she leaves. Ira instantly agrees. Anandi asks if she can come tomorrow, as she has an important work tonight. dadisa agrees to it. Anandi is happy.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Jagiya is thinking about his conversation with anandi. When ganga gets him milk, he refuses to take it and asks her to leave. when ganga tries to tell him not to stay empty stomach, he vents out his frustration at her, saying that why does everyone feel that only they know about his well being more than hiom. he asks them to leave him alone. He says that he isnt that worse, that he doesnt know whats good or bad for him.

She is stunned by his anger. Seeing this, jagiya extends his hand to take the milk, but she flinches thinking that he is coming to hit her, which surprises him too. Ganga runs away from there, while jagiya thinks that he did a blunder with ganga. The screen freezes on his sorry face.

Underlying message: Thoughts are brought to life by words. And when they become bitter, then the true personality of a person starts coming out, and its very easy to see the difference between whats true and whats a disguise.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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