The Buddy Project 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 27th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 27th March 2013 Written Update

Kiya walks away after giving KD one last challenging look. KD consoles Piddi that he won’t let him lose and Piddi voices out his worry that how is he going to win with the army of untalented people? KD reminds him of JJ’s words that a team isn’t made by star performers but it’s made when average performers get together and shine brighter than stars. KD promises him that they’d make a team which would defeat those starlings. Piddi gets excited and says his signature Maar, Ghaad, Ukhaad line and starts doing the bhangra with some over enthusiastic Chillars.

AviRa look on as Avantika takes aim to throw the basket in the ball. She takes the ball above her head and shoots – backwards and the ball goes in the basket towards which she has had her back turned. Without looking back, she rejoices as she hits the mark and RV is dumbfounded seeing this. Avantika repeats their request of her taking part in FTS while RV is still in shock as to how she threw the ball like that? (Of course he’d be curious…he loses from Panchi when it comes to basketball! My Man needs tips ) Avantika just shrugs that she can do anything and Avi has this proud smile on his face. RV asks her what else can she do for FTS and she goes to him and puts her arm on his shoulder and asks whether he’s from Mars by any chance? Avi warningly calls her Titli and pulls her towards her. She explains that she can do anything and everything so RV better rephrase his question as to what she wants to do? Avi holds Avantika’s face and shakes her asking why is she so difficult and she retorts by calling him Godzilla and hitting him with a ball. RV calls time out at this sibling fight and rephrases the question as to what she wants to do. She says it all depends on her mood. If she wants to make audience laugh, she’ll free laughter gas on everyone. If she wants to make them cry, she’d do the same for tear gas. Or, she can literally set the stage on fire! RV is shocked and asks her to relax and looks at Avi for help who just shrugs. Avantika sees a happy unsuspecting couple and excuses herself saying she can’t see someone in peace and has to leave (I sooo want to see her with Panchi ). She goes behind the couple and plants a bomb at their feet. RV tries to stop her but she runs away. RV covers his ears and Avantika tells them laughing that it’s a tension bomb, only gives tension but doesn’t explode and runs away. Avi tells RV to relax as the bomb is fake and he just exclaims, “Kya behen hai teri!”

Kiya returns home and Anya taunts her about her rehearsals saying how sad that Kiya has to perform in her college festival. Maybe they can’t believe that she can sing that’s why they are testing her? Kiya doesn’t reply to her taunts and just leaves. Anya calls behind her saying that it’s good only her college mates will see her perform. As for a bigger audience, she can always leak new video clips. Anya leaves smirking while Kiya is left fuming in anger.

KD takes out a box and from it, the money which he takes out RV’s money he kept as a token of betrayal and fbs to RV’s accusations about the MMS selling for money thingy. KD STTC that he only needs some more money to reach the target of 20K. Then, he’ll throw the money at RV’s face and show him the difference between them! (And what would that prove? )

Panchi is practicing her singing, lost in her thoughts as she’s walking around the house (OMG!! She’s singing “Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin” from Agneepath!!!!!” I effin’ LOVE this song! And it’s not a bad cover either! Not the best but it’s not bad ) Her mother who is sitting on the sofa, smiles appreciatively at her unsuspecting daughter. Panchi turns to leave and Mrs. R stops her and makes her sit beside her. She tells Panchi that it’s nice to hear her sing after so many days, she had almost forgotten that her daughter could sing. Panchi smiles sadly and says she’s not the only to forget that she could sing. Mrs. R tells her not to give anyone a chance to do that again! It’s not nice to be so selfish, Panchi has a great voice and she keeps it only to herself, that’s not fair! Panchi smiles gratefully and hugs her mother. Mrs. R then asks her what’s she gonna wear at FTS? She reckons Panchi should try something glamorous, something hot types. Panchi exclaims in shock, “Hot? Glamorous? ME?!” She’s not a rockstar that she’d wear such clothes. Besides, such attire suits people who have a personality. Like, Kiya! Kiya can carry such stuff, not she. But then Panchi asks for confirmation, can she? Mrs. G says yes! After all her daughter is super super super SUPER cute and pinches her cheeks. Panchi smiles her sweet smile and Mrs. R adds that her daughter can do anything. Panchi hugs Mrs. R in a serene manner

ICC. In class, lecture going on TRP. KD & RV are busy taking notes while Piddi is zoning out. He then takes out a paper and starts scribbling on it. When he’s done, he wants KD to see it who wants to concentrate on the lecture. Professor notices and goes to them. KD stands up as he approaches while Piddi takes his time. Professor asks Piddi what he knows about Television? Whole class is looking at them. Piddi blabbers something idiotic and whole class laughs. KD apologizes but Professor sarcastically apologizes for trying to teach experts. He notices the doodle and sees it’s all about villains and asks what’s this about? Piddi says for FTS, he was thinking of doing a villains conference. Professor scolds him saying it’s ICC, not RGV’s office. He can take all this there and make RGV’s Aag Part 2! Bell rings and class is dismissed.

Outside, RV gets a hold of Piddi and praises his brilliant idea saying that he forgot one name, The Joker. He then advises him to do a Comedians Conference and bring his family along, it’s be much easier. KD overhears this and steps in. He coolly taunts RV to mind his own business and reminds him that it’s a team event and there is not a big enough spotlight in the world which a third person can share with YaRa. RV gives him angry glares while KD just wishes them luck and takes Piddi with him.

At CA, Omi is talking to his mother, telling her to wish his father a happy birthday on his behalf. His mother asks him to talk personally but Omi says he has class and hangs up. KD joins him and asks if it was his family on the line? Omi says yeah, it’s just that he hasn’t gone home in the past 2 years so he was just asking. KD inquires why he didn’t go home, even in holidays? Omi tries to avoid the topic saying he just had a some business. KD asks what business could he possibly have that he couldn’t meet his family? Omi in return asks their plan for FTS. KD tells him of his plan (we couldn’t hear it so I have no idea).

YaRa performing at the Canteen’s stage while Panchi looks on (Meethi Boliyan from Kai Po Che!) She has fbs of the Jaane Kyun sequence (Ek hi scene hai inke pass RaHi ka ) Avi comes there and joins Panchi at the table. They both look on as Kiya happily sings and RV plays the guitar (SOMEONE TELL HIM THAT BANDANA SUCKS! WHY DOES HE WEAR IT?!?! ) Avi laments how nice it must be to have some real talent to show to people? Panchi says how nice it must be, when people notice your talent. But some people do have talent, only others can’t see it. Avi asks but what if you don’t have any talent? In fact, what if you have nothing of your own? (SHIT! No freakin’ WAY!! Omi! Bhool ja! CC chose her side FINALLY! Avi! My new love!!! ) Just then, the song finishes and light turns on and they both come out of their trance. Everyone applauds, Panchi a little late and reluctantly. Avi goes to RV and praises him but says it can be better. Panchi sees this and walks away. RV gets away from the crowd and remembers KD’s words of this being a team event. He STTC that to win, just him and Kiya aren’t enough. They need a team.

Precap – Professor saying that for one story, 4 people can interpret 4 meanings and to test this theory, they’ll do a little activity. Pairs will be made. RV is paired with a random girl, KiSha are paired together (Wow. What a surprise. I never saw this coming.)

Update Credit to: Mais

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