Best Friends Forever 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 25th March 2013 Written Update

Episode stars with Vinnie in her room and her mother asking her to come eat breakfast so that she is not weak. Vinnie says that its not weak she wants to be slim. Vinnie’s mom tellss her that there’s no need for her to become as thin as Ela and asks her to eat breakfast. She asks about Purushastra and whether he called her and Vinnie said that he didn’t. Her mom asks her about the meeting and she said that it was ok and there was nothing special about it. She also adds that she thinks he did not like her. She says that she is late for college and when she is about to leave her mom asks her whether she talked properly to him. Vinnie gets irritated and say that it’s not her fault that she was forced to go on a date who was not even interested in her. Vinnie and her mom has an argument regarding this and leaves.

Sanju is getting ready for college and she can’t find her bracelet. Ela comes in her room and asks her to come fast. Ela then talks about Mac while Sanju is still searching for the bracelet. Sanju asks her why she keeps on saying no to him and his only fault is that he speaks out loud what he is feeling. Sanju then starts telling Ela that it’s good to tell what you are feeling your heart instead of just looking at the person. Ela starts teasing Sanju and Sanju says that Prithvi doesn’t say anything and when he says something then its anti-climax. Ela asks her to propose but Sanju refuses because she feels that the boy should always play the first move. They leave for college.

BFFs in locker room where Ela asks Sanju to talk to Mac. Vinnie is upset because of her previous argument with her mother. Ela and Sanju teases her about Purushastra and after that they leave for their class and tries to cheer up Vinnie. Sanju bumps into Saahil and he compliments Sanju. Sanju sees his injured hand and asks him what happened. He says that he burned his hand while cooking. Ela makes some taunting remarks Saahil leaves with Sanju. They discuss about the mock debate preparation.

The scene then shifts to the canteen where Mac tells Prithvi that he won’t be able to participate in the mock debate as he has no partner. Prithvi starts laughing and asks him whether he will go everywhere with such a gloomy face because of this and asks him to forget everything. Mac gets irritated and tells him that it is very easy to say it but very difficult to do and asks him whether he would be able to do it. Prithvi asks him what he has to do and Mac asks him about Sanju. Prithvi seems to be at a loss for an answer.

Varun, Sanju, Ela and Vinnie are busy with the mock debate preparations. Mac and Prithvi are having a chat about Sanju and Prithvi’s relationship. Mac says that everyone knows how Prithvi is in love with Sanju and even sanju knows about it. Prithvi says that he knows about it and he doesn’t know what to tell her. He also says that he is not playing any game but life is playing a game with him. Mac is confused and Prithvi says that he feels love is not written in his destiny. Mac asks him why he is being so filmy but Prithvi insists that he is serious and says that he is stuck in such a serious situation that even Sanju cannot be involved in it. Mac inquires about this situation and Prithvi starts talking about googly [a type of delivery in cricket by a bowler] where he says that he missed it so he is clean bowled. He then takes Sanju’s bracelet from his pocket and says that he thinks that someone else is written in Sanjana’s destiny. Something better. Something she deserves.

Scene shifts to classroom where Varun is sitting next to Sanju and asks her if all is okay and she compliments him saying “Good job”. Varun flirts with her saying that he never knew two words like this would make him so happy but seeing Sanju’s not so happy face adds that he is sorry and not to let out that angry young woman from her behaviour. Mac and Prithvi enters the classroom. Varun is glad that Sanju is not that angry with him. And he hopes that one day they will be together. Prithvi greets Sanju and Varun says that he needs to find a solution to this problem (SanVi).

Varun is calling someone while looking at Prithvi and asks him he needs information about someone. Prithvi and Varun shares an intense eye lock. Sanjana tells him that he is her partner for the debate and Prithvi seems happy.

Anu explains the rules to them. She also tells them that the winning team would get extra marks which would help them decide who would become the intern in the law form at the end of the year. Mock debate begins and Sanju and Prithvi are the first to go with Varun and some other girl. The debate starts and both the teams perform well and have equal points. During the last question, both the teams press the buzzer at almost the same time even though Sanju and Prthvi’s pressed it earlier, Anu despite knowing this asks Varun for the answer and all of them are shocked. Varun says the answer and Ela and Vinnie are angry because Anu helped Varun to win. Anu declares Varun’s team as the winners.

Sanju is upset and Prithvi confronts Professor Anu who denies this. Varun enters at that moment and Prithvi asks the same to Varun and Varun confesses that Anu is his elder sister. Sanju is shockd and Pritvi further asks him when he was planning to tell them that his sister is giving hm unfair advantage. Anu asks Prithvi to stop and she says that she is not giving anyone unfair advantage and defends Varun. Sanju is upset at Varun and goes from there. Varun follows her and Sanju lashes out at him. Varun tries to defend himself but Sanju leaves without giving him a chance to explain. Varun gets a call from the person he called before the debate who gives him some information. Varun then further asks him to give more information about Varun and asks him to not stop until he finds out everything. Varun then decides that he will find out everything about him.

Precap Varun confronts Prithvi saying that everyone got to know about his truth and what will happen if they got to know his truth. He also says that this is the reason why he can’t tell Sanju about his feelings. Prithvi is shocked and disturbed. Varun says that because of Prithvi all his secrets was reavealed but asks him whether he thought what would happen to his secrets now.

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