Suvreen Guggal 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 25th March 2013 Written Update

The epi starts wd rc n ira discusng abt der dream project in d cls…RC is woried abt d projct being shifted to mumbai..hez concerned abt hw vivan will gel into d new atmosphere in mumbai….Ira says dey hv to tk d risk as risk n failures mk dem to learn n wrk hard mre..Suvi arrives n asks rc n ira if she cn tlk 2 dem..rc says dt ds vll nt ira asks suvi 2 cum inside n speak ot..suvi says dt she dsnt knws wether she vll b gvn a 2nd chance or she wntd 2 mk clear dt shez vry mch serious abt ds intrnshp as ira said dt shez nt at all serious abt her career..furthe syvu xplains dt hw she selected fashion as a course n cz f it hd a tough tym wd her parents too..wer she hd to do a part tym job 2 submit her course fees…n nw she wnts 2 prove dt rc is nt wrng n sugestng her name 4 d internshp..ira qestns suvi dt..if shez gcn a 2nd chance vll she mk dem 2 change der decision f rejectng her..suvi says..she dnt knw bt vll def try..den ira says suvi dt she hs 3 hrs n hs to mk 8 designs for 4 diff themes..suvi becms happy n goes 4m der….rc asks ira 4m wen did she strtd belivng on 2nd chance..ira says dt she luvd d attitude f suvi’s tday..n she vll mk sure dt she vll brng ot d bst 4m suvi..n 4 dt she cn evn becum worst..rc says dts sufi….

Suvi siting in d Amphi..n is creatng her designs wd full enthusiasm..In d canteen..alisha is stng wd yuvi….she tks ot a gft box n hands ovr to yuvi..yuvi opens d box n 2 hs surprise its a watch..yuvi says dt he cnt tk sch an xpensive gfts 4m her..alisha says dt der is no price tag in frndshp n dts a return gft 4 hm for hs brthday party..yuvi tryng 2 tk ot his wtch..alisha deliberately aks dt cn she hlp hm ot..yuvi agress…(i hte ds lady..uff!!..cvs plz kp her away 4m yuvi..)..
Yuvi says dt hez dad too luvs ds knd f watches n gts emotional..alisha aska is evrythng fyn..he says hez misng hs dad alt n d same thng wntd 2 share wd suvi bt she didnt listened to hm..alisha says dt ya she ws vry upset n may b suvi vll nt cm 2 clg for 3-4 dez..yuvi gts shocked n says dt u r wrng..suvi is already in d clg n hs spoken 2 rc n ira..dey bth hv gvn her a 2nd chance..alisha gts shocked….
In d classroom..rc n irs r gng thru suvi’s design..ira aska suvi is she sure dt wd dez designs she vll gt d intrnshp??…..suvi says she dnt knw bt hpe so..mean tym alisha, annie n zorro too enters d class..ira gts up n screams sayng dt ds is d design she wntd 2 c n ws xcited since ystrday n suvi hs dun a fab job n shez selcted 4 d intrnshp..suvi thnx rc n ira..annie n zorro r alisha shocked…..den rc says evry1 dt ders a news 4 all f dem..n dt is d intrnshp base hs been shftd 4m delhi 2 mumbai..evry one is happy n xcites xcept suvi..rc tela dem to plan ot der careers n lyf acordng 2 d changng scenario..

Annie n zorro r vry happy 4 ng 2 mumbai….bt suvi is nt..dey ask y is she so woried..suvi says she wnt b able 2 do d intrnshp as hw vll she convince her parnts 2 let her go 2 mumbai..its cz f her..her parnts muvd 2 delhi n hw vll dey shft hs to mke her career too..n its nt necesary dt her dad vll liaten 2 her all d tym..Alisha thnks dt she ws woried dt hw she vll leave yuvi n go nw as suvi herslf is bkng ot 2 go 2 mumbai..she thnks f hlpng suvi 2 convince her parents 2 ket her go 2 mumbai so dt she vll b away 4m yuvi n in d mean tym she vll bk ot 4m d projct @ d vry lst moment n vll b wd yuvi ih delhi n vll try brkng off yuvreen’s long distance relatnshp….(gosh!!..she vll b killed by me smday..)..alisha says suvi dt if she wud hv been in her place den she wud hv defntly spoken 2 her parnts n try convincng dem..finally its all abt her career move..n she need nt wry abt being stayng alne in mumbai cz dey all 4 vll b stayng 2gthr..

Annie n zorro tries convincing suvi nt 2 lose ds golden oppurtunity n atlst try spkng 2 her parents..suvi says dt hw she vll jst leave evrythng n go away 4m her puppa, mumma n says yuvraj she remembers dt she hs promised yuvi 2 meet durng lunch as it ws der date..she gts shocked!!….

Precap: Ira askng rc vll d guys muv 2 mumbai..rc says ofcorse..ira says shez nt sure abt suvreen..suvi cums n says ira dt she wnt b able to join ds intrnshp program due 2 sum persnal reasns..

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