Anamika 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 25th March 2013 Written Update

Rano is seeing leaving in a car. Jeet rushes to Rano’s house to find her missing.
He informs Rituji of Rano’s leaving. He is very sad with Rano’s doing.

Both the families are very pained at the incident. While Anamika is shown geting ready to welcome Jeet.

Mr.Saluja feels shocked and unwell at the news.Rituji blames Nani for Rano’s going away.Nani is annoyed and denies that she had come to their house she further adds only Rano is responsible for the incident and this proves she has gone mad.Jeet and Mr. Saluja hve an emotional monent where Jeet is comforted by his father.

Balraj sugggests they to take the help of police to search Rano but Mr. Saluja declines stating they will do it themselves.The search for Rano doesnot yeild any luck. This leads Jeet to the temple where he invokes mata Rani’s blessing to find Rano. He ties Mata Rani’s chunri on his hand and vows to not remove it till he finds Rano.

Bebe and the family pray for Rano’s safe return. Jeet’s car breaks down at the spot where it had before and he had met Anamika.
He repairs the car and hears the sound of an anklet and a wail .He thinks it to be Rano and follows the sounds. These have been engineered by Anamika and she awaits eagerly for the retun of Jeet to her.

Jeet reachrs the threshhold of the house where Anamika is.She is shown standing with her eyes closed and open arms to welcome Jeet.

Precap:Jeet is riding a bike and Anamika tells that donot run after Rano I will not let u reach her

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