………………….RAGINI’S P.O.V.

After the dinner me and sanskar headed out of my backyard.We pulled around from and into the driveway as we made our way to the street.As we started walking i stopped two houses down.

” What is it ? ” Sanskar came over to me and stared at the house with me .

I wonder why i hadn’t noticed it before .or how long it’s been up.I wonder why i never heard about this from anyone.” It’s 4 sale” i mumbled.

“The house ? yeah why ? ” Sanskar asked

” Swara’s house is 4 sale ”

” Swara ? who the hell is that ? some girl u know ? Sanskar frowned as he stared at the house.

I shook my head and tore my eyes away from the sale sign ” yah, she’s just a childhood friend of mine .I’m just kind of shocked she never told me” I sighed

” Well seeing this all the more reason to go out ” , sanskar shyly smiled at me 4 the first time . He grabbed my hand and began running down the street. ” Let’s go ” he yelled into the newly staring sky.

The further we got into the city ,the less stars i could see.Tall building towered into the sky and people began coming from the every direction . Sanskar kept my hand in his despite all the people around . When we arrived ,he finally let go ,leaving my hand slightly cold from the grip that was no longer there.

” An arcade ? ” I furrowed my eyebrows at him. ” I didn’t think u were that kind of person ”

“I didn’t think you’d think i was that kind of person ” he frowned at me.
” Anyways just follow me ” He said pushing the door open. At the beginning there were a few kids ,not many , but the deeper we got in the more young adults stood around .” I’m always hanging out here ” .He said with pride ” It’s a night club when the sun goes down .Tonight just relax and just just relax “. He said with closed eyes.

My eyes followed sanskar as he left and headed over to a group of people .They all greeted him, hanging all over him. I couldn’t tell if they were drunk or if they were overly touchy but i could tell they were all close. I don’t feel like i fit in a place like this.

If anything this feels like a place i’d accidentally run into swara or laksh.As i sat down , a waitress came over asking if i wanted anything .I shook my head and just sat in my corner. Sanskar took notice me after a while .At times it felt like he was about to come over .but he never did.

” Ragini ” Sanskar cooed as he finally waltz over to me.I could smell alcohol from his breathe though it wasn’t that strong ” smile smile ” he chanted . Even if he told me to smile i couldn’t .Everything reminds of laksh ” okay, lets go the beach ” he grabbed my hand . ” You’re so goddamn stubborn and it’s pissing me off”

I don’t know why he’s trying so hard to make me smile .is he just drunk or does he actually like me ? i can’t tell.

When we arrived at the beach, he took off his shoes and splashed into the water . He kicked around like a little kid until he noticed i didn’t follow .Sanskar hurried out of the water and took hold of my wrist while he whispered ” Doesn’t matter if u like it or not you’re coming in “.

In a flash ,he flung me over his shoulder like a princess being stolen from her tower and dashed down the sandy beach and tumbled into the water ,slamming me in. I flopped around like a hopeless fish out of water as i popped my head up 4 air. Sanskar fell, pushing back into the water as he began laughing uncontrollably.

I furrow my eyebrows at him waiting 4 him to stop. Sanskar continued to laugh at me. I cupped my hands and pushed the water towards him , splashing his whole face .My splash began an all out war tired from chasing after another and defending ourselves , we stopped up at the stars.

” Why r u dong this 4 me ? ” I finally asked i couldn’t see if sanskar looked at me , but the motion of the water told me he was probably looking back and up while floating .

“Why not ? ” he chuckled .” in all honesty u irritated me when we first met. acting moody and not wanting to be around.It really pissed me off” he sighed.” I’m not really the type of person to get mad ,but after meeting u that way , i don’t know , it just put me in a shitty mood too” he paused .” What i’m trying to say is actions don’t always have to have a reason .things just happen “.

I could heart my heart booming in the chest . My body felt warm despite the cool salty water ripping around me .There’s no need 4 a reason , things just happen. His words felt like a spellto wake me out of my slumber of confusion.His words soothed my mind.

” But u know ” , he continued “I will always present 4 u no matter what !! “. i just smiled over him . Suddenly someone tapped my shoulder ,i turn over and saw a child who was standing with bunch of large red roses . He smiled cutely and handed me that.

” These roses and this letter is 4 u ” with this he ran away. I was confused but then i opened the letter and saw ” I AM BACK TO SNATCH WHAT IS MINE , U R LOVE L…..”

” L ? ” i mumbled . ” La..ksh .. ?” i stuttered with loads of confusion .


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