My True Love an ff by Rena (Part-1)

Hey guys how are u all thankyou all for ur comments hope you like this part also

Shivaay sidh rohit sits behind anika Malika tanvi
Shivaay is continuesly staring at anika
Sidh to Malik a and rohit to tanvi
Shivaay:gulaabo tum kitni Sundar hai just like rose
Anika:lagta hai he papal hai
Tanvi:ani look at other girls they are gonna die with jealousy
Tia and some girls are jealous Tia loves shivaay
Shivaay plays with anikas hair and finally anika turn
Anika: what is it problem idiot why are u disturbing me don’t u get anyone fr disturbing
Anika scolds him
Shivaay:anika u look very beautiful when u are angry

Malikatanvi gigles
Anika give him an impossible look
Shivaay: don’t look me like that sometsometimes I cannot control myself
Anika: ur one billu..
Shivaay: what the .. billu
Anika:kanji aankhon wala bhaghbhaghad villa
Shivaay gets angry but:still I love u anika
Anika:I hate u
Shivaay: I love u
Anika turns
Tanvi:see how cute he is
Malika: see how cute rohit is
Shivaay: sings she mere humsafar
Anika pov:waise billu sings well

Lunch time
Anika going to canteen where she saw some boys who are commenting
Anika doesn’t mind but one boy cr that gang holds her hand his name is Walsh
Daksh:kaha jaa rahe hai meri jaan
Anika:mere hath chodo
Tia is enjoying the scene
Daksh:tum bahut khoobsurat hai anika and he was going closer just then a slap lands on his face it was fr shivaay
Shivaay: tumhare himmat kaise jio mere anika ke hath pakadne ka and he slaps him
Dakssh and his gang leave from there
Tanvi: malika I think it is better we eat from outside
Sidh:anika we are also going outside won’t u join us
Anika: ok
Shivaay was very happy

Three cars was there
Sidh Malika can come in my car
Malika :no I mean we three can go in one car
Rohit:no anyway we have to go somewhere so we need three car so
Anika Animal was thinking about the incident
Anikapov:it will be good I will get an opportunityto thank
Tanvi:anika what do u say
Tanvi rohit right in one car sidh Malika another and shivaa anika in one car
Shivaay: anika are u okay
Anika:ya i am okay shivaay
Anika: shivaay thankyou
Shivaay: for what
Anika:thankyou for saving me from dakssh
Shivaay: oh it’s becz u are mine I love u anika and I can’t bear anyone disturbing u and if anyone is plz say to me
Anika:vaise shivaay one member is there
Shivaay: kaun anika say the details I won’t leave him
Anika: not very much hight he thinks that he is hrithik Roshan
Shivaay: I am sure he will be an idiot
Anika: ya shivaay u know he is behind me like a billi always behind me and he has a kanji aankhon and
Shivaay: anika uska naam Batao
Anika:shivaay sigh oberoi and she says will I help me from getting rid of him
Shivaay :anikaaa
And she laughs

Shivaay was mesmerized by seeing her laugh
Shivaay pov: how beautiful eyes she has I am in love with her head over kneels I can die for her smile and I arey love at first sight and my true love has enterd my life I will never leave u anika never
Anika Kya Hua shivaay
Shivaay:Sath chalne keliye Saathi chahiye
Aaso rokne keliye muskan chahiye
Zinda rehne keliye zindagi chahiye
Aur zindagi jeene keliye tum chahiye anika
Anika was mesmerized
And she shares an eyelock with him

Precap:anika feels for shivaay tour in in goa need suggestion for some more places

Hope u liked it and ahsana thankyou dear and nithu nikitajai and many others thankyou
And kiara everyone thanks and whom do u want as tanvi and rohit 0lz say and say some beautiful places name with love urs rena

  1. Archisha

    That was awesome girl ! I always wanted something just like this. And there can be many places to go. Goa is cool as for India and any other country can be awesome too. Like- Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and in India, Goa is awesome but Delhi, Jaipur, Ooty, Darjeeling, Kerala and much more. Well, that is all your choice. Post soon di ??

    1. Rena699

      Archisha thankyou dear and archisha how old are you I am in 9th Standerd and about thankyou thankful for ur suggestion about the places

  2. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbb one!
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt…update asap!

    1. Rena699

      Thanks bhavana

  3. Awesome update dear ?. Eagerly waiting for the next update ?????….

  4. Awwwww billu so romantic shayar superrrrr next post soon

  5. Rena dear it’s was super duper starting ??????? .today episode was awesome. I’m truly love your story. anika is shivay s love at first sight. But I truly love your story at its first episode you are an amazing writer. I’m like the last shayari of shivay.While reading this ff I’m feeling that I’m seeing a movie.

    For Rohit and Tanvi s role I suggest Samridh Bawa( karan )and Ankitta sharma(Naina )from ek Shrinagar swafiman .I’m an NAIRAN fan too.

    For beautiful places I suggest ootty in Tamilnadu and munnar or kuttanadu in Kerala .These are my favorite places. I hope that you are accepting my suggestion. I’m eagerly waiting for your next episode. update soon. ????

    1. Rena699

      Thankyou ahsana u always give me long comments it means a lot to me even I am a nairan fan so tanvi is ankita and rohit is I
      Samridh Bawa and thankyou dear for ur suggestion so we are best friends right?

  6. Beautiful poetic lines…I really mesmerized by tge lines…

    1. Rena699

      Thankyou raksha

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  8. Superb start dr and all the best next part soon

  9. Ayath

    hey reena I never commented on ur ff but I loved ur ff I always eagerly waited for ur update so plz update next part sson

    1. Rena699

      Thankyou ayath

  10. It is awesome dear… Agar.. The city of love.. Is my suggestion.

  11. Pooja26

    its awsm………….
    loved it !!!!!!!!

  12. Superb….loved it…

  13. pls write in english

  14. Awesome…waiting 4 next update soon

  15. Thank you Rena for accepting my suggestion. I’m from Kerala. I’m 19yrs old.we are from different places, our ages are different but we are IB fans so you are my best friend forever ❤❤❤❤❤

    Good Night ??
    ? Sweet Dream

  16. Awesome update..

  17. Amazing…… Shivaya become gud sayar….. Luv it…..

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