Ishqbaaz-Past Revelations- Part 2

Ranveer:How is my champ doing?

Priyanka:Now that I saw u,champ is much better.

Priyanka had tears on her eyes.Ranveer wept them and put finger on her lips.He slowly made her sit on the bed.He locked the door.

Priyanka:Wait!Soumya will also come.She knows u were about to come.

Just then Soumya messages Priyanka that she is with Rudra helping him with the assignments.Priyanka reads the message aloud.

Ranveer:So Soumya would not be able to join us.K!I will get some time with my would be wife and champ.

Saying this Ranveer smirks……..

Priyanka: (Blushing)How is ur work going?? V took so much of pains for everything.

Flashback starts

On the night of engagement,its 1’O clock at night.Ranveer comes to Priyanka’s room,cups her mouth.

Priyanka:Opens her eyes.She is scared but Ranveer firmly holds her hands and asks her not to shout.She signals him to leave her mouth.

Ranveer:Come with me.

Priyanka follows Ranveer quitely leaving Soumya sleeping beside her.Ranveer then switches off the main switch of her room.He takes her to the washroom and slowly takes out all the 3 hidden cameras from her washroom.
Priyanka is shocked to see all of this and is about to shout on him but he again cups her mouth.Pointing towards Soumya,he asks her to keep quiet.

Priyanka:(whispering)Just what the hell Ranveer.What is all this?

Ranveer:(holds her tummy) Exactly 2 weeks before,I promised you that I will give my name to your child.I will give him good future.Althrough our relationship will be filled with hatred,this child will always be my foremost responsibility.I will fulfill all my responsibilities towards him and try to give him the best future.

Priyanka:(With tears on her eyes)What are u trying to say?

Ranveer:Our marriage has to be cancelled for now.I have to search my long lost family.

Priyanka was about to fall,Ranveer holds her on time.Meanwhile Soumya has also woken up and is looking for priyanka.Ranveer takes Priyanka out of the washroom and makes her sit on the bed.He asks Soumya to bring water for Priyanka.

Soumya:(follows)Ranveer what are you doing here at this hour?Y is Priyanka so stressed?

This is all for today.

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