Best Current Show on Colors?

Colors channel has always brought fresh concepts and every show on the channel is so distinct with its background, characters and story layout. We present you some details about all the shows listed in the poll and we assume you may be known to them as well.

Balika Vadhu: Anandi and Jagya’s child marriage track, which has won everyone’s hearts by showing how a little girl has to face the upcoming changes in her life, once she leaves her parent’s home and gets into her inlaw’s house, at such a tender age when she is still playing and studying. The character of Dadisaa was the most loved one, she is strict but loving, she is still rocking in the shoe by her brilliant acting skills. The story moved on by essential leaps. Jagya got married to Gauri, dumping Anandi, and soon realized she is so selfish, he came back to Anandi to see her get married to Shiv. His jealousy made him grey for few days but Anandi resolved all the matters and now they are good friends, while Jagya married Ganga and is blessed with a child. The current track focuses on Shiv and Anandi’s life.

Beintehaa: Rehan, Zain’s helping friend, has exposed Zubair and Surayya in making her be in bad light and get out of Zain’s life. Zain is really thankful to him. He appears as a savior again for Aaliya when she is caught in fire in the kitchen. Nafisa is the one who planned to kill Aaliya, and knowing this Surayya has kicked her out of the house. Nafisa plans to take revenge from Surayya. Aayat and Rizwan are going ti get engaged and Aaliya and Zain will be going to Aaliya’s native city Bhopal.

MEIEJ: The show has always been superhit on the channel. The chemistry between RK and Madhu has kept the viewers hooked. Then came some bad twists which made the hero look villain in heroine’s eyes and the track went on elongating. Thankfully, now its going back to normal and things between the couple are clearing out. Madhu has forgiven RK for raping her, knowing Bhanu has spiked his drink that night. RK is also changing and promised he won’t lift guns and get violent on anyone. Madhu is pregnant and has accepted back RK with her heart for the sake of the baby. The current track shows Bhanu kidnapping Madhu. We have to see how RK frees Madhu form his clutches as Bhanu is demanding Rs 20 crores as the ransom.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: It depicts a one sided love story where Ranvir is in love with his childhood friend Ishani, who is the daughter if his boss. While Ishani is keen to know who is his dream girl, Ranvir has always kept it a secret for her. The current track shows Ranvir and Ishani going for a long drive where she gets thirsty and asks him to get some water. He leaves her and goes to bring water. Some goons spot her alone on the road and want to snatch her gold chain. They trouble her and Ranvir makes a heroic entry to save his lady love.

Rangrasiya: It has the new entry of Shantanu, who is Paro’s first’s husband Varun’s brother. He is desperate to kill Paro as he thinks she is responsible for his brother’s death and angry as she has married Varun’s murderer Rudra. Rudra is suspicious about him as he gets into his family to act like he came to protect Paro, he looks for some clues in his belongings but misses to see Varun’s pic. The current track shows Shantanu getting along well with all the family members and planning against Rudra and Paro.

Sasural Simar Ka: The show has gone through a big twist, when Simar left her Sasuraal to save Roli from getting punished in the accident case where someone’s bahu Sunaina died. The family asked Simar to stay with them if she wants them to take the case back. Simar has taken her place in the new family, and got a new husband too, leaving behind Prem. Roli is managing the household and Simar’s daughter Anjali. Roli comes to know that Sunaina was murdered and it was given the face of an accident. She finds out about Simar living at Sunaina’s house and wants to bring her back.

Uttaran: Meethi has been travelling in a train which met with an accident and landed across the border. She has become a refugee in Pakistan. She meets few people there who help her there and save her from getting caught by the Pakistani cops. Meethi is trying hard to get back to India.

  1. Beintehaa and SSK..

  2. harshitha reddy

    one nd only ssk…….d awsmsttt show presntly on colors…….luv u ssk…………

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  4. Off course RR…. al d best fr RR team…. PaRud rocksssss

  5. RR, Madhubala, beintehaa nd SSK off course these are the best

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  7. ssk is the best show…………..Rosid ur rocks

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  10. madhubala and beintehaa

  11. beintehaa is the bestttttttttttt

  12. rangrasiya & Beintehaa always BEST

  13. Till now rr was going good but dont make it mess by pulling the rudra role. I hope every thing goes well in the story.

  14. Madhubala ,RR and beintehaa are the best present serials in colours

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  16. Madhubala show best show

  17. Madhubala always rocks

  18. Madhubala always best

  19. madhubala awesome


  21. I love rangrasiya…..


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  24. madhubala rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooocccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssss

  25. madhubala da best show

  26. VV DD are rocking in da show

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